Is Storm Huntley Pregnant? and Where Has She Been?

Storm Huntley is a Scottish television personality. Since 2015, Huntley has been in three British terrestrial television shows: Down on the Farm, The Wright Stuff, and its successor, Jeremy Vine.

Down on the Farm received a BAFTA Scotland Award nomination in 2016. She co-hosts The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 and its 2018 replacement, Jeremy Vine, where she filters callers and presents them to hosts Matthew Wright and Jeremy Vine, as well as reading out fan feedback.

Storm Huntley

Storm Huntley

Storm Huntley’s present whereabouts is unknown.

Storm Huntley was recently spotted in Glasgow, a port city on the River Clyde in Scotland’s western Lowlands.

She was at TheLaFontaines’ event, according to her Twitter account. Storm took a few days off before her wedding earlier this month.

On October 30, 2020, Huntley announced her engagement to Kerr Okan, lead vocalist of the rock band The LaFontaines.

On September 2, 2021, they married on the shores of Loch Lomond in Scotland. The wedding’s officiating registrar was Carol Smillie, a fellow television personality.

The Jeremy Vine co-star shared the weather forecast for her honeymoon destination, which predicted five days of terrible weather.

In a social media post, she referenced Okan and said the “weather seems great.”

The Kandooma Beach Villa was where they spent their honeymoon.

Storm Huntley Is Expecting A Baby?

Storm Huntley, the host of Jeremy Vine, turned to social media to show off her burgeoning baby belly.

Storm, 34, took to Instagram to post a behind-the-scenes shot from the Channel 5 show. Kerr Okan, LaFontaine’s husband, and she are expecting their first child.

Kerr kicked a football into the air, releasing blue smoke, and the couple, who married last year in Scotland, captured the moment they found out they were expecting a boy.

Fans rushed to the comments section to congratulate the soon-to-be mother as the Scots broadcaster stood in front of the Jeremy Vine Show backdrop.

What Happened to Storm Huntley?

When his co-host Storm, Huntley, was knocked from her bike by a vehicle, Jeremy Vine launched an inquiry.