South Two Actresses Arrested

A surprising piece of news is making the rounds in the media. On Wednesday, Thane Police raided a $ex ring in which two actresses were involved. The case is currently being investigated by the police. So far, the police have taken 5 persons into custody. The five people seized, which included two female agents, one broker, and two actors, were detained on the scene. Surprisingly, actresses are also involved in this type of criminal activity. The actresses, on the other hand, are saved from the cops. The viewers will learn all about the situation in this post.

South Two Actresses Arrested Name and Images

The Thane Crime Branch Unit 1 team raided a residence in the Pachpakhadi region of Thane on Wednesday, where a $ex racket was being run by a number of people. The detectives discovered it and detained five people: a male broker, two female agents, and two actresses. One of the women was saved and went on to fame in South Indian cinema. The identities of those that were arrested have been revealed.

Sunil alias Vishal Uttamchand Jain, 42, of Goregaon, Hasina Khalid Menon, 45, of Shailesh Nagar, Mumbai, and Sweety Chada, 47, are among the people arrested. The owner of the residence where the cops raided is Sweety Chada. According to sources, the police raided the building on the basis of information provided by police officers. Following the announcement, the cops dispatched a dummy customer to investigate the situation.

During the interrogation of the arrested individuals, it was revealed that they began this $ex racket while in lockdown because there was no employment available, so they decided to make money from it. The actresses also said that they chose this profession because they were unemployed in their previous jobs. The actresses also indicated that they are not frightened of the Thane Police, which is why they chose Thane as the location for their $ex business.

The detectives issued a statement claiming that it is a high-profile $ex ring and that the investigation will be conducted rigorously. The Crime Branch is now looking for more people or rackets connected to this case. The case has previously been investigated by the police. For the time being, we have this update on this case; if they receive any additional information, we will post it on the same page.