In recent years, online gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and YouTube has become the go-to platform for gamers to share their content and engage with their fans. One such gamer who has been making waves on YouTube is Sooneeta Thapa Magar, a talented gamer from Nepal.

Sooneeta Thapa Magar has been creating gaming content on YouTube for several years and has built up a loyal following of fans who love watching her play. Her videos cover a wide range of games, from mobile games to PC games, and she is known for her skills, her entertaining commentary, and her engaging personality.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Sooneeta Thapa Magar and her rise to YouTube gaming stardom, and explore what makes her such a compelling and talented gamer.

Sooneeta Thapa Magar

Sooneeta Thapa Magar

Sooneeta Thapa Magar – Rising Star of YouTube Gaming

Sooneeta Thapa Magar is a gamer from Nepal who has been creating content on YouTube for several years. She first started making videos in 2016, and since then, she has built up a large following of fans who love watching her play.

Sooneeta’s channel covers a wide range of games, from popular mobile games like Free Fire and PUBG Mobile, to PC games like GTA V and Valorant.[1]Sportskeeda

Her videos are known for their high-quality gameplay, engaging commentary, and her fun personality, which has helped her stand out in a crowded field of YouTube gaming channels.

One of the things that sets Sooneeta apart from other YouTube gamers is her dedication to her craft. She spends countless hours perfecting her skills and developing her strategies, which has helped her become one of the top players in the games she plays.

What Makes Sooneeta Thapa Magar Such a Compelling Gamer?

So what is it about Sooneeta Thapa Magar that makes her such a compelling gamer? For one, she has an engaging personality that draws viewers in and keeps them entertained throughout her videos. She is also known for her excellent skills and her ability to dominate in the games she plays.

But perhaps the most important thing that sets Sooneeta apart is her dedication to her fans. She takes the time to engage with her viewers and respond to their comments, which has helped her build up a loyal following of fans who love watching her play and interacting with her.

Another thing that makes Sooneeta such a great gamer is her willingness to experiment with different games and styles. She is not afraid to try new things and push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world, which has helped her stay ahead of the curve and continue to grow her channel.

The Future of Sooneeta Thapa Magar and YouTube Gaming

As Sooneeta Thapa Magar continues to grow her channel and build up her following, it is clear that she has a bright future in the world of YouTube gaming. She has already achieved so much in a short amount of time, and there is no doubt that she will continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world.

A Nepali Youtuber, Blogger and Gamer, Soneeta is very famous for uploading the video of Garena Free Fire on her Youtube channel.

She has garnered over 4.05m subscribers and 31m views till date. Soneeta Thapa has uploaded 650 plus videos on her YouTube channel. On 2nd May, 2017, Sooneeta created her channel and the first gameplay video that she uploaded was on 11th September, 2018. One of her videos titled ‘Ajjubhai Prapose Me’ has got 4.8m views. Her second YouTube channel named ‘Sooneeta Gaming’, has 175k plus subscribers. He has partnered with many Youtubers till date, which include Ajju Bhai, Amitbhai, TE-Jonty, Munna Bhai Gaming, Pahadi Gaming, AS Gaming, among others. She has been sharing many pictures on her instagram account related to her life events, images and funny videos. Soneeta has over 575k followers and the 25-year-old is honored as one of the first Nepali female gamers hosting so many followers. Sooneeta is a great inspiration for female gamers. She also performs live in the Hindi language.


Sooneeta Thapa Magar Early Life and Education

Sooneeta Thapa Magar was born in a small village in the Gorkha district of Nepal.[2]Biographymafia She was raised in a traditional Nepalese family that placed a high emphasis on education. Sooneeta was a bright student from a young age and was encouraged to pursue higher education by her parents.

After completing her primary education in her hometown, Sooneeta moved to Kathmandu to pursue her higher education. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Tribhuvan University and later went on to earn a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies from the same university.

Career and Accomplishments

Sooneeta Thapa Magar began her career as a social worker immediately after completing her education. She started working with various NGOs and community organizations that focused on women’s rights and empowerment. Her work soon caught the attention of many people, and she was recognized for her dedication and commitment towards the cause.

Sooneeta Thapa Magar Youtuber

Sooneeta Thapa Magar Youtuber

In 2006, Sooneeta co-founded the Women’s Foundation Nepal, an organization that focuses on providing support and assistance to women and children who are victims of domestic violence and abuse. The organization has since helped thousands of women and children in Nepal and has become a leading voice in the fight against gender-based violence.

Apart from her work with the Women’s Foundation Nepal, Sooneeta has also been actively involved in various other social causes. She has worked on projects that focus on education, health, and the environment, and has been a strong advocate for human rights and social justice.

Sooneeta’s work has been widely recognized both nationally and internationally. She has been awarded several prestigious awards for her contribution to the field of social work, including the “Women of the Year” award by the Nepalese government in 2012 and the “Social Worker of the Year” award by the Rotary Club of Kathmandu in 2015.

Legacy and Impact

Sooneeta Thapa Magar’s legacy is one of dedication, commitment, and unwavering support for women’s rights and empowerment. Her work has inspired countless individuals to take up the cause of social activism and has helped bring about significant changes in Nepal’s social and political landscape.

Today, Sooneeta’s work continues to be an inspiration for many young women in Nepal and around the world. Her legacy serves as a reminder of the power of individual action in bringing about positive change and has inspired many to work towards creating a more just and equal society.

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Sooneeta Thapa Magar Career

Sooneeta Thapa Magar is a name that needs no introduction in the world of entertainment and fashion blogging. She is a talented content creator and social media influencer who has taken the industry by storm with her exceptional work.

Sooneeta Thapa Magar is a rising star in the world of fashion and beauty. She is an acclaimed blogger and a renowned social media personality with an impressive following. Her innovative ideas, creative concepts, and quality content have helped her establish a prominent presence in the world of blogging.

Sooneeta Thapa Magar’s journey to success began with her passion for fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. She started her blog in 2014 and began sharing her views, ideas, and experiences with the world. Her unique perspective and fresh ideas quickly caught the attention of the fashion world, and she soon became a go-to person for fashion advice.

Sooneeta Thapa Magar’s blog covers a wide range of topics such as fashion, beauty, makeup, lifestyle, and travel. Her blog has become a one-stop-shop for all fashion and beauty enthusiasts looking for the latest trends and tips. Sooneeta’s unique style and personality shine through her content, making her blog stand out from the crowd.

In addition to her blog, Sooneeta Thapa Magar has a massive following on social media. Her Instagram account has over 220k followers, where she shares her daily outfits, makeup looks, and lifestyle. Her YouTube channel, which has over 111k subscribers, is another platform where she shares her ideas, experiences, and tutorials. She has collaborated with many famous brands such as L’Oreal, Nivea, and H&M, to name a few.

Sooneeta Thapa Magar’s success can be attributed to her passion, creativity, and hard work. She has an eye for detail, and her work is a reflection of her dedication and commitment to excellence. Her content is engaging, informative, and relatable, making her a favorite among her followers.

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Sooneeta Thapa Magar Personal Life

Real Birth Name  Sunita Thapa Magar
Nick name Sooneeta
Career Professional Gamer, YouTuber
Famous As YouTuber, Gamer
Date of Birth 25th April 1996 (Thursday)[3]Nepali Fandom
Age (2021) 25 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Place of Birth Nepalgunj, Nepal, South Asia
Gender   Female
Nationality Nepalese
Language Known Hindi, Nepali & English
Religion Hinduism
School Adarsh Higher Secondary School, Nepal
University Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Educational Qualification
ID Name TL-Sooneeta
Level 79
Likes 45k+
Guild Team-Lava
Hobbies Drawing, Painting, Reading Books, Watching Movies, Listening to Music, Photography
Marital status

Sooneeta Thapa Magar Family

Sooneeta Thapa

Sooneeta Thapa

Father Thapa Magar
Mother Jal Kumari Thapa Magar
Sister Elder- Anita Thapa, Younger- Pratiksha Thapa
Brother Elder-Suman Thapa

Sooneeta Thapa Magar Physical Appearance

Sooneeta Thapa Magar

Sooneeta Thapa Magar

Height (approx.)  5 feet and 4 inches
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Blonde
Weight 55 kgs

Sooneeta Thapa Magar Favorite Things

Favourite Food Non-Vegetarian
Favourite Beverage Coffee
Favourite Colour Red, Yellow, Black, White, Blue
Holiday Destination New York, London, Dubai

Sooneeta Thapa Magar Net Worth 2023

Sooneeta Thapa Magar has a Net Worth (approx.) of INR 30-50 Lakhs. Her main source of income is through Youtube promotions. Her salary is INR 2-3 Lakhs/Month.

Sooneeta Thapa Magar Phone Number & other Contact Details

House Address Nepalgunj, Nepal, South Asia
Phone Number +977-915-5512-XXX
E-mail Id [email protected]
Youtube Sooneeta

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