Somen Banerjee was known for establishing the controversial dance troupe, which became a source of his financial success.

Somen Banerjee was the man behind the creation of Chippendales, one of the most famous touring dance troupes today.

He was a visionary in the entertainment industry and his contributions to the world of dance are still remembered to this day.

Hulu aired an miniseries that delve into the life and career of Somen Banerjee.

Robert Siegel, the mastermind behind the highly anticipated television series, was inspired by the book Deadly Dance: The Chippendales Murders written by K. Scot Macdonald and Patrick MontesDeOca.

The miniseries titled “Welcomed to Chippendales” is made its debut on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 to give viewers an insight into the life of the legendary creator of Chippendales.

Somen Banerjee

Somen Banerjee (Image: Source)

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Steve Banerjee: Massive Net Worth Before His Death

Steve Banerjee, the co-founder of the Chippendales dance troupe, was a successful entrepreneur whose net worth was estimated to be in the millions before his untimely death.[1]marketrealist

Despite his riches, Banerjee’s life took a tragic turn that ultimately led to his demise.

Banerjee’s Wealth: A Matter of Speculation

The exact amount of money Banerjee had amassed by the time of his death remains unknown. However, experts estimate his net worth to be between $4 million to $5 million.

Banerjee’s wealth came from various sources, including the Chippendales dance clubs, calendars, and TV shows that he produced with the Chippendales theme.

Despite his immense wealth, Banerjee’s life was marred by controversies and legal issues. In 1993, he was arrested on charges of arranging a murder-for-hire plot against a former Chippendales dancer, Nick De Noia.

Banerjee allegedly hired hitmen to kill De Noia, who he believed was stealing the Chippendales brand. However, the plot was eventually foiled, and Banerjee was arrested, tried, and found guilty.

Hulu Limited Series: Welcome To Chippendales

The 1980s in Los Angeles were an era of excess, but even by those standards, the story of Chippendales is a bizarre one.

Hulu’s limited series, Welcome to Chippendales, which premieres on November 22, 2022, sheds light on the true story behind the revolutionary all-male revue founded by Somen “Steve” Banerjee.

Chippendales was not the first all-male strip club in America, but it was the one that changed the game. It wasn’t just about dancing, it was about performance, music, and entertainment. It was a show designed for women, by women, and it took off like wildfire.

As the club grew in popularity, so did Banerjee’s empire. He expanded the Chippendales brand, franchising it across the country, and even overseas. The club became a cultural phenomenon, and Banerjee became a millionaire.

Despite the controversy and tragedy surrounding Chippendales, its legacy lives on. The club changed the game, paving the way for other all-male revues like Thunder from Down Under and Magic Mike.

The Chippendales brand is still going strong today, although it has evolved over the years. The all-male revue still exists, but it has also expanded into other areas, including merchandise, fitness, and even a Chippendales-themed slot machine.

Welcome to the Chippendales Documentary

Welcome to the Chippendales Documentary (Image: Source)

How Somen “Steve” Banerjee Built His Empire

Somen Banerjee, also known as Steve, was a man who started with humble beginnings.[2]thecinemaholic

He worked for the Mattel toy company and operated a gas station for several years. He saved his earnings diligently, with a goal of launching his own business someday.

In 1975, his dream came true when he partnered with someone and purchased a struggling rock club in Culver City, California, called Round Robin. The club was renamed Destiny II, and Steve set out to turn it into a successful venture.

Transforming Destiny II

Despite his efforts, Destiny II initially struggled, much like his previous business ventures.

But Steve was determined to make it work. He introduced unique events, such as disco dancing and female mud wrestling, to attract customers. These events turned out to be popular and helped to bring in a larger crowd.

Somen Banerjee

Somen Banerjee (Image: Source)

The Birth of Chippendales

In 1979, after buying out his partner due to management differences, Steve’s life took a major turn when he stumbled upon an opportunity that would change his life forever.

He met with a group of male exotic dancers and came up with an idea to create a nightclub exclusively for women.

This became the foundation for Chippendales, the iconic male revue that would make him a millionaire.

The Chippendales Show

  • Chippendales was the first nightclub to have a male stripper showcase exclusively for women. Steve’s vision was to create a show that would cater to women’s fantasies, with strict rules that no men were allowed during the dances.
  • This exclusivity was a major part of Chippendales’ success. The show’s popularity grew quickly, and soon it became a nationwide phenomenon.
  • Along the way, Steve partnered with Paul Snider, a club promoter-pimp, and Nick De Noia, a director-choreographer. Together, they helped to grow Chippendales even further.
  • However, tragedy struck when Steve was implicated in the murder of Nick De Noia in 1987. Steve was arrested, pleaded guilty to murder, and committed suicide while in jail.


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Steve Banerjee’s Crimes and Tragic End

Steve Banerjee was a show promoter and the founder of the famous male entertainment franchise, Chippendales.[3]thesportsgrail

However, his success was overshadowed by his involvement in a heinous crime that shook the nation.

In 1987, Banerjee hired a former police officer to murder his business partner, Nick De Noia. Shockingly, Banerjee had also planned to have three more people killed.

The Murder and Its Aftermath

Banerjee’s plan for murder was uncovered, and he was convicted of orchestrating De Noia’s murder. In 1993, he was sentenced to 26 years in prison. However, Banerjee never faced his final hearing.

Before the day of his sentencing, the then-48-year-old committed suicide in his cell.

Somen Banerjee

Somen Banerjee (Image: Source)

Family Life and Tragic Death

  • Steve Banerjee’s personal life was also marked by tragedy. He was married to Irene, the love of his life, and together they had two children.
  • However, Banerjee’s criminal activities and subsequent imprisonment took a toll on his family life.
  • After Banerjee’s death, Irene was announced as the sole owner of his properties, including the Chippendales establishments.
  • However, the family’s struggles continued. In October 1994, just hours before his sentencing, Banerjee was found dead in his cell. He had hanged himself.
  • Steve Banerjee’s crimes and tragic end have left a lasting impact on his family and the world of entertainment.
  • The Chippendales franchise continued to thrive despite Banerjee’s death, but it was tarnished by his involvement in criminal activities.
  • Banerjee’s story serves as a cautionary tale of how greed and ambition can lead to a tragic end. It is a reminder that success should never come at the cost of one’s morality or the lives of others.
Kumail Nanjiani plays Somen Banerjee

Kumail Nanjiani plays Somen Banerjee (Image: Source)

Chippendales Ownership: Who Owns the Brand Now?

Chippendales, the iconic male entertainment brand, has been entertaining women for decades with its sensual dance routines and muscular performers.

But the question of who currently owns the brand may be a bit unclear. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the current ownership of Chippendales, its thriving presence in Las Vegas, and its successful tours across the country.

Chippendales in Las Vegas: A Thriving Location

The flagship location of Chippendales is situated in the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, where millions of women flock each year to experience the ultimate male revue show.

The venue boasts a $10m complex featuring a chic retail boutique, a sexy bar and lounge where audiences can interact with the performers, and even flirt one-on-one or two-on-one.

Chippendales on Tour

Aside from its flagship location in Las Vegas, Chippendales also goes on tour across the country, giving fans a chance to experience the electrifying performances of the Men of Chippendales in their hometowns.

With sold-out shows in major cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, the brand has become a national phenomenon.

Chippendales Ownership

The history of Chippendales ownership has seen its fair share of twists and turns. In the 1990s, the brand was purchased by Lou Pearlman, a record producer who was later convicted of fraud.

Pearlman’s ownership of Chippendales was short-lived, as he was forced to sell the brand due to his legal troubles.

In 2000, Chippendales was sold to Kevin Denberg and a group of investors who set out to reinvigorate the brand and the industry. Their changes not only garnered the attention of the women of Generation Y, but also brought the brand back to its former glory, making it one of the most successful male revue shows in the world.


Who is Somen Banerjee?

Somen Banerjee was the creator of Chippendales, a famous touring dance troupe.

What is “Welcome to Chippendales”?

“Welcome to Chippendales” is a miniseries aired on Hulu that delves into the life and career of Somen Banerjee.

What is the estimated net worth of Steve Banerjee?

Although the exact amount of Steve Banerjee’s net worth at the time of his death remains unknown, experts estimate his net worth to be between $4 million to $5 million.

What is Chippendales?

Chippendales is an all-male strip club that was founded by Somen Banerjee in the late 1970s. The club became popular and expanded to other areas, including merchandise and fitness.

How did Somen “Steve” Banerjee build his empire?

Somen Banerjee started with humble beginnings and worked for the Mattel toy company and operated a gas station for several years. He saved his earnings and purchased a struggling rock club, which he transformed by introducing unique events like disco dancing and female mud wrestling. In 1979, he founded Chippendales, which became a cultural phenomenon, and expanded the brand by franchising it across the country and even overseas.

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