In 2002, Jessica Chapman was only 10 years old when she and her friend were lured and slain.

One of the most thorough and intense searches for Holly and Jessica in British criminal history was carried out by the police and residents.

Both were killed on August 4, 2002, but it wasn’t until August 17 that their remains were found. The horrifying incident’s 20th death anniversary occurs this year, and their bereaved loved ones and well-wishers mourn them.

Soham Murders

Soham Murders

Soham Murders: Jessica Chapman Parents Are Sharon & Leslie Chapman

Jessica Chapman’s long-lost spirit left her adored parents, Sharon and Leslie Chapman, behind. When they discovered her lifeless body, the Chapman couple was utterly devastated.

According to Entertainment Daily, Sharon worked at the same Soham elementary school where Maxine Carr attended Holly and Jessica’s class.

Carr, who at the time was Ian Huntley’s girlfriend, killed the girls. Even during the initial inquiries, she gave Ian a false alibi.

The parents’ youngest child, Jessica’s older sisters were 15 and 17 years old when she was killed.

Leslie was an engineer, and Sharon worked as a respected member of the community’s school faculty, therefore the Chapman family was prosperous.

These parents put a lot of effort into raising their three adult daughters together.

Where Are Sharon and Leslie Now? What Happened To The Family?

The death of their youngest daughter and the enormous media coverage of the case caused the Chapman family to largely avoid the spotlight.

Leslie and Sharon had typically kept to themselves and avoided talking to the media unless it was about Jessica.

For the family, August 4 was a memorable day because it was the day after their trip to Menorca.

In order to attend Holly’s barbecue night and give her a necklace with the initial “H” that she had purchased in Menorca, Jessica had hurried to meet Holly.

The following day, Leslie was ready to start his new career as an engineer, only to lose his daughter for good. After the incident, the Chapman pair took time off from work and didn’t resume it for a while.

Sharon took years to come back to the school, while Mr. Chapman began his new work a few months later.

They limited their media interactions ever since, but on the first anniversary of the establishment of the Police National Database, they broke their silence.

The couple continued to grieve discreetly in the hopes that other families would not suffer the same fate as theirs.

ITV Documentary On Holly Wells And Jessica Chapman Murders Enraged Viewers

The hosts of “ITV This Morning,” Rochelle Humes and Vernon Kay, discussed the tragedy and its effects on crimes across the country on the 20th anniversary of the deaths of best friends Holly and Jessica.

A video of the terrible assassin Huntley posing as an innocent man was played during their conversation. The video infuriated viewers and Twitter users who found his behaviour repugnant.

Huntley received two life sentences with a minimum of 40 years in prison after being found guilty of the double homicides. Maxine Carr, his partner, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for tampering with justice.

The fact that Huntley and Carr both took action to look for the girls and even expressed guilt to their parents still disgusts viewers.

They had taken Holly and Jessica’s bodies into a ditch during their desperation, stripped them, and set them on fire.