Competing for the top prize of $50,000 on this season’s Snack vs. Chef will be a total of twelve cast members and chefs, including Hari Cameron and Alison Manning, among others.

The show will be hosted by Megan Stalter as well as Hari Kondabolu.

Fans of the cooking show are already anxious to see the competition when it premieres on Netflix on November 30, 2022, which is when the show is scheduled to be released. It will conclude after a total of eight episodes.

Snack vs Chef premieres on November 30, 2022 on Netflix

Snack vs Chef premieres on November 30, 2022 on Netflix

Snack vs. Chef Netflix Cast

While preparing appetisers for Hari Kondabolu and Megan Stalter, a total of twelve chefs will compete for a prize pool of fifty thousand dollars. Megan Stalter and Hari Kondabolu are both comedians, and they take turns hosting the show. Helen Park and Ali Bouzari are serving as the show’s judges, and it is their responsibility to determine who will walk away with the awards.

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1. Hari Cameron

Hari Cameron

Hari Cameron

After failing to find success in community college and the landscaping industry, Hari Cameron decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts and has since become well-known for his cooking. He got his start at The Buttery in Lewes, Delaware.

At The Buttery, he started as a waiter and eventually became the garde manager. After that, in 2012, he opened his own restaurant, which he called a(MUSE. ), in Rehoboth Beach, Maryland.

According to Delaware Online, he will be one of the competitors in the next Snack Vs. Chef competition that will be shown on Netflix. He said that he was not authorised to discuss the show, and Netflix has not provided a response to any of the statements that have been made.

On the other hand, the chef remarked that competing and filming were two of the most enjoyable and difficult things he had ever done.

2. Alison Manning

Alison Manning

Alison Manning

Food Science 4 Kids was developed by Alison Manning, who is also the website’s founder. It is a programme that teaches pupils in elementary school about the science behind food.

She is also a PC QI certified auditor and a food influencer in addition to her role as the Program Manager for Project Green Fork.

This year, viewers will have the opportunity to watch her on television as she will be competing in Snack Vs. Chef. She received her degree in food science from Alabama A&M University.

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3. Lauren Jude  

Lauren Jude

Lauren Jude

This season of Snack vs. Chef will feature Lauren as one of the two food scientists competing for the title of Snack Champion. Both she and her sister Alison attended Alabama A&M University and graduated.

She has a background in food science and was the pioneer behind Poppin’ Pantry. On Instagram, she expressed her enthusiasm over the upcoming release of the show by posting an image from Netflix in which her dish was being evaluated by the judges.

4. Christian Gill

Christian Gill

Christian Gill

Boomtown Biscuits and Whiskey is owned by Christian, who also goes by the name Christian. In 2019, he triumphed in the “Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge” hosted by Food Network and was awarded the top prize of $25,000.

He has participated in a number of different food-related reality television series and claims that he enjoys competing in them.

In addition to that, he is devoting the most of his time to competing in shows while simultaneously working on opening the Mighty Slider Bar in Blue Ash’s Summit Park. In the competition Snacks vs. Chef, he will be one of the 12 competitors.

5. Scottish Francis

Scottish Francis

Scottish Francis

Both “MasterChef” and “Chopped” have featured Scottish Francis, who is also known as the “Doughnut King” because to the legendary chef Gordon Ramsay. His childhood home in Scotland is where he first developed an interest in doughnuts.

Even though his grandmother taught him about fruits, vegetables, and pastries, he never had any experience in the kitchen because he worked as a photographer and music video director before he ended up trying out for the FOX show “MasterChef.” His grandmother taught him about fruits, vegetables, and pastries.

6. Danny Kievit

Danny Kievit

Danny Kievit

Danny Kievit, better known by his nickname “Snack Daddy,” is a culinary experience curator who has won multiple awards. He graduated from the Culinary Academy of Austin and gained experience working in the kitchens at popular Austin eateries such as Jeffery’s, Truluck’s Seafood, Castle Hill Café, Reeds Supper Club, and Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill before opening his own restaurant.

As someone who goes by the alias Snack Daddy, many fans are rooting for him to come out on top in the upcoming competition show Snack Vs. Chef that will air on Netflix.

As he posts the show’s trailer on his Instagram handle while writing the caption about how he received a call from the production team, gave several interviews, and waited for some time to hear the good news that he would finally be competing, his followers are excited to watch the show and can’t wait to see him on it.

7. Kevin Gregory

Kevin Gregory

Kevin Gregory

While working in the restaurant industry as a pastry cook at a high-end establishment, Kevin Gregory discovered his enthusiasm for the food and beverage industry. After working in bakeries for a while, he went on to work with large-scale caterers, event planning firms, kitchen designers, and he even did some freelance graphic design work.

According to the website of his company, the graduate of the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University owns a hospitality consulting business as well as a creative agency named KGRHC that specialises in the food and beverage industry.

8. Kristopher Edelen

Kristopher Edelen

Kristopher Edelen

HOTPANnyc was established by Kristopher Edelen, commonly known as Chef KPE, who is also the name of the restaurant. The business was established in 2014 as a dinner group with the mission of investigating native post-modern cuisine.

The individual who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 2011 claimed to have competed in multiple reality cooking competitions on television, including one that was broadcast on the FYI Channel and in which he took first place.

9. Lauryn Bodden

Lauryn Bodden

Lauryn Bodden

Lauryn Bodden, who earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a master’s degree in Sport Management from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, all while playing Division I soccer, began developing an interest and love for food at a young age in her grandmother’s kitchen. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a master’s degree in Sport Management from Southern Methodist University.

She currently holds the position of Food Editor at The Spruce Eats, where she works in tandem with a group of recipe developers and food writers to develop scrumptious recipes and detailed instructions for preparation that are accessible to individuals with a variety of preferences and levels of culinary expertise.

10. Clara Park

Clara Park

Clara Park

Clara Park is a teacher and a chef, and she has been a contestant on the show Chopped, which airs on the Food Network.

After dabbling in a few other lines of work, she claimed on her website that she eventually attended culinary school.

She conveyed her delight by sharing the show’s teaser with others and commented about how two years ago, she came across a casting call that asked applicants, “Do you enjoy snacks?” and she responded with a yes, which ultimately led to her appearing on this show, where she was introduced to 11 other incredible chefs.

11. Luna Contreras

Luna Contreras and Clara Park in the sets of Snack vs Chef

Luna Contreras and Clara Park in the sets of Snack vs Chef

A native of Mexico, Luna Contreras formerly managed two of San Francisco’s most well-known Mexican restaurants, namely Mamacita and Padrecito, both of which enjoy a stellar reputation.

During her time as manager, she was honoured with two three-star ratings from the San Francisco Chronicle as well as five consecutive years’ inclusion on the San Francisco Chronicle’s list of the Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants.

When asked about her time on the show, she listed making new friends and developing her identity as a transwoman as two positive outcomes of her participation. She described it as an insane adventure full of terrifying steps, but she expressed gratitude to the production team and snack gang for the opportunity to participate.

12. Sandy Dee Hall

Sandy Dee Hall

Sandy Dee Hall

Orphaned as a child, Sandy did not develop a taste for cooking until he was an adult. He eventually became a chef in New York City. He had never before had access to food of a high enough quality. After coming to the conclusion that the most significant barrier to learning more about food was gaining access to high-quality food, he decided to start Source (ed).

The group educates the next generation about environmentally friendly farming practises and the importance of eating a nutritious diet. They plan to open the first fast-food restaurant that will serve food that is locally sourced from farms while maintaining the same price point as McDonald’s restaurants.

Snack Vs. Chef 2022: Everything we know so far about Netflix’s culinary show

Snack Vs. Chef 2022, the newest instalment of Netflix’s own reality television culinary competition, is almost ready to make its debut. On November 30, 2022, all of the episodes from the first season of the show will be made available to the public.

Talented chefs will compete against one another in this series, which will be presented by comedians Megan Stalter and Hari Kondabolu. The chefs will not only develop their own treats, but they will also attempt to imitate some popular dishes. Only one of the twelve chefs in the competition has a shot at winning the grand prize of fifty thousand dollars.

Here’s what fans can expect from the upcoming reality Tv series, Snack Vs. Chef

A preview of what viewers may anticipate from the reality competition series was provided by online streaming powerhouse Netflix just prior to the start of the show.

According to the official video, the competing chefs will be tasked with disassembling well-known treats like Oreos and Cheetos in order to incorporate their components into brand new recipes. After everything is said and done, just one of the competing chefs will walk away with the cash reward for their efforts.

Christian Gill, who hails from Cincinnati and owns a restaurant there, is one of the 12 competing chefs on the show. After making his debut on reality TV with Food Network’s Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge, Christian went on to compete in a number of additional cooking challenges.

Christian became victorious from the summer edition of Guy Fieri’s Guy’s Grocery Games to claim the title of champion. In addition to that, he took part in a competition called Beat Bobby Flay, which pits talented chefs against the legendary chef Bobby Flay himself.

At the moment, Christian is the proprietor of Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey.

About the hosts of Netflix’s new TV series, Snack Vs. Chef

Megan Stalter and Hari Kondabolu, both of whom are well-known in the comedy world, have been tapped to host the next series.

Megan’s Instagram page has a following of more than 271 thousand people. The Megan Stalter Show and the Forever Dog podcast Confronting Demons with Megan Stalter are both hosted by her at the moment.

Hari is a stand-up comedian from the United States. In the past, he has worked as a writer for the show Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. Additionally, he was the director of the documentary film “The Problem with Apu,” which was released in 2017.

On November 30, 2022, the first episode of Snack Vs. Chef will become available on Netflix.

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