Shawn Grate, an American serial murderer, was apprehended when one of his victims was successful in dialing 911. The Ashland PD acted quickly to save the woman, which ultimately resulted in Grate’s arrest.

American serial killer and sex offender Shawn Grate. He admitted to killing five women in Ohio between 2006 and the time of his arrest in 2016.

Shawn is renowned for luring his victims in with his attractive appearance and endearing demeanor. He was also given a death sentence for the atrocities he committed. The date of his execution is set for March 19, 2025.

Shawn Grate

Shawn Grate

Abduction Victim 911 Call Led To Shawn Grate Arrest

Shawn Grate, a serial killer, was captured after a victim dialed 911. From the Ashland residence where she was being held captive, the victim Jane Doe dialed the police.

In 2016, the 38-year-old woman and I first connected at the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Ashland, Oregon. They started interacting frequently and becoming close friendships.

Shawn invited her to a house near Ashland on September 11. After entering the house, the survivor soon realized who he really was.

Doe was repeatedly assaulted physically and sexually while she was held captive by Shawn for three days. When he was sleeping, she finally had a chance to phone 911. Shawn was probably aware that the victim had called 911 when the police got there, so they were able to quickly make an arrest.

Jane is fortunate to have escaped a dangerous predator like Shawn Grate. But not all of his victims managed to escape the serial killer. In the home where he had been residing as an intruder, the police discovered the lifeless remains of two women.

Shawn Grate Murderer Case Hearing

Shawn Grate was convicted of killing five women and kidnapping a sixth.

Stacey Stanley, Elizabeth Griffith, Candice Cunningham, Rebekah Leicy, and Dana Lowrey are his murder victims.

Even though Shawn publicly admitted to killing those women in the media, he entered a not guilty plea due to insanity. After a jury determined that he was not insane when he committed the crimes, the insanity plea was rejected.

In addition, Shawn admitted guilt on 15 of the 23 counts that were brought against him. He was given the death penalty after being found guilty on all counts of murder and sexual assault. In 2025, he will be put to death.

Did Shawn Grate Have Children? Wikipedia And Family

Killer Shawn Grate is the father of three kids: Dylan, Kayle, and Violet, two daughters.

Dylan is 23 years old, Violet is ten years old, and Kayle is in her mid-20s. Kayle, one of his three children, was a product of Shawn’s relationship with Steph. Violet, his youngest kid, was also a product of his union with Amber Nicole Brown.

Shawn was raised in a typical home by parents Theresa McFarland and Terry Grate. He is a native of Marion, Ohio. In addition, he has a half-sister named Barbara Charter and a brother named Jason.

Growing up, Shawn was a typical youngster, but his parents’ divorce affected him. Shawn developed animosity and deadly fantasies after his mother moved home with a man. He also asserts that all of his victims had given up on life and were eager to die.

Is Shawn Grate Still Alive?

Although the convicted serial killer is still alive, his execution is set for less than two years from now. The man on death row is currently 45 years old; when he passes away, he will be 47.

He has been incarcerated at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution in Chillicothe, Ohio, since 2022.