“Shards of Her” is a Taiwanese criminal drama series that is currently streaming on Netflix. The story follows an experienced headhunter who is involved in a fatal accident and falls into a coma after the incident. She finally comes out of the coma after spending years of his life confined to the bed, only to discover that she has been transported to an alternate reality. Now, she has no choice but to relive one of the most traumatic experiences she endured as a youngster. Due to the fact that the mystery series contains components that are suspenseful, the viewers are certain to remain captivated by it from the beginning to the very conclusion.

The exceptional acting of a cast of gifted performers, including Hsu Wei-Ning, Toby Lee, Alyssa Chia, Patty Pei-Yu Lee, Chen-Ling Wen, and Vins Yi-Zheng, contributes significantly to the engrossing nature of the programme. This is one of the primary reasons why the drama is as captivating as it is. Furthermore, the flashback scenes as well as the parallel reality set against the consistently shifting backdrops are enough to make one question the location of the filming of “Shards of Her.” In any case, you are in luck because we have amassed all of the pertinent data pertaining to the subject matter. Let’s plunge in!

Netflix’s ‘Shards of Her’ is a Taiwanese crime drama series

Netflix’s ‘Shards of Her’ is a Taiwanese crime drama series

Shards of Her Filming Locations

The entire movie “Shards of Her” was shot on location in Taiwan, more specifically in and around the cities of Taipei and New Taipei City. Taiwan, which is located at the point where the East China Sea and the South China Sea meet, is formally referred to as the Republic of China. Taiwan is regarded as a developed nation because it performs exceptionally well across a variety of domains, including healthcare, human development, and civil freedoms, among others. Without further ado, let’s investigate each and every one of the unique locations that are featured in the Netflix series!

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Taipei City, Taiwan

A significant number of important scenes for the film “Shards of Her” were shot in Taipei City, which is both the capital of Taiwan and a distinct municipality on the island. It appears that the production crew moves around the city and sets up shop at a number of different locations in order to film a number of different sequences against appropriate backgrounds. The city, which can be found in Northern Taiwan, is regarded as the educational, economic, cultural, and political core of the entire nation. It is also recognised as one of the most important hubs in East Asia.

Taipei has served as the location for the filming of a variety of movies and television episodes during the course of its history. Some of the more well-known ones include ‘Mom, Don’t Do That!,’ ‘The Bridge Curse,’ ‘The Assassin,’ ‘The Sand Pebbles,’ ‘Lucy,’ and ‘Silence.’ When one considers all of the reasons why Taipei would be an ideal location for filming, it should not come as a surprise that the production team decided to shoot there.

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New Taipei City, Taiwan

The cast and crew of “Shards of Her” also travels to New Taipei Metropolis (previously known as Taipei County), a special municipality located in northern Taiwan and the most populated city in the country, for the purposes of filming. Taipei County was the original name of New Taipei City. The city of Taipei is completely surrounded by the city of New Taipei, which is home to many tourist attractions. Some of these attractions include the Bitoujiao Lighthouse, the Wuzhi Mountain Military Cemetery, the Drop of Water Memorial Hall, the New Taipei City Hakka Museum, and the Wulai Hot Spring.

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