The octogenarian Ratan Tata is a massive fan of Shantanu Naidu, the youngest of the Tata family to have joined the Tata Group. He has worked with the group since 2013 and now has many startups under his belt. The millennial entrepreneur has an MBA from Cornell University and has also been involved in several startup companies. He has never been married. But while he has been the brain behind the investments, he is still the heart behind his successful business.


Shantanu Naidu Biography/Wiki

Shantanu Naidu is an MBA holder from Cornell University who has assisted Ratan Tata for two years. The MBA holder has taken lessons from Tata’s life experiences and applied them to business. During a visit to the United States last winter, Shantanu shared his startup pitch deck template with small business owners and entrepreneurs. In addition to converting life lessons into practical business knowledge, Shantanu has also worked as a junior assistant at Google and has a following on Twitter.

As a junior engineer, Shantanu started to notice the many dogs being hit by cars at night. He spoke to 80 to 100 drivers who regularly ran over dogs. Eventually, Shantanu came up with the idea of using glow-in-the-dark collars for dogs and founded Motopaws to continue his cause. Currently, Motopaws is an organization that works to save abandoned and abused pets from being run over by cars.

Shantanu Naidu Career

  • Shantanu Naidu is an entrepreneur with an impressive resume. He started his career as a junior assistant to Ratan Tata. The two became close friends and became good friends. They are both Indians, and he holds dual nationality. Both are of mixed ethnicity and are of the Kapu caste. Despite his modest beginnings, Shantanu Naidu has a large fan base.
  • The millennial and entrepreneur Shantanu Naidu is an exciting person. He is an influential social media figure and has a passion for dogs. The entrepreneur from Pune is famous for his company Motopaws. The startup helps rescue dogs in dark places. Its founder, Ram Naidu, is a close friend of Ratan Tata. He has founded several startups and is still working on another one.
  • In addition to working with Tata, Shantanu has also launched a weekly online talk show on Instagram. The webinar is free, although he charges Rs 500 for each show. Shantanu’s money from her Facebook and Instagram pages go to her pet brand, Motopaws, which makes glow-in-the-dark dog collars. The company has expanded to 20 cities in India and four countries.
  • The friendship between Shantanu is a natural one. The two are close to each other, and their shared passion has brought them together. During the past few years, anyone who has worked with Shantanu has become a friend. His easy-going personality and business acumen have made him an extremely successful businessman. In June 2009, he founded Motopaws, which makes glow-in-the-dark dog collars.
  • The Indian entrepreneur has been an inspiration to many. Not only is he a star in the country, but his success is also a testament to his entrepreneurial drive. He influenced Ratan Tata and became a world-renowned entrepreneur. During his tenure at Tata, he has been a passionate supporter of startups in India. He is an avid believer of India’s startup ecosystem and believes in the importance of innovation.

Shantanu Naidu Personal Life

Real Name: Shantanu Naidu

Nickname: Shantanu

Profession: Junior Assistant, Entreprenur

Age: 28 years (2021)

Date of Birth: 1993

Birth Place: Pune

Current City: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Zodiac sign: Not known

Religion: Hindu

Nationality: Indian

School Name: Not known

College Name: Cornell University

Educational Qualification: MBA Graduate

Marital Status: Unmarried

Hobbies: Reading, Listening to Music

Shantanu Naidu Physical Appearance

Height: 5.9’

Weight: 65 kg

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Shantanu Naidu Book On life With Ratan Tata

After completing her MBA, she worked with Ratan Tata and helped other students enter the entrepreneurial world. Her first venture, On Your Sparks, is based on her lessons and being a successful entrepreneur. The book focuses on his relationship with Ratan Tata. The 28-year-old Tata Trust Deputy General Manager has been in charge of many of the company’s startups. He has a personal investment in a startup that produces glow-in-the-dark collars for street dogs. After graduating from Cornell University, Shantanu was hired as a deputy general manager.

Shantanu Naidu Net Worth

He runs these events every Sunday on her Instagram page. Participants donate a fee equivalent to about $7.14. The money he raises will be donated to her favourite charity, Motopaws. This program is currently available in over 20 cities and four countries.

Shantanu Naidu Facts

  • He participates in a variety of business seminars.
  • He has given numerous TEDx Talks.
  • He is a passionate animal lover.
  • He is the author of the book.
  • He is a dog lover, so he founded Motopaws, a dog-related company.

Shantanu Naidu Phone Number & other Contact Details

Current Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Facebook: shantanu.naidu

Instagram: suitcase_full_of_sparks

Linkedin: shantanu-naidu


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