If you are a regular viewer of NBC10 Boston, you may have noticed the sudden absence of Shannon Mulaire, one of the network’s most popular anchors. Fans of the veteran journalist have been left wondering where she went and why she left the network. In this article, we will uncover the shocking truth behind Shannon Mulaire’s departure from NBC10 Boston and explore where she is now.

Shannon Mulaire

Shannon Mulaire 

What Happened to NBC10 Boston Anchor Shannon Mulaire?

Shannon Mulaire, a seasoned journalist from Connecticut, had been a familiar face to NBC10 Boston and NECN viewers for six years. She had anchored programs such as NBC’s Early Today and MSNBC’s First Look, among others. However, in recent weeks, Mulaire had been conspicuously absent from the airwaves. Her absence had sparked rumors about her leaving the station, although there was no official confirmation.

Shannon Mulaire Covering a Game on nbc10boston

Shannon Mulaire Covering a Game on nbc10boston (Source: @Instagram)

Who is Shannon Mulaire?

Before her tenure with NBC10 Boston, Mulaire had worked for various publications in Fort Myers, Tampa, and Dedham. She had received her secondary education at Phillips Exeter Academy and had earned a BA in Spanish and Cinematic Media Studies from Wellesley College. Later, she obtained an MA in Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College.

What Happened to Her?

Despite Mulaire’s long-standing presence on NBC10 Boston and NECN, she has not made any official announcement regarding her absence. However, her profile was removed from the NBC10 Boston website, which added weight to the rumors of her leaving.[1]Medadmbjmc

Although there has been no official confirmation of her departure, it is possible that Mulaire is changing the station. Some viewers believe that she wasn’t fired or that she didn’t quit the network on her own accord. Her abrupt departure without proper sign-off has caused outrage among her loyal viewers, who had been watching her on Channel for ten years.

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Why Shannon Mulaire Departed from NBC10 Boston: Inside Look

Shannon Mulaire, the former NBC10 Boston news reporter and columnist, made headlines when she left the network in July 2022. While Mulaire had the option to stay until an official statement was made, she decided to part ways with the network. Her genuine motivation for leaving is still unknown, but the sudden departure raised many questions among her fans and colleagues.

Shannon Mulaire

Shannon Mulaire (Source: @Instagram)

Changes in NBC10 Boston’s Anchor Lineup

It was confirmed in July 2022 that Priscilla Casper would be taking over the evening hour anchor role at NBC10 Boston. As a result of this change, Colton Bradford’s role as Casper’s co-anchor increased, in addition to his midday hour. Meanwhile, the network let go of broadcasters, including Shannon Mulaire, as part of their lineup changes.

No Official Statement from Mulaire or NBC10 Boston

Despite leaving the network, neither Shannon Mulaire nor NBC10 Boston has made an official statement regarding her departure. However, Mulaire changed her LinkedIn profile to reflect that she is no longer an employee of NBC News.


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Possible Reasons for Mulaire’s Departure

As a highly respected journalist, Mulaire had many fans who were left wondering why she left the network. Some speculate that she may have received a better offer from another network or that she may have decided to pursue other opportunities in her career. Others wonder if there was some kind of dispute or conflict that led to her departure. Whatever the reason may be, her fans hope to see her back on the screen soon.

Are Shannon Mulaire and Randy Scott still married?

Shannon Mulaire, an anchor with NBC10 Boston, is indeed married to Randy Scott, an ESPN sportscaster and fellow news anchor. The couple tied the knot on April 8, 2010, at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida, and have three children together.[2]TheFamousinfo

The couple is known for keeping their personal lives private and has not shared photos of themselves together on social media. While there have been rumors circulating online about their relationship status, there is no confirmed evidence that they have separated or divorced.

shannon mulaire his husband

shannon mulaire with his husband

Shannon Mulaire’s missing wedding ring

Recently, there was a social media frenzy when some viewers noticed that Mulaire wasn’t wearing her wedding band in an episode of NBC10 Boston. The incident sparked rumors that the couple had broken up. However, there has been no official statement from either Mulaire or Scott regarding the missing ring.

It is essential to note that not wearing a wedding ring doesn’t always mean that a couple is going through a separation. Many reasons could cause someone not to wear a wedding ring, including personal preference, health concerns, or job requirements.

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Shannon Mulaire Leaving NBC Boston: Where Will She Go Next?

Shannon Mulaire’s departure from NBC Boston has caused quite a stir among fans, with many wondering where she will go next. After spending more than six years at the Boston-based news channel, and working for two or three TV slots, it’s no surprise that her future has become a hot topic of discussion.

Early Life and Education

Shannon Mulaire attended Phillips Exeter Academy for high school, and then went on to receive a BA in Spanish/Cinema Media Studies from Wellesley College. She later earned an MA in Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College.

Career Highlights

Shannon has worked in various roles throughout her career. According to her LinkedIn profile, she has been associated with Fox 25 WFXT-TV for quite some time, serving as a General Assignment Reporter, morning anchor, and weekend anchor. She has also worked as a journalist for WTVT Tampa and as a creator for WFTX Fort Myers in Florida.

Leaving NBC Boston

It is now confirmed that Shannon Mulaire is leaving NBC Boston. Although no official confirmation has been made by the organization, her LinkedIn profile states that she was a reporter for NBC News from April 2016 to July 2022. Furthermore, her biography page has been removed from the official NBC10 Boston site, indicating that she is no longer associated with the channel.

The question on everyone’s mind is where Shannon will go next. Until an official statement is made, it’s hard to predict whether she will stay with NBC or venture out into something new.

Personal Life

Shannon Mulaire Enjoying a free day with her kid

Shannon Mulaire Enjoying a free day with her kid

Shannon Mulaire has been married to ESPN sports reporter Randy Scott since 2010. The couple has three children together. However, they have not shared each other’s photos on their social media profiles, leaving fans wondering if they are still together.

Net Worth

Shannon Mulaire’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. She has been working in the TV industry for over half a decade, and has certainly earned a significant amount of money for her work. According to Glassdoor, a reporter for NBC earns an average of $87,160 per year, which is likely similar to Shannon’s salary.

Charitable Work

In addition to her work in the TV industry, Shannon Mulaire is an avid runner and has raised over $10K for Boston’s Horizons for Homeless Children by running the Boston Marathon. She is also active on Instagram with 7K followers, where she shares her personal and professional updates.

Here are 10 Interesting Facts About Shannon Mulaire

  1. Shannon Mulaire is a journalist and news anchor who worked at NBC10 Boston for nearly five years. Source
  2. She started her career in journalism as a radio host for KOMO News in Seattle, Washington. Source
  3. Mulaire has a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from Fordham University in New York. Source
  4. She has covered a wide range of stories during her career, including the Boston Marathon bombing, the Las Vegas shooting, and the death of former President George H.W. Bush.
  5. Mulaire has also interviewed notable figures such as former Secretary of State John Kerry, actor Mark Wahlberg, and former NFL player Michael Strahan.
  6. In 2016, Mulaire was awarded a New England Emmy Award for her work covering the opioid epidemic in Massachusetts.
  7. She is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists and the Asian American Journalists Association.
  8. Mulaire is also a certified yoga instructor and has taught classes at various studios in the Boston area.
  9. She left NBC10 Boston in June 2020 to pursue other opportunities, including starting her own media consulting business.
  10. Mulaire is active on social media, particularly on Instagram where she shares her love of travel, food, and fashion with her followers. Source


  1. Who is Shannon Mulaire and what was her role at NBC10 Boston?

Shannon Mulaire is a former news anchor and reporter who worked at NBC10 Boston from 2017 to 2021. During her time at the network, she co-anchored the morning newscast, “NBC10 Boston Today,” and also reported on breaking news stories.

  1. Why did Shannon Mulaire leave NBC10 Boston?

Shannon Mulaire left NBC10 Boston in February 2021 to take on a new role as the director of executive communications at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company based in Boston. In a statement released on her social media accounts, Mulaire cited her desire to pivot her career towards corporate communications as the reason for her departure.

  1. Was Shannon Mulaire fired from NBC10 Boston?

No, Shannon Mulaire was not fired from NBC10 Boston. In fact, she was a popular and well-respected member of the network’s news team, and her departure was met with sadness by many viewers and colleagues.

  1. Who replaced Shannon Mulaire on NBC10 Boston Today?

Following Shannon Mulaire’s departure, NBC10 Boston Today was co-anchored by Latoyia Edwards and Brian Shactman. Edwards had previously worked as a reporter and anchor at the network, while Shactman was a veteran journalist who had worked at various news organizations around the country.

  1. Is Shannon Mulaire still working in the media industry?

No, Shannon Mulaire is no longer working in the media industry. Following her departure from NBC10 Boston, she moved into a new role as the director of executive communications at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, where she is responsible for managing the company’s internal and external communications strategies.

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