Sean Parnell (Republican Party) ran for the U.S. Senate seat to represent Pennsylvania. He resigned before the general election of November 8, 2022.
Richard Sean Parnell, born July 15, 1981, is an American politician and author. He was also a speaker and former U.S. Army captain from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a Republican and ran in the 2020 U.S. House of Representatives election in PA-17 and the U.S. Senate election in 2022. He is a New York Times bestseller.


Who is Sean Parnell ?

Sean Parnell was born in Pittsburgh and served his country in the United States Army between 2004 and 2010. Parnell received his undergraduate education from Clarion University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Duquesne University. He also completed his graduate studies at Duquesne University. Parnell has worked as a speaker and author.

Sean Parnell was the 2020 presidential nominee for Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional District. Former President Donald Trump has endorsed him as a candidate for the Senate of Pennsylvania.
The race was dominated by veteran Sean Parnell and Jeff Bartos (a businessman with high fundraising totals). Former President Donald Trump endorsed Parnell. Parnell announced on November 22 that he would suspend his campaign.

“Father, decorated combat veteran, New York Times best-selling author, and speaker.Retired Army Infantry Captain with the Elite 10th Mountain Division and veteran of 485 days of fierce fighting along the Afghan-Pakistan border, Sean Parnell’s unique leadership skills welded his platoon into one of the most fierce and effective American fighting units in modern military history.”

Sean Parnell Biography/Wiki

Sean Parnell was born July 15, 1981, in Hanford, California. He is an American politician and lawyer. Sean was elected the tenth governor for Alaska in July 2009. This position he held until 2014. His life was full of fame.

He is approximately 40 years old. Every year, he celebrates his birthday. Sean Randall Parnell is his full name, but he is more well-known than Sean Parnell. This page gives information about his Father, Mother, and Girlfriend. Continue reading this article to learn more.

Sean Parnell was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From 2004 to 2010, he served in the United States Army. From 2004 to 2010, he served in the United States Army. His professional experience includes being an author and speaker.

Sean Parnell Campaign

The campaign website for Parnell stated the following:

I’m not a career politician. I’m a proven leader. We have learned from recent events that strong leadership is essential in times of crisis. I have commanded some of America’s most skilled warriors in battle, and I am ready to bring that leadership to Washington.

While we may not all agree on every issue, I can assure you that we will. The people of Western PA deserve the ability to see the positions of their elected officials. I will always prioritize the interests of Western PA over politics.

Fight For Veterans

Veterans are the best among us. They raise their hands and offer their services to our nation, knowing they could risk their lives for our freedom. They deserve to be thanked for their service on behalf of the nation when they return from war-torn battlefields. But that gratitude should not end there. To ensure that they get a fair deal at home, our leaders must work tirelessly for them. They fought for us; now, it’s up to us as Americans to stand for them.
I will never forget the sacrifice and dedication of our nation’s veterans. Veterans who sacrifice their lives for our country shouldn’t have to suffer and die for the benefits and healthcare. They willingly served this country in wartime; they have the right to choose where their healthcare is provided. You can keep the V.A. care you love. You can keep it. You can keep it.
It should not be necessary for veterans who have served to defend America’s streets to come home and sleep with them. I will fight for our veterans to stay on the streets, in jobs that provide for their families, and to live the American Dream they gave their lives to defend.

Second Amendment Rights to be Protected

“… The right of people to keep or bear arms shall be protected …”

I will fight to defend this right and reject the idea that society is somehow guilty because someone has committed a crime. We do not need more gun control laws.

Strengthen Our Military

Our military must be the most powerful fighting force in the world. It should be used to defend Americans against their enemies and not police every corner of this planet.

Stop Illegal Immigration

Stop illegal Immigration by closing “Sanctuary Cities” and finishing The Wall.

Support law Enforcement

I will continue to support law enforcement and resist any attempts to defund it.

PA Jobs Safety

I will fight for lower taxes, your earnings, and your freedom. I will also cut regulations to free Pennsylvania’s job creators from D.C.
Because I come from a union family, I understand the importance of unions to Western Pennsylvania’s middle-class families. I will continue to support working families of the middle class and protect their rights at work.
We are now energy independent after decades of being dependent on OPEC. A net energy exporter. This must be maintained. Fracking creates job opportunities and keeps us all free. I will support Pennsylvania’s energy workers and won’t allow my party to betray them.


I have a pre-existing condition. This is important to me. I will protect those with pre-existing conditions and ensure they have equal access to high-quality healthcare.
I believe that Americans should have the choice to select the best healthcare plan for them. It is important to create jobs and allow insurance companies to compete across states. Small companies can also join forces to obtain lower rates.
I will fight for the Pennsylvania labor unions’ good health benefits – and the liberals who want to remove these benefits.
I believe that the more insurance companies competing for your business will make healthcare more affordable and allow all Americans to choose the best plan for them.

Fight for the Unborn

I am pro-life and will vote accordingly. I will also support presidential candidates who will choose pro-life judges for our courts. My opponent voted against Born Alive Act which allows abortion-surviving babies to die. This amounts to infanticide, murder, and we deserve better.

Medicare and Social Security

It is simple: Social Security and Medicare must be protected. The program has been a benefit to many people throughout their lives. They have earned it and deserve their Social Security and Medicare when they retire.

Love America

America is the greatest nation in history. While the radical left is trying to take over cities blocks and change the National Anthem, they are ripping down statues of George Washington. I will continue to fight for the country that I love.

Sean Parnell Suspends Campaign

Sean Parnell, a well-known senator from Pennsylvania, has been endorsed and suspended by Trump. He was a victim of a court battle over custody of their three children.

Laurie Snell, his estranged wife, testified that he had abused her and sometimes their children.
Parnell stated that he strongly disagreed with today’s ruling and was “devastated” by the decision. He also said,

“There is nothing more significant to me than my kids, and while it’s possible to ask the court for a reconsideration, I cannot continue with a Senate election.”

A Butler County judge stated Monday in a docket entry that Snell would have sole legal and primary physical custody for the couple’s children. According to media reports, Parnell was granted physical custody on three weekends per month.

Parnell resisted Snell’s claims of abuse under oath. However, James Arner, the judge, stated that she was “the stronger witness,” The A.P. reported. Parnell choked her once, and she testified that he once slapped one of their children on the back with a slap to leave marks.
Parnell informed Trump of his decision to withdraw from the GOP primary, Taylor Budowich, a Trump spokesperson, said on Twitter. Politico first reported on the discussion.

Sean Parnell Career

Sean Parnell was born July 15, 1981. Sean Parnell is his full name, but he is most well-known as Sean. Hanford, California, is where he was born. As of 2021, his age is approximately 40 years. He attended Pacific Lutheran University as well as the University of Puget Sound. He is an American citizen.
Sean Parnell, an American politician, and lawyer is well-known. Sean Parnell was elected the tenth governor for Alaska in July 2009. This position he held until 2014. He was elected governor with 59.06% of the vote in 2010. This is the largest margin for victory for a governor of Alaska since its formation. His support for the Republican Party. Sean was elected chancellor of the University of Alaska Anchorage in May 2021. He will be starting on June 12, 2021. He is very talented. He has won many awards in his life. For more information on Sean Parnell Wiki, please read the entire article.

Sean Parnell Military Career

Parnell was born July 15, 1981, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For the U.S. military, he became a U.S. Army Ranger in Afghanistan. He and his platoon defeated hundreds of Taliban trying to take over a hill held by his platoon in 2006. Parnell was also wounded twice in the firefight. He also sustained a traumatic brain injury. The army medically discharged Parnell in 2010. He received two Bronze Stars as well as the Purple Heart.
Parnell left the army to write Outlaw Platoon (a New York Times bestseller) about his platoon’s combat experiences in Afghanistan.
Parnell was a long-serving soldier in the incredible tenth mountain division. He received two Bronze Stars (one to honor boldness) as well as the Purple Heart. Parnell is a passionate supporter of America’s military. He is currently serving as a diplomat for Boot Campaign, a cause for veterans. He declared his candidacy for the 2022 presidential decision. Sean lives in Pittsburgh with his children.

Sean Parnell Political Career

Parnell lost the 2020 election to Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania-17. Parnell received 48.9%, compared to 51.1% in Lamb’s favor. Former President Donald Trump endorsed Parnell’s campaign.
Parnell addressed the Republican National Convention 2020 and supported Trump’s reelection. Parnell praised Trump’s energy policies as well as his Second Amendment stance. He criticized Conor Lamb, his opponent, and Joe Biden, the then-presidential candidate.

Sean Parnell Personal Life

Name: Sean Parnell

Real Name: Sean Randall Parnell

Age: 58 years

Date of Birth: November 19, 1962

Birth Place: Pittsburgh, PA

Gender: Male

Profession: Author, speaker, Politician and attorney

Religion: Catholic

Zodiac sign/Sun sign: N/A

Nationality: American

Education Qualification: Pacific Lutheran University and the University of Puget Sound

Parents: Soon Update

Martial Status: Married

Hobbies: Swimming

Sean Parnell Physical Appearance

Height (Approx.): 5 Feet 9 Inches

Weight (Approx.): 75 Kgs

Eye Colour: Hazel

Hair Colour: Blonde

Sean Parnell Wife/Girlfriend

Sean Parnell, an American politician, and lawyer is well-known. Sean Parnell is a well-known American politician and attorney. He succeeded Sarah Palin in July 2009 as Alaska’s tenth governor. This position he held until 2014. Social Media reports indicate that his marital status has been confirmed as married. According to Google, his wife’s name is Sandra Siebold. They were married in 1987. You can read more about his life and learn his family details in this article.

Sean Parnell Net worth

Sean Parnell’s net worth has not been confirmed. His net worth could be between $1-$5 million.

Sean Parnell Twitter

Sean Parnell’s Twitter handle is @SeanParnellUSA.
His Twitter account has 192.3K followers. Parnell tweets every incident he’s been through. His tweets are also more than 4K liked on every single one of them. Sean tweets in less than 18 hours.

Sean Parnell Phone Number & other Contact Details

Current Address: Pittsburgh, PA





Youtube: Parnell

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