The soon-to-be-released Lifetime movie “Scentsational Christmas” has Nanzneen Contractor and Mykee Selkin in lead roles.

It’s possible that the movie’s portmanteau title gave you some hints about the storyline. Yes! The upcoming Christmas movie on Lifetime will be about a girl named Ellie who works in the fragrance industry.

It is one of the 26 new holiday movies that will be released by Lifetime during the course of this year. In the following article, you will gain some knowledge regarding the upcoming film’s cast, as well as its release date and synopsis:

Lifetime movie Scentsational Christmas

Lifetime movie Scentsational Christmas

Meet Lifetime Movie Scentsational Christmas Cast

The majority of the actors in Scentsational Christmas had already seen other Christmas-themed films before. They have already made previous appearances in holiday-themed films.

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Nazneen Contractor As Ellie

Nazneen Contractor

Nazneen Contractor

Nazneen Contractor is a Canadian actress who was born in India and plays the key part of Ellie in the movie that is being produced by Lifetime.

Ellie is a perfumer, and she happens to cross up with Logan, a writer who is visiting his hometown for the holidays. They eventually develop feelings for each other over time. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the charming holiday film that will soon be available to see.

The upcoming film will have a cast of people of Indian descent, and the Canadian actress is not the only one. It should be noted that the actor Sugith Varughese, who plays the character of her on-screen father Jamar, was also born in India.

She is a mother to her two children, a son named Darius Rota and a daughter named Avalucia, whom she shares with her husband, Carlo Rota. Darius is her son, and Avalucia is her daughter. In addition to it, he also acts.

Mykee Selkin As Logan

Mykee Selkin

Mykee Selkin

In the upcoming film produced by Lifetime, Mykee Selkin plays the role of Logan.

While Ellie is spending the holidays at her father’s house, romantic feelings begin to develop between him and Ellie.

This is not the first holiday-themed film that Selkin has directed. He has previously had an appearance as Devon in the movie A Chance for Christmas, which was released in 2021. On the other hand, he is going to play Jack in the upcoming 2022 film Designing Christmas, which is going to be shown in theatres very soon.

Jesse Howard in “Cooking Up Love,” “Max” in “Alpha Hippie,” “Deus Rex” in “Cleanse,” “Sam” in “Three Wishes,” “Owiti Chikezie” in “Waste Paper,” and “Paris” in “Banish’d” are just some of the roles that Selkin has played in the past.

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Sugith Varughese As Jamar6

Lifetime has come with 26 Christmas movies in 2022

Lifetime has come with 26 Christmas movies in 2022

In the film, the character of Jamar, who is Ellie’s father, is played by Sugith Varughese, an actor who is 65 years old.

The main character is Ellie’s father, Jamar, who runs a candle shop. Jamar is the primary part. He does not stand to gain from the company in any way. The shop is on its last legs and must be rescued before it goes out of business completely.

He was born in Cochin, which is located in the state of Kerala in India, and moved to Canada when he was young. On the other hand, Varughese spent his childhood in western Canada. Sugith received his Master of Fine Arts degree from York University, which he got after completing his studies in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Varughese is also an award-winning actor who has a total of 105 acting credits to his name, minus the four acting credits that he will receive in the near future. The career of the Canadian actor has now spanned over four decades, with the current total standing at 39 years.

Jennifer Gibson As Mindee

Jennifer Gibson's daughter Georgia

Jennifer Gibson’s daughter Georgia


Suits, Maps to the Stars, and A Dog’s Way Home are the three films that have brought the actress the most fame. In addition to her work as an actress, the actress has, to this point, also held the roles of director and producer.

One of her accomplishments is being listed as an executive producer on the television movie Christmas Movie Magic, which was produced in 2021. In a similar vein, she has also contributed to the production of Maybe This Time in the capacity of a producer, and the film is currently in post-production.

The seasoned actress is the mother of a child who goes by the name Georgia. She studies in grade 3. The mother and daughter enjoyed spending quality time together, and the daughter documented some of those precious moments on her Instagram account.

Robin Dunne As Andrew

Robin Dunne

Robin Dunne

Robin Dunne, who is 46 years old, plays the part of Andrew in the movie that airs on Lifetime.

In addition, Dunne is included on the list of cast members whose debut in the holiday film genre was not with Scentsational Christmas. During the course of his acting career, he has made appearances in a number of holiday-themed films, some of which include The Enchanted Christmas Cake and The Christmas Temp.

He was formerly married to Hiedi Lenhart, however they divorced after a short time together as a married couple. Dunne and his co-star Farrah Aviva engaged in a symbolic wedding vow exchange. In March of 2021, they became parents for the first time.

Samantha Helt As Nastia

Samantha Helt

Samantha Helt

In the next film, Samantha Helt takes up the character that had previously been played by Nastia.

The roles that the actress played in Boys vs. Girls, Hello, Stranger, and Beauty and the Beast are the ones that have brought her the most fame. Helt, along with the rest of her co-stars in “Boys vs. Girls,” was awarded the prize for Best Ensemble Cast.

Other Casts

Elijah, played by Michael Gordin Shore

Richard Waugh Playing the Role of Raymond

Arcade Riley as Jack, in addition to other things.

Director: Robert Vaughn

Writers: Rickie Castaneda and Megan Hocking


Executive producer’s credit goes to Sebastian Battro.

Executive producer Tom Berry is listed here.

Executive producer’s name is Louisa Cadywould.

Executive Producer, Director, and Much More: Lewis Chesler

Scentsational Christmas : Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Songs

About Scentsational Christmas

Where Is Scentsational Christmas Filmed?

The Canadian city of Hamilton served as the setting for the filming of Scentsational Christmas.

Mykee Selkin, who plays the major role in the movie, was the subject of a question regarding the production of the movie in an interview with Close Up Culture. In response to the query, the actor indicated both the location and the time while making a reference to the fact that the majority of Christmas movies are shot during the summer.

It was confirmed by Selkin, who plays the role of Logan in Scentsational Christmas, that filming for the movie took place in Hamilton throughout the month of December. The filming had to take place despite the frigid weather.

But he also added that he had fun during filming and that he was looking forward to the viewers enjoying the love tale that was portrayed on screen. The man also appeared on Dinsey plus’s Designing Christmas in 2022, thus this will be his second film centred around Christmas during that year.

Lifetime movie will release on December 8 in USA.

Lifetime movie will release on December 8 in USA.

Lifetime: Scentsational Christmas Synopsis

Ellie’s boss, a perfumer who is portrayed by Nazneen, tasks her with developing a scent appropriate for the holiday season. She heads back to her house in the hopes of finding some ideas to help her complete the assignment.

There, the perfumer has a chance encounter with a man named Logan, who is portrayed by Mykee and is staying with Jamar, her father. In addition to being a writer, Logan, who is both handsome and bookish, is on the lookout for new ideas to write about.

The candle-making cottage that belonged to the deceased perfumer’s mother is part of the historic property that Ellie’s family owns. Logan is currently staying there.

They collaborate in order to keep her mother’s candle business, which has been struggling, afloat. As time goes on and they continue to collaborate, the perfumer and the writer eventually discover that they share a unique connection.

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