Who Was Sassy Gran Doris? Obituary And Death Cause Of The Internet Famous Grandma

Sassy Gran, a well-known TikTok user, passed away on June 25, 2022. She was 96 years old.

According to a post on her Instagram, Sassy Gran experienced a terrible stroke before suffering a heart attack.

Her grandson attests to the fact that she did have a stroke and has been battling health issues for a few days. He posted “She’s gone” on Instagram to confirm the awful news.


Sassy Gran

Sassy Gran

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Obituary of Sassy Gran Doris

As the face of the sassygran TikTok channel, Sassy Gran gained notoriety. Because of the majority of her tale times and prompt reactions to her grandson Gio, she amassed more than 1.2 million followers.

She was recognized by BuzzFeed in July 2020 for a TikTok story she published about locating her husband’s lover. She had previously been covered in the New York Post.

Her TikTok account is primarily used for posting pictures of her daughter. Her revenge on her spouse was the focus of her July 2020 TikTok retelling after Tana Mongeau and Mikayla Nogueira and other social media influencers praised the notion that he had cheated on her.

She has struggled, and because of that, she has a unique perspective that most nonagenarians do not. She also dons exquisite clothing, demonstrating what real style looks like to the younger generation.


Sassy Gran Doris

Sassy Gran Doris

Sassy Gran Doris Death Cause

On June 25, Sassy Gran, a well-known TikTok user, was reported deceased.

Her grandchild was informed that the clot had been removed by physicians after traveling through her arteries and into her head. They were told that she had a 50/50 chance of surviving the procedure at that point.

The following day, fans were informed that the celebrity’s right side was paralyzed. Her face was dropped and she was unable to move an arm or a leg. Later, although still not totally awake, she started to faintly move her right arm and started to move her right leg.

Her family and supporters have every reason to believe that if she survives this stage, she will survive the rest. The initial brain scan only showed mild damage.

Her granddaughter alleged that her mother was reading all of the fan comments for her grandmother. The surgeon who performed the surgery on her showed them exactly where the stroke had occurred and how severe it was. The sudden drop in her blood pressure led doctors to suspect abdominal hemorrhage.

Sassy Gran Doris Daughter

The identity of Sassy Gran’s daughter is unknown, however she frequently appears on her TikTok channel.

Her grandson Gio obviously enjoys eating out with her and hearing her stories and advice, which is how Doris became well-known.

When further information is made available from a dependable source, we will edit this section to reflect it.

Her grandson vouches for the fact that his grandmother suffered a stroke and has been attending to her medical needs for the past few days. He broke the sad news to his followers on Instagram with the caption “She’s gone,” which was accompanied by a photo showing an empty seat in a vehicle where his grandma had previously been seated.

Sassy Gran Doris

Sassy Gran Doris

Who Was Gran Doris?

Her Obituary and the Reason for Her Death Because of her narrative times and quick responses to her grandson Gio, Cheeky Gran Doris became an instantly recognizable face on TikTok. As a result, she was successful in amassing more than 1.2 million followers.

In July of 2020, BuzzFeed acknowledged her for a post she had posted on TikTok in which she discussed locating the escort for her significant other. There was formerly a piece that was published in the New York Post about her.

The majority of the stuff that she uploads to her TikTok account consists of photographs of her daughter. She repeated the story on TikTok in July 2020 with the intention of exacting revenge on him after Tana Mongeau, Mikayla Nogueira, and other prominent figures in the world of virtual entertainment raised the idea that her significant other had undermined her.

Due to the fact that she has experienced adversity, she possesses a unique perspective that the majority of centenarians do not have.

You might see her dressed in fashionable clothes and applying the latest cosmetics, the suit from another era demonstrating what true style looks like.

On June 25, it was confirmed that a notable TikTok user by the name of Sassy Gran had passed away. After the blood coagulation in her skull had been processed through her supply lines, the information was relayed to her grandson that medical professionals had removed it for her. It was explained to her that she stood a fifty-fifty chance of living forever or of passing away.

The following day, it was determined that she was incapable of functioning, despite the fact that she had very slight movement in her right arm and right leg. Assuming that she makes it through this phase, her family and the people who support her have a lot of reasons to believe that she will prevail. Because of the sudden drop in her pulse, the specialists considered a stomach drain as a possible cause.

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Sassy Doris Net Worth

Could it be said that she had a lot of money? The sheer number of people who keep track of her accomplishments is indicative of her abundance. According to the assertions made by her side, it is believed that she has an additional 6 million dollars in resources.

Gio, Doris’ grandson, is the reason she is noteworthy; he enjoys coming out to feast with her and listening to her accounts and guidance. He is the reason she is notable.

Sassy Gran was content with the manner in which she cared for the individuals who were a part of her day-to-day life, regardless of the wealth she possessed.

Although the popular Tiktoker Sassy Doris’ daughter does occasionally make an appearance on her TikTok channel, her persona is not yet developed at this time. Her Wikipedia bio can be found here.

According to a statement that was made in one of her recordings, Sassy’s girl is now 75 years old. She acknowledges that she has inherited her mother Sassy’s fondness for fashion and makeup. The mother and her daughter regularly appeared to be holding hands in the TikTok recordings that they shared, and the two of them were also the closest of friends.

The fact that Doris’ grandson Gio takes pleasure in sharing meals with her and learning from her life experiences and perspectives is largely responsible for her rise to prominence.

According to the information that she obtained during a discussion in 2021, the well-known TikToker had not been included on the Wikipedia page as of the time of the meeting.

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What Happened With Her?

1926 marks the year of her birth in Colorado. In order to establish a farm, she and her family relocated toward the west. She was forced to work in the fields plowing furrows and sweeping up horse manure when she was brought up.

Her closest friend referred to her as honey bee throughout her entire childhood. She came out as a lesbian in 1955 and struggled against racism and homophobia after coming out.

She became known for being the sassygran face of the TikTok channel. After posting a video in which she explained how she came to realize that her spouse had been unfaithful when she was a child, she quickly became a viral phenomenon on the internet. She was such a strong believer that there were areas of strength for and that she kept going despite having a stone in her heart.