His parents, Nayib Estefan and Lara Coppola, welcomed their son Sasha Estefan Coppola into the world. Sasha continued her family’s musical legacy by pursuing a career in music.

Coppola’s family, including his grandparents and his father, had a musical background, which contributed to Coppola’s rise to stardom. Sasha Estefan reportedly participated in the recording of the Estefan Family Christmas on October 13 alongside his grandma Gloria Estefan and his aunt Emily, as stated by Sasha’s mother, Lara.

Doy Gracias Por Ti, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Wonderful Christmastime, and Run, Little St. Nick are some of the songs that Sasha has recorded in the past.

Musical Artist Sasha Estefan Coppola

Musical Artist Sasha Estefan Coppola

Sasha Estefan Coppola’s Parents Are Music Royalty

Sasha Estefan Coppola was raised by his musician parents throughout his childhood. His mother, Lara, is known for her impeccable taste in fashion, and his father, Sasha, is a director and owner of the Nite Owl Theater.

The wedding took place in the year 2010 in the garden of his parent’s house, and shortly after, the couple welcomed their lovely son Sasha into the world. On June 21, 2012. As the rest of his family has done before him, he is doing what they did.

During the month of October 2022, Coppola collaborated with his grandmother Gloria and his aunt Emily to create his debut album. Sasha is fortunate to have a family that is always there to back him up. His mother got him ready for his debut performance in Los Angeles, which took place in California.

During the Macy’s Day Parade in New York City, the Estefan family was there to participate. They included the song “Thankful,” which was found on the Christmas CD, in their celebration by singing it. On October 3, the fashionable individual uploaded a video of Sasha singing, and his grandmother complimented his voice in the clip.

The message “I am so tremendously proud of Bebe and his rich and soulful voice” was posted on the wall by Gloria. Even others felt that Sasha’s voice was innate to his linguistic make-up.

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His Father Nayib Estefan

Sasha, who was born to musical performers Golira and Emilio, has Nayib as her biological father. The date of the musician’s birth was September 2nd, 1980. In the past, he attended Los Angeles Film School where he built his profession in acting and filmmaking.

In films such as “Punks” and “Yearbook,” he had already made a strong impression. On addition to this, he was credited for his work in the animated short film titled The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal. A new theatre was just opened in the musician’s hometown.

The father of the musical artist was more famous in the world of music than in the film industry. On stage, he was better known by the name DJ Monkey. In addition to this, he had musical instruction from both his father Emilio and his mother Gloria, both of whom were also musicians. As a direct consequence of this, he possessed exceptional musical taste.

He had the opportunity to interact with and learn from a wide variety of extraordinary people throughout his life. Even he had travelled all over the world when he was younger. In the year 2001, the musician said that he possessed a high IQ.

On his own skin, Nayib experienced a pleasant sensation. Since he was a small boy, he has been trying to figure out what his life is all about, and through the years, he has made some headway in this endeavour. The artist made an effort to differentiate himself from the popularity of his parents and pay his own dues in the manner of other DJs.

Despite the distance that separated them, his parents accepted and supported his decision. He thought his parents were wonderful, and he gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom from his father, Emilio.

Nayib Estefan and Lara Coppola married in the backyard of his parent's house

Nayib Estefan and Lara Coppola married in the backyard of his parent’s house

Mother Lara Coppola 

Sasha, who has a sophisticated sense of fashion, has Lara as her mother. She was born in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas. She had lived in Miami for more than a quarter of a century after moving there from Los Angeles. She is the one who initiated the monthly vintage clothing market known as Ropa Vieja.

Her favourite eatery is owned by Lara’s family, specifically by her father, Larios Estefan, and her mother-in-law, Gloria Estefan. On Instagram, Lara Diamante Estefan-Coppola can be found posting photos and videos under the handle @lara diamante estefan_. She had published a number of posts that were related to the music videos of his son.

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Emily Estefan Bio

Born on December 5th, 1994, Emily is the Cuban-American daughter of Gloria and Emilio. Gloria is Cuban and Emilio is American. She has followed in her parents’ footsteps by pursuing a career in the music industry; however, the graduate of the Berklee School of Music has made it a priority to develop her own identity as an artist in addition to following in her parents’ footsteps.

Take Whatever You Want was the name of the singer-debut songwriter’s album, which was published in 2017. The album featured a completely unique sound in comparison to the Latin-flavored songs that the artist’s mother is renowned for performing. Emily referred to the songs as “soul and R&B” when she was interviewed by People en Espanol. She also mentioned that there are “small bits of [her] Latino pride in unexpected locations.”

Upon its initial release, the album debuted on not one but four charts on Billboard: the Hip Hop, the R&B, the Independent, and the Heatseekers charts. In addition to this, she has created music videos for the singles “F*ck to Be,” “Reigns (Every Night),” and “Purple Money.”

Emily is a multi-talented artist who not only sings and writes songs, but also plays drums, guitar, produces music, and hosts a podcast. Following her graduation, she established the independent record label Alien Shrimp Records, which in 2016 entered into a multi-year distribution agreement with Sony’s RED.

Not only does the up-and-coming artist have Gloria’s unflinching support in the music industry, but she also has her mother by her side in everything else that she does in her life. Emily made her sexual orientation known to the general public in 2017 when she posted a photo with her lover, Gemeny Hernandez.

Estefan family as part of the MACY's Day Parade in New York City

Estefan family as part of the MACY’s Day Parade in New York City

Nayib Estefan

Nayib was born on September 2nd, 1980, and he is the son of Gloria and Emilio. The former student at the Los Angeles Film School, who is also a musician in his own right, went on to seek a career in filmmaking as well as acting.

The native of Miami has appeared in movies including Punks and Yearbook, and he also has a soundtrack credit in the short film The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal, which was selected for the Sundance Film Festival. In addition to opening a drive-in movie theatre in his hometown, he is known as “DJ Monkey” for his work in the music industry, where he spins tunes and mixes beats. His musical career extends beyond movies.

As Nayib was growing up in the shadow of his famous parents, Gloria and Emilio, he, like his sister Emily, was searching for his “meaning,” especially after having such an incredible childhood. “I had the opportunity to speak with a lot of fascinating people and to observe a lot of fascinating things. I believe that by the time I was a teenager, I had already completed three trips around the world “he stated in an interview with the Greensboro News & Record.

In 2001, he disclosed to the publication that he had become “a lot smarter now, absolutely.” “The more time I spend in my own company, the more at ease I become. I suppose I now have a better understanding of what my role is in this world. Earlier, when I was looking for it, I couldn’t seem to locate it anywhere.”

Nayib, however, in contrast to his sister Emily, has made an effort to put some distance between himself and the famous surname of his parents. This is despite the fact that the creative has “discovered” himself. (Therefore, the name “DJ Monkey.”) He provided an explanation, stating, “I wanted to see whether I could go out there and pay my dues like every other DJ without people assuming that you did it because of your name.”

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