Sara Orlesky and Tyler Myers: What Happened Between Them? Reporter’s Divorce and New Relationship 2022

In 2017, Tyler Myers confided in Sara Orlesky the heartbreaking story he had to tell.

Orlesky is a member of the TSN SportsCentre staff and is a sports journalist from Canada. She works as a reporter for the Winnipeg bureau. In 2008, she received recognition from The Globe and Mail as one of the best up-and-coming young female sports broadcasters in Canada.

Although she was appointed in 2007, Sara didn’t start working at TSN until 2008. She had lived in Vancouver, which is located in British Columbia, prior to beginning work at TSN. The reporter has a history of having served in the capacity of reporter for The Score. While she was a student at Simon Fraser University, she began working for Citytv Vancouver as a producer of weekend sports programming.


Sara Orlesky

Sara Orlesky

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What Occurred Between Sara Orlesky And Tyler Myers?

The story of Tristan Myers, who is the son of Michela and Tyler Myers, was told by Sara Orlesky of TSN. She was honored to play a role in the telling of their narrative. The experience of giving birth to the player’s baby was both difficult and wonderful for him as a journey.

Sara shared the item on March 14, 2017, along with a pinned message that read, “Thanks to Tyler and Michela Myers for sharing their heartbreaking story with me.” In 2017, TSN highlighted the narrative of the life perspective of the Canadian-born professional hockey player who was born in the United States.

The pair went through a difficult period that was marked by a number of heartbreaks. In the end, it demonstrated the bravery of Tyler and Michela and the subsequent joyful life they have with their son Tristan.

After getting a call from his wife, the player drives his wife to the hospital after receiving the call. She underwent the procedure and was given an ultrasound that lasted about half an hour. Because the baby was not moving, a quick emergency C-section was required in order to deliver the child.

The arrival of Tyler and his wife’s first kid came five weeks earlier than expected. Myers was reassured by the physician that her child would be a boy and that he would be able to breathe on his own. However, the boy was put in that position at that moment. Michela is finally able to glimpse her child three hours after giving birth to him or her. It was a terrifying situation for her.

The Universal Life Church played host to the wedding ceremony that took place on December 31, 2021, between American journalist Kimmi Chex and her spouse, Jason White.

Divorce  of Sara Orlesky

Orlesky is a married woman and possibly has a spouse who is devoted to her. There has been no word regarding Orlesky’s separation from her partner at this time. The well-known television personality is very active on social networking sites, and she frequently sends images to her coworkers.

Orlesky shared a photo on his Instagram account with Josh Green. On this week’s episode of “The Pressbox” on Jets on TSN, he will be a guest. She showed Green the first photo while she was attempting to focus, and then she showed Green the second picture while he was attempting to focus. The third picture depicts the producer becoming aware of the snapshot and focused on it.

Orlesky had a positive impression of the crew members she interacted with while serving aboard the HMCS St. John’s. She went so far as to express her gratitude to Captain Gillis personally for the hospitality. The path that the television personality has been on has been one filled with indescribable experiences.

During the first week of the 2022 Canadian Football League season, which began on June 12, Orlesky had the opportunity to spend some time with the Grey Cup. She shared a picture on social media in which she appeared alongside Keeper of the Cup Jeff McWhinney and members of the RCMP Honor Guard.

Monica Mcnutt, a former player in the sport of basketball, is now employed by the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) as a commentator  and game specialist.

Details About Sara Orlesky’s Family

On July 31, 1980, Orlesky entered the world into a loving and supportive family in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Canadian sports writer spoke about the motivation behind her passion for sports. It was all due to the fact that her father did it. After completing her high school education at Shaftsbury, she went on to enroll at Simon Fraser University.

Orlesky would contact her father every Sunday morning when she was attending SFU so that the two of them could discuss the previous night’s NFL games. When the sportscaster was unable to watch many Green Bay Packers games because she lived in the West, her father contacted her and showed her the game on his TV while they spoke on the phone.

As a direct consequence of this, Orlesky was able to hear the game being replayed. The majority of the time, her father watches all of her broadcasts from the comfort of their home. Even her father had previously attended one of her Jets games with her.

Orlesky continued by saying, “This is the very first time he has ever seen me at work.” He never ceases to tell me how proud he is of me, and I can honestly say that I share his pride in being able to call myself his daughter.


Sara Orlesky

Sara Orlesky


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Sara Orlesky’s Husband

There was a wedding between Sara and Tyler Myers. The National Hockey League is lucky to have Tyler on its team. The family unit also includes a young child who goes by the name of Avery. At this point, there were no new discoveries made regarding either their personal lives or their relationship. At the moment, she resides in Canada with her family, where she presently resides in a lovely home.

Sara Orlesky’s Net Worth

When Sara first started out in the professional broadcasting industry, she worked as a games correspondent for The Score in Vancouver. After that, she started working for the TSN in November of the same year. In spite of this, she started working for the Network in January 2008 as a games writer in Toronto.

Sara lived in British Columbia while she was doing her research on The Score. During this time, she attended Simon Fraser University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. 2004 was the year when she quit The Score. In addition, she disclosed the figure skating competition at the 2010 Winter Olympics. After some time had passed following the establishment of TSN’s Winnipeg Bureau, she was promoted to the position of main correspondent for the Network. She was successful in securing the Stanley Cup Final and the IIHF World Junior Championship, in addition to facilitating the 100th Canadian Tire National Skating Championships.

In a similar fashion, she was successful in securing the regular season, playoff games, and Gray Cup matchups. Erin Andrews, Hannah Storm, Pam Oliver, and Mary Carillo are just a few well-known names among the group’s female followers.

As a result, it is anticipated that Sara will have a net worth of one million dollars in 2019. In addition to that, her profession provides her with a yearly compensation of one hundred thousand dollars.

Sara Orlesky’s Awards

The newspaper The Globe and Mail included her on their list of “top Young Female Broadcasters” in Canada. This honor was bestowed upon her.


Sara Orlesky

Sara Orlesky


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Sara Orlesky’s Wiki Bio

The sportscaster was born on June 31st, 1980 in the city of Winnipeg, in the province of Manitoba. Currently, she is 39 years old. Her citizenship is in the country of Canada. At the same time, her ancestry cannot be determined at this moment. Leo is her zodiac sign of birth. Aside from that, she has not divulged any information about her family, including her parents, her childhood, or her siblings. She mentioned that she went at Shaftesbury High School while speaking about her scholastic background. After that, she returned to Simon Fraser University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications there.

There is no information provided regarding Sara’s height or weight. Her eyes are the color blue. In addition to that, the color of her hair is blonde. It was not revealed whether she wore a bra, what size dress she wore, or what size shoes she wore. At long last, she is extremely active across all of her social media platforms. She maintains a presence on social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter, where she has thousands of followers each. Aside from that, she does not have a Facebook account of her own.

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