South African singer Samthing Soweto’s sudden weight loss has worried fans about his health and well-being. Learn if Soweto is medically sick and also whether he has a wife to take care of him or not.

Samthing Soweto

Samthing Soweto

Samthing Soweto is a name synonymous with South African music, particularly in the realms of singing and songwriting. The fact that the singer-songwriter is so well known among young people is mostly due to the fact that he turns the experiences and traumas he endured as a child into lyrics, and this has helped him achieve widespread fame.

Soweto first made a name for himself in the music world as the lead singer of the band The Soil. Unfortunately, Soweto decided to leave the group as a result of various disagreements. Soweto has continued to enjoy success as a solo artist, as shown by a steady stream of hit singles and a sizable following. A number of his songs, including as Akulaleki, Nodoli, Hey Wena, Asante Sana, Lawula Nkosi, and others, have received critical recognition.

In recent times, Soweto has been in the news, but not for his musical contributions. The musician seems to have lost a substantial amount of weight in a relatively short period of time, which has caused his supporters and fans to be concerned.

Is Samthing Soweto Married To A Wife?

As of the year 2022, the South African singer-songwriter is said to be single and has never been married.

Earlier, it was said that Samthing was involved in a romantic relationship with fellow singer Sha Sha. Both of these people have a true friendship with one another in addition to their long history of working together. However, some fans misunderstood the friendship between Soweto and Sha Sha as a romantic bond, which is what gave rise to the dating rumors between the two of them.

In addition, when discussing Samthing’s dating life, it is important to note that the singer has not yet updated his relationship status on either Instagram or Facebook. Even on Valentine’s Day 2022, Samthing wished his followers a “Happy Valentine’s Day,” but he did not disclose whether or not he had a Valentine’s Day date.

Samthing Soweto Weight Loss Raised Health Concern: Is He Sick?

The new images that Samthing has posted on social media have caused his supporters and admirers to express concern because the artist looks to have lost a significant amount of weight.

Many of his admirers have inquired about the Nodoli singer’s health, and the vast majority of those followers appear stunned by the singer’s transformation in appearance. In a similar vein, it has been suggested by a number of people who have commented on Soweto’s Instagram images that he is struggling with clinical depression. In the meantime, the musician has not yet provided an official explanation as to whether or not his recent weight loss is the product of a conscious effort or an illness.

Where Is Samthing Soweto Now?

The South African musician, now 34 years old, resides in his birthplace of Soweto, which is located in the city of Johannesburg.

Even though Samthing is not particularly active on social media, he does periodically provide updates on his personal life and the things that are happening in it. In addition to that, Sam is a songwriter, and he has published a handful of his songs on Instagram.

Earlier, the artist had mentioned that they were experiencing some sort of financial trouble. Perhaps that was the impetus for him to make the trip back to his hometown.