After reportedly being captured on film using racist insults and boasting about how many people he had killed, a police chief in Mississippi was sacked. Robert Lee Hooker, a former Lexington officer who left the police due to a hostile work environment, recorded and provided the tape, which also contained homophobic epithets.

Sam Dobbins was the supervising officer who was captured on camera. According to reports, he can be heard bragging that he shot the “N-word” 119 times” after killing 13 people. Robert Lee Hooker allegedly delivered the recording containing homophobic and racist epithets to a JULIAN group. The video was then given to MCIR by the civil rights and international human rights group.

Dennis Rader’s residence is surrounded by police tape on the evening of February 26, 2005 in Park City, Kansas. The suspect who has been detained by police on suspicion of first-degree murder in relation to the 10 fatalities that have now been linked to the serial murderer known as BTK is named Rader.

Sam Dobbins

Sam Dobbins

Who is Sam Dobbins?

Police chief of Lexington, Mississippi was Sam Dobbins. After his supposed recording was circulated, he was fired from his position. Sam Dobbins was a White police officer in Lexington, which has an 85% Black population, according to the statistics.

I have killed 13 men in my career,” Dobbins allegedly said Hooker in the supposed recording released by MCIR. I have shot and killed 13 different persons while performing my official duties. I shot that [N-word]119 times, OK? He then goes on to describe a specific instance. I helped 67 students at a school. I ran across the field after this mother****er. He was mine. He was DRT (dead on the spot) in the playing field. I shot at the car 319 times, but I only struck him 119 times. When Dobbins was eventually contacted about the recording, he denied knowledge of the tape. He said, “That’s something we don’t discuss, period,” in response to the question of whether he killed 13 people while performing his job. According to MCIR, Dobbins claimed, “I don’t talk like that,” when referring to insults.

‘Nothing personal when I said what I said’

According to reports, Hooker can be heard talking about cruel remarks the former had made in front of him before Sam Dobbins revealed the specifics of his killings committed while performing his duties. You’re barking up the wrong tree if you’re seeking for an apology after I gave you one back then, “If you’re going to let some words upset you, maybe this isn’t the place for you, Dobbins can be heard stating on the audio. I didn’t intend for it to be taken personally when I stated what I did.

In a video posted on Facebook by the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Hooker explained why he chose to record: “It simply came to the point where you weren’t doing the people or yourself any favors.