Ronald Alfred Brierley, New Zealand-born investor, chairman and director, knows everything about him here, including his Family, Net Worth and Parents, Wife and Children, Education, and Career Earnings.
Ron, a former corporate raider, is now a well-known investor. He is the chairman and director for multiple companies in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.
He is also known for founding R. A. Brierley Investments. He was even the President of New Zealand Cricket in 1995.
He is also known for being the founder of R. A. Brierley Investments. He even served as the President of New Zealand Cricket in 1995. Ron Brierley does not have a spouse. Strangely, he has never married.
He was born on August 2, 1937, and is now 84. He never lost his head, even though he was in his eighties. Multiple reports confirm that Ron has never been a sweetheart. There’s also nothing to be concerned about his children. He didn’t have a little girl or a child, most likely.

Ronald Brierley Biography/Wiki

Brierley was the middle-class child of middle-class parents. He was born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1937. He attended primary school at Island Bay School and Wellington College.
He joined the New Stamp Dealers Federation at Wellington College and started selling stamps to students. He is still one the most important stamp buyers and sellers globally and is known by the name “Lionheart”. Brierley was made a Knight Bachelor in 1988 by Governor-General Sir Paul Reeves. He resigned his knighthood in 2021.
Brierley is an avid cricket fan. He was a Trustee for the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust 1988-1996 and President of New Zealand Cricket 1995. He enjoys travelling by train. In 1988, he was made a Knight Bachelor for his services to the community and business management.
December 18 2019, news media reported that Brierley, a Sydney resident, had been charged with child pornography possession. Jacinda Ardern (New Zealand’s Prime Minister) pleaded guilty to the charges, and Brierley was stripped of his knighthood. Brierley informed Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on May 4 2021, that he had resigned from his knighthood.

Ronald Brierley Career

Ronald Brierley Early career

Brierley started his career in horse racing publishing. This was followed by an investment newsletter called “Stocks and Shares”, which he started in 1956 at 19. It was designed to help identify undervalued special situations and offer suggestions on how to make them better.
R.A.Brierley Investments Ltd made his first bid for Otago Farmers Co-Operative Association, July 1961. This target was attractive due to its low cost, unusual legal structure, and the fact that the company had been moved to an unofficial NZX exchange bourse because it failed to meet the exchange listing requirements. Although Brierley’s offer was turned down, the company was forced to change its policy, and its market price soared.
Brierley’s activist investments in the 1960s and 70s also targeted the Southern Cross Building Society and the Finance Corporation of New Zealand. Citizens and Graziers and Southern Farmers Co-operative Ltd in Australia were other targets.

Ronald Brierley Post BIL Career

Brierley was elected chairman of Guinness Peat Group (GPG) on March 29 1990. Brierley was the chairman of Guinness Peat Group (GPG) and publicly attacked and defeated plans to merge the London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Borse in 2001.
Brierley launched a hostile takeover attempt on Richfield International, an Australian shipping company, in December 2015.

Some less-known facts About Ron Brierley

In 1988, he was made a Knight Bachelor.

Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister, stripped him of his Knighthood after his sentencing.

While at Wellington College, Ron joined the New Stamp Dealers Federation.

He pleaded guilty to the possession of child pornography.

Controversy About Ron Brierley

After an anonymous tip-off in December 2019, Brierley, a Sydney International Airport passenger, was stopped by police and taken into custody. A search of Brierley’s carry-on luggage revealed that there was a lot of child abuse material.

Ron Brierley Net Worth

According to RNZ, Ron Brierley has a net worth of $220 million. According to reports, he is now retired from business.
His assets continue to grow every day. We are not sure of his exact assets, but we can confirm that he led a lavish life.
The next update will feature Brierley’s earnings over the years. We are not sure about his home/residence at the moment.

Ron Brierley Personal Life

Full Name – Ronald Alfred Brierley

Nicknames – Ron Brierley, Brierley, Ron

Occupation – Businessman

Known for – Investing

Famous for – Corporate Raiding for Child sexual abuse

Age – 84

Date of Birth – August 2, 1937

Day of Birth – Monday

Place of Birth – Wellington, New Zealand

Star Sign – Leo

Birth Sign – Duality Assertive

Birth Sign – Modality & Element Fixed Fire

Opposite Sign – Aquarius

Country – United Kingdom

Nationality – New Zealand, Australian

Gender – Male

Awards – Awarded Knight Bachelor in 1987 .

School – Island Bay School

Education – Graduate from Wellington College

Ron Brierley Phone Number & other Contact Details

Current Address – United Kingdom

Phone Number – NA

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