The new Las Vegas police body camera footage of the incident reveals that Robert Telles, 45, the Las Vegas public official who is accused of killing journalist Jeff German, was reportedly arrested for domestic violence in March of 2020. This information comes from the newly released footage of the incident. Telles was detained on suspicion of domestic assault as well as resisting arrest when she was taken into custody.

The video shows a belligerent Robert Telles in a state of intoxication attempting to resist arrest when the police attempt to detain him in handcuffs outside of his residence. According to reports, the event took place one year after Telles was elected to his position as public administrator for Clark County.

The Review-Journal was able to obtain a recording of a call made to 911 in which Telles’ wife, Ismael, is heard telling the dispatcher that her husband had had too much alcohol and was “getting crazy.”

Jeff German, an investigative reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, was fatally stabbed by Telles on September 2, 2022, after the journalist revealed in a scathing article that Telles, a public administrator, had abused his power in office by bullying people and favoritism. The article had been bylined by German. Since the 7th of September, when Telles was taken into custody, he has been imprisoned at the Clark County Detention Center.

Robert Telles

Robert Telles

Robert Telles allegedly grabbed his wife around her neck and hit her arm before he was arrested by the police

According to the Review-Journal, a police report disclosed that two years before Robert Telles killed Jeff German, he was arrested on domestic battery charges after he allegedly grabbed his wife, Ismael, around the neck and hit her arm while they were on their way home from the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The incident is said to have occurred while they were on their way home from the Bellagio.

After then, she dialed 911 and requested that the operator send cops to the scene of the incident. Telles was taken into custody shortly after the police’s arrival at their residence.

Robert Telles seems to be highly intoxicated in the video as he slurs his speech while being brought towards the police patrol car outside of his residence.

Telles continued to assert that he was the subject of a malicious campaign of slander while the officers conducted a search of the vehicle for any weapons that may have been secreted therein.

Telles, who appeared to be in a state of confusion after being detained and placed in the back of a police car, questioned the authorities about the basis for the detention.

Ismael provided the police with a narrative of the events that went happened after they returned home from the casino while he was being arrested. According to a story by the Review-Journal, Robert Telles, who had reportedly consumed too much alcohol, yelled “kill me!” after which his wife and their two children locked themselves in a room to protect themselves from him.

The incident report filed by the police states that when she called 911, Telles restrained her in a “bear hug” and refused to let go until her children tore her away from him. This information was included in the report.

The allegations of domestic violence that had been brought against Robert Telles were eventually dropped on September 30, 2020 as a result of negotiations that took place. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Telles was also given a sentence of 90 days in jail that was suspended because she resisted arrest. He was sentenced to pay fines and attend lessons that will teach him how to effectively manage relationships and deal with the stress that comes with them.

Robert Telles says he blacked out from alcohol when he was arrested in 2020

Robert Telles, who is currently being held without bail at the Clark County detention center for the alleged murder of Jeff German, stated that during the incident in 2020, he had blacked out from alcohol and did not remember the events leading up to his arrest in a jailhouse interview with the Las Vegas Journal. Telles is being held for the alleged murder of Jeff German, for which he is being held without bail.

Telles denied injuring his wife and children and said that he had stopped drinking shortly after the incident. He also said that he was not responsible for the incident.

During the same interview, Robert Telles declined to address any questions on the slaying of investigative journalist Jeff German because the investigation into the incident is still underway.

Robert Telles smiling at his court hearing

Robert Telles smiling at his court hearing

Robert Telles Wiki – Robert Telles Biography

Before being charged with killing a journalist who uncovered Robert Telles’ affair, he was arrested for beating his wife and resisting arrest for an earlier incident. Robert Telles is a Democratic official in Las Vegas. Telles, 45, was taken into custody on March 1, 2020, after his wife had called the Metropolitan Police around 11 o’clock the night before, leading to the investigation that resulted to his arrest. Mae Ismael said to the police that she and Telles had spent the evening at the Bellagio casino, where she stated that Telles became intoxicated and began to argue with her. Telles, a public administrator for Clark County, was accused of grabbing his wife by the neck and hitting her arm, according to police reports that were obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. when his wife began driving them home. Additionally, it was said that he attempted to break stuff while he was in the automobile.

Robert Telles Age

It has been 45 years since Robert Telles was born.

Incident Detail

Even after they had returned to their house at Peccole Ranch, the conflict remained. Ismael related that she and her children had no choice but to take cover inside a room as Telles began to yell that they should “murder me.” Telles gave her a bear hug after phoning 911, and she didn’t let go of her until her children forcibly dragged her away from their mother. According to the police report, the children were frightened by both the intensity of Robert’s grip and his demeanor. Ismael did not appear to have sustained any injuries during the course of the conflict. Telles yelled at the cops when they arrived at her residence; when she did so, she sank into a chair and refused to get up or cooperate with them.

According to the Daily Mail, court documents indicated that the case of domestic assault was dismissed “for the purpose of discussions.” On the accusation of resisting arrest, all that Telles was given was a suspended sentence of ninety days. She was required to make a payment of $418 in addition to attending a “Corrective Thinking” session that centered on the management of stress and interpersonal interactions. The 30th of March, 2021 was the date she finally finished it.

Tellas is currently facing fresh accusations for the alleged homicide of a reporter named Jeff German who worked for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Telles continues to serve in her post as public administrator and collects a salary of $130,000 up until the point at which she is elected to another position. However, he is currently being kept in jail without the possibility of bail.

The body of the journalist, who was 69 years old and had been stabbed to death, was discovered on September 3 after he had written a few stories that condemned the extramarital affair of married Telles as well as the mismanagement of a public function. In the article, he discussed how Telles’ attempt for re-election in June was unsuccessful and also disclosed that there were rumors that he was having an affair with a coworker. Germán went as far as posting a video of himself stepping out of a vehicle with the person he claims to be his boyfriend. As Telles was lowering her skirt, a staff worker named Roberta Lee-Kennett, who is 45 years old, was spotted stepping out of the back seat. Telles insisted that the allegations leveled against her were completely groundless. After some time, German’s body was discovered, and autopsy revealed that he had been stabbed seven times in the torso. Soon after, the evidence brought the police to Telles’ location.