In the 1970s, Jan Broberg was kidnapped twice, once when she was 12 and again when she was 14, both times by none other than her trusted neighbour Robert “Bob” Berchtold. This is a situation that can honestly only be described as horrendous. Therefore, it should not come as a shock that it has been charted in a documentary on Netflix titled “Abducted in Plain Sight,” as well as in the play “A Friend of the Family,” which was produced by Peacock, to really get to the bottom of the situation. But for the time being, if all you want to know is more about the accused person’s family, including not only his wife but also the five children they have together, we have all the information you need right here for you to peruse at your leisure.

Robert Berchtold

Robert Berchtold

Who is Robert Berchtold’s Family?

In spite of the fact that Robert (or B) was born on February 7, 1936 close to Tremonton, Utah, he spent the majority of his childhood in the Mountain West region with his mother, several of his siblings, his stepfather, and his stepfather’s biological father. As a result, he was able to complete the majority of his education in the area before going on a Latter-day Saints mission in Switzerland and Austria. After joining the army, he was eventually assigned to an installation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Reportedly, he tied the wedding with Gail Toyn on June 7, 1961, when he was still serving as an active official. However, they would soon leave their position, relocate, and eventually become parents to five children after leaving their position.

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Where is Robert Berchtold’s Family Now?

In the television show ‘A Friend of the Family,’ the Berchtolds had three boys and a girl named Jasper, Joel, Jacob, and Jenny. However, in real life, the Berchtolds had four boys and a girl named Jerry, James, Joseph, Jeff, and Jill. According to the reports, the energy in their home was relatively normal for a few years; nevertheless, everything changed not long after Robert kidnapped Jan Broberg for the first time in October 1974, shortly after Gail left him for good; this was the turning point. “By the time of [my] second kidnapping [in August 1976], she had already filed for a divorce,” Jan revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in March 2019 that was conducted exclusively for the programme. “She got a divorce from him, packed up her children, and moved.”

From what we can determine, Gail lost her second spouse, James Leslie Wadman, in 2015, but Robert’s remarriage to Deanna Lou Wiley on July 17, 1990, lasted until his passing in 2005. James Leslie Wadman had been Gail’s partner for 27 years. The latter is now living a secluded life in Roy, Utah, far from the public eye; it would appear that she is making an effort to put the past behind her and go on with her life to the best of her ability. As for the Berchtold children, all of them are obviously grown adults at this point, and the vast majority of them have established, happy families of their own; nevertheless, just like their mother, they have chosen to maintain a low profile in public life.

Therefore, while we know that Jerry Curtis Berchtold, his life partner Tina, and their brood currently reside close to Gail in Roy, Utah, James Ersol Berchtold’s last known base is seemingly Las Vegas, Nevada. This is despite the fact that we are aware that Jerry Curtis Berchtold’s son, James Ersol Berchtold, has a brother named Jerry Curtis Ber On the other hand, Joseph Ersol Berchtold and his wife Shawna currently make the magnificent city of Salt Lake City in Utah their home. On the other hand, Jeff Archie Berchtold is rumoured to have established his residence in the city of Ogden in the state of Utah.

Jill Berchtold is now known by her married name, Jill Scott, and she continues to reside in Roy, Utah. There, she is surrounded by not only her biological family but also by her husband, Richard Scott, their children, and their grandchildren. This brings us to our final point, which is that Jill Berchtold is now known by her married name, Jill Scott. Her social media platforms provide additional evidence that she is a proud breast cancer survivor and that as a result, she is committed to devoting as much time as possible to spending it with her loved ones.

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