Age: 25

Occupation: Filmmaker

State: Victoria

Ritu, a career-oriented woman, is looking for a partner to share a happy life. The 25-year old is honest in her friendships and relationships. Her parents are supportive of her search for a partner she can love.

Ritu Chhina

Ritu Chhina

Ritu Chhina Biography/Wiki

Ritu Chhina is a very hard working women. Her roots are from india. When asked why she believes she’s the perfect catch for Brooke Ritu said, “I think Brooke and I are very similar. Not only are we both POC queer women, we are both based in Melbourne and passionate about mental health and trauma recovery.

“I studied law so that I can support women who have experienced any kind of abuse,” she continued. When asked why she’s still single the filmmaker said, “Maybe I have been investing in the wrong people? I’m quite romantic and want to work on being a good partner to someone who is worth it.”

Why are you still single?

Perhaps I am investing in the wrong people. I am romantic and would like to be a good partner for someone who is worthy.

What can you offer potential partners?

My attention, genuine conversations and wellbeing support.

Brooke is looking for the ultimate catch.

Brooke and me are very similar, I believe. We are both POC queer and both live in Melbourne. We are also both passionate about trauma recovery and mental health. Because I was abused, I studied law to help women.

Brooke might be able to run for it if she has one trait.

Sometimes, I’m not able to be emotionally aware of the feelings of others.