Richard Wilkins is no stranger to the media; he has made a career out of charm and wit. He works as a TV and radio host and is Australian-New Zealander. He serves as the Nine Network’s entertainment editor, weekend announcer, master of ceremonies, and co-host of Weekend Today.

The Variety Club’s “Heart of Variety” Award was given to a TV celebrity in 2000 for his outstanding humanitarian efforts. In the 2014 Queen’s Birthday Honours List, a TV personality was given the title “Member of the Order of Australia (AM)” for their “significant commitment to the community through many charities and to the entertainment sector.”

He also has two Australian Commercial Radio Awards, one each for Michael Buble and John Farnham for Best Music Special.

Richard Wilkins

Richard Wilkins

Richard Wilkins Partner 2022- Is The Presenter Married?

Nicola Dale, a previous fiancée of an air hostess, is Richard Wilkins’ current girlfriend. Even though they have been dating for more than two years, as of 2022, the couple has not yet tied the knot.

In July 2020, the presenter shared a cuddy selfie of the two on Instagram, announcing their romance to the world. They were allegedly introduced at a gathering earlier that year by Ben Fordham, a mutual acquaintance of theirs.

Insiders have now revealed that Nicola, a flight attendant, wants to be like Oprah Winfrey in Australia. Woman’s Day claims that Nicola has been affected by Oprah for a long time. She hopes to achieve the same level of success in her own life.

They were also photographed kissing by paparazzi after being introduced by a mutual friend, Ben Fordham, during a celebration in June of last year. Currently, the couple resides in Sydney.

Richard had previous marriages, but he frequently left them for new partners. Richard began an affair with well-known actress Rebecca Gibney in 1989. Richard had a flight attendant as a way of cheating on Rebecca Michelle Burke. Consequently, their relationship was doomed to fail.

Richard Wilkins Children And Model Son Christian

For his colorful personal life and high-profile celebrity interviews, Channel Nine’s entertainment specialist Richard Wilkins is well-known. He is the father of five kids by four different women. And Christian, Nick, Rebecca, Adam, and Estella are his children’s names. His oldest son was born while he was only 18 years old, according to social media.

Christian is Richard and Michelle Burke’s son. He was a stylist at Channel Nine and a professional model. Additionally, he co-hosted the podcast Radical Fashionism with his close friend Andrew Kelly, which was nominated for Best Original Podcast at the 2019 Australian Commercial Radio Awards.

Nick is Wilkins’ second son. He is not employed by the entertainment industry. However, in 2017, Richard referred to Nick as “the heart and soul” of his family. Rebecca is Richard’s second-oldest child and oldest daughter. She doesn’t work in the media or entertainment industry either, but she still has a good relationship with her father and half-brother Christian.

Richard’s son Adam suffers from Down syndrome. On the eve of Richard’s 18th birthday, in New Zealand, Richard gave birth to him with his then-16-year-old fiancée.

Richard Wilkins Wives And Girlfriends

Richard Wilkins has married and cohabitated with a number of women. Among others, Lynette, Rebecca, Michelle Burke, Tottie Goldsmith, Rebecca Naso, Anne-Maree Cooksley, Collette Dinnigan, and Bronwyn Jones. Richard dated.

He was married multiple times and afterwards dumped his marriage for another woman. He also fell apart, exactly as did his marriage to his wife. Richard began an affair with well-known actress Rebecca Gibney in 1989.

Rebecca was duped by Richard. The couple’s relationship couldn’t last because Michelle Burke works as a flight attendant. Later, they lured a young child named 17 while screening, but their relationship did not last.

When the wedding formalities were concluded Michelle was Richard’s third wife. Later, when they were screened, they seduced a young child named 17; nevertheless, their romance did not continue.