Both Tamara Romjin’s only brother and sister are sisters. Rebecca Romjin is a well-known name in the American acting and modeling industries.

Rebecca Romijn, Tamara’s sister, is also active in the entertainment industry in the fields of voice acting, producing, music, and fashion design. She is most well-known for her roles in the Marvel films, but she has also guest-starred on television shows including Ugly Betty, The Librarians, and The Punisher, amongst others. Her work in the Marvel films has brought her the most recognition.

She is a well-known model who has worked with a variety of illustrious fashion houses and has walked the runway for their collections. Rebecca launched her career as a model in the year 1991.

She has appeared in advertising for a wide variety of brands, including Christian Dior, La Perla, Tommy Hilfiger, J. Crew, Victoria’s Secret, La Senza, Dillard’s, Miller Lite, Giorgio Armani, and Anna Molinari, to name just a few of them.

Her first role as an actress was one she debuted in 1988. Her performance in the Marvel X-Men series in the year 2000 was the one that launched her career. In addition, she has appeared in a number of well-known films, such as “Femme Fatale” and “The Punisher” (2004).

Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn

Quick Facts About Rebecca Romijn

Name Rebecca Romijn
Real Name Rebecca Alie Romijn
Date Of Birth November 6, 1972
Birthplace Berkeley, California, U.S.
Age 49 years
Education University of California, Santa Cruz
Profession Actress, model
Spouses John Stamos ​ ​(m. 1998; div. 2005)​, Jerry O’Connell ​(m. 2007)
Children 2
Father Jaap Romijn
Mother Elizabeth Kuizenga-Romijn
Sister Tamara Romjin
Daughters Dolly Rebecca-Rose O’Connell And Charlie Tamara-Tulip O’Connell

Meet Tamara Romijn, Rebecca Romijn Sister

Tamara Romjin, the younger sister of Rebecca Romjin, was at one time employed in the bag design industry. In addition to that, she crafts a variety of other gorgeous handmade products, which she sells on her online store.

Tamara and Rebecca are really good friends with one another. They are frequently found in each other’s company. Tamara and Peter Crooks, the chief editor and publisher of Diablo magazine respectively, are married. Their two children are named Alexandra and Aden.

Rebecca and Tamara are both children that their mother, Elizabeth Romijn (née Kuizenga), has brought into the world. At a local community college, she teaches English to speakers of other languages and is also a published author of educational materials.

Their father, Jaap Romijn, is an artist and crafts one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. While her mother was born in the United States and is of Dutch and English ancestry, her father is a native of Barneveld, which is located in the Netherlands.

Her mother had moved to the Netherlands when she was a young woman as part of an international student exchange program. It was there that she met Rebecca’s father. Henry Bernard Kuizenga, Romijn’s maternal grandfather, was a Presbyterian minister and taught at a seminary. Romijn’s middle name is Henry Bernard.

She is reported by a number of sites to have been originally known as the “Jolly Blonde Giant” due to her height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m), despite the fact that she has admitted that she made up that nickname “for laughs.”

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Rebecca Romijn’s Father Jaap Romijn

Rebecca has a lot of fond memories of the time she spent with her father, and she has a lot of respect for him because of everything he did for his wife and daughters.

Jaap’s family hails from the Netherlands. He traveled through Barneveld, Holland, on his way to the United States. Before he started creating furniture, he made a career by making toys. Now he does furniture design.

After founding “Jaap Romijn & Friends,” he climbed to fame as one of the region’s most recognized furniture makers quite shortly after the company’s founding. He currently calls Port Townsend home as his primary residence.

Rebecca Romijns Mother Elizabeth Kuizenga-Romijn

Due to the fact that Rebecca still longs for her mother, she sends her pictures of herself on a regular basis. She had been sick for a long time and passed away on Christmas morning.

Her fight against cancer lasted for 17 years but was ultimately unsuccessful. She and Rebecca’s father had gotten a divorce a long time before she passed away, and they remained divorced.

Elizabeth enjoyed a wonderful and successful life during her entire existence. She spent her childhood in the city of Ann Arbor in Michigan. She was a dual citizen of the United States and the Netherlands. There were other members of Elizabeth’s family who settled in the Netherlands.

While she was furthering her education in Europe, she became acquainted with Jaap Romijn, who would go on to become the father of her daughters and the spouse she would eventually marry. They did a superb job of nurturing Rebecca and Tamara into wonderful young people.

Mrs. Romijn was a lady who had completed a lot of schooling. While she was a student at the University of California, she worked toward earning a bachelor’s degree in linguistics. After that, she continued her education by earning a master’s degree from San Jose State University.

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Rebecca Romijn’s Husband & Children

Even though Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos were married in 1998, the pair divorced in 2005. John Stamos was Rebecca Romijn’s first spouse. She began a relationship with Jerry in 2004, and a year and a half later, they announced that they were engaged.

They had arranged for a low-key wedding ceremony to take place in their Calabasas home on July 14, 2007. They had been happy in their relationship up to this point! Rebecca’s spouse is a successful member of the acting and filmmaking communities.

In the movie “Stand by Me,” which was released in theaters in 1986, he became famous for playing one of three adolescents who worked together to find the dead corpse of the youngster who had gone missing.

Other works of his that have achieved widespread recognition include the comedy-drama “Jerry Maguire,” the action film “Mission to Mars,” and the erotica comedy “Tomcats.”

At the present time, he has a career that keeps him very busy. Recent episodes of the hit television sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” saw him portray the role of Sheldon’s on-screen brother, and he has also hosted multiple episodes of “The Wendy Williams Show.”

He claims that his wife Rebecca is insane, and that he was surprised when she accepted his proposal and claimed she would spend the rest of her life with him. He also claims that he was stunned when she accepted his proposal.

They Have Twin Daughters, Dolly Rebecca-Rose O’Connell And Charlie Tamara-Tulip O’Connell

After getting married to Jerry, Rebecca Romijn shared with the press that she is interested in starting a family in the future. Dolly is one of the identical twin girls who the woman and her husband soon after gave birth to. Dolly Parton, a famous singer, was the one who bestowed her with such a sweet and delicate moniker.

At this point, she is 10 years old. Dolly goes to class every day. She fills her spare time with activities like as riding her bike and interacting with the rescue dogs that were given to her by her kind mother. Together with her sister, she takes riding lessons on horses.

The family of Rebecca and Jerry now includes a new little girl who goes by the name Charlie. She is a beautiful combination of her mother and father in every way. The girl’s second name was bestowed upon her by the girl’s uncle, who is the girl’s father’s brother.

Mama Rebecca is the person that Charlie and her sister Dolly think of as their most trusted confidante. However, she is also quite good at correcting them when they do something wrong.

For example, the girls don’t have smartphones because their mother is concerned that if they use them too much, they would end up with lower grades. She also concerns that they will spend too much time playing video games. She intends to get Charlie and Dolly each a phone when they turn 20, but not before that.

Jerry and Rebecca have a wonderful relationship.

Jerry and Rebecca have a wonderful relationship.

Rebecca Romijn’s Career

In 1991, Romijn started her modeling career. She began to appear on the covers of magazines in countries such as the United States, France, Spain, Russia, and Sweden. Some of these magazines include Elle, Marie Claire, Allure, and Allure, as well as Glamour and Esquire.

After she signed the contract, she started making appearances in advertisements for a variety of brands, some of which include Escada, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior, La Perla, Liz Claiborne, Bebe, La Senza, Dillard’s, Pantene, Miller Lite, and Maybelline, amongst others.

She became famous for her work as a model for Victoria’s Secret. In addition, she has modeled for the illustrious Giorgio Armani cosmetics firm. She was the host of the show “House of Style” on MTV. In 1998, she made her debut in the film Dirty Work, which was her first feature.

Romijn’s rise to prominence in the film business can be attributed to her role as Mystique in the X-Men film franchise.

Awards & Achievement

Throughout her career, the young and beautiful actress has been recognized with a number of different honors and awards. She appeared on the list of the 50 Most Beautiful People published by People magazine on two separate occasions.

She was included at number 60 on the list that VH1 compiled of the 100 hottest hotties. Romijn was ranked number 80 on the list of the 102 prettiest women in the world that was compiled by Stuff magazine in the year 2002.

Both Maxim and FHM included her in their respective lists of the 100 sexiest women in the world in 2005 and the Hot 100 of 2005 for the year 2005.

Because of her work in the film X-Men, she was given the Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Supporting Actress. She was nominated for the MTV Movie Award in the category of Sexiest She-Villain in recognition of her work in the film X2.

Some FAQs

Who is Rebecca Romijn’s sister Tamara Romijn?

Tamara Romijn, who also has a career in the fashion world, is Rebecca Romijn’s sister.

Who is Rebecca Romijn’s current husband?

Jerry O’Connell is the man who is currently married to Rebecca Romijn.

How many children does Rebecca Romijn have?

Rebecca Romijn has two children, twin daughters.

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