Based on his income as a real estate agent and reality TV star, Ray Jimenez’s net worth has been estimated at $2 million.

This post is for you if you’ve ever been interested in interior design or in Netflix’s “Designing Miami.” Eilyn and Ray Jimenez, the stars of the reality show, want to be the best interior designers in Miami and the entire world.

Even so, they maintain distinct design studios and engage in healthy business competition. But the show also gives viewers a look into the couple’s private lives, and we can see the contrast as the couple works to succeed.

Eilyn and Ray’s unusual professional relationship sparked curiosity in their relationship, but people have also been interested in how much money they are currently worth. Be at ease; we are here to assist you.

Raymond Jimenez

Raymond Jimenez

Quick Facts About Ray Jimenez

Name Ray Jimenez
Full Name Raymond Jimenez
Profession Interior Designer
Age 39 years old
Birth Date November 17, 1982
Birth Place Miami, Florida
Zodiac Scorpio
Gender Male
Nationality American
Wife Eilyn Jimenez
Mother Paula Caraballo
Net Worth $ 2 Million
Hobbies Skiing, Traveling
University Miami International University of Art & Design The Art Institutes

Ray Jimenez’s 2022 net worth

From his well-known customers, his reality TV career, and the value of his real estate, Ray Jimenez has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

He is a bold entrepreneur and well-respected interior designer who, thanks to his ingenuity and talent, was able to establish a whole franchise at such a young age.

In addition to being the company’s founder and creative director, Raymond Nicolas is about to make his television debut in the first interior design program on Netflix, “Designing Miami,” which follows the lives of Miami interior designers as they go about transforming homes in South Florida from drab to fab.

This show shows how designers manage their team while balancing the needs of their wealthy clients to bring out the best in everything; it’s going to be a fun unscripted reality TV show; let’s get to know the main performers a little better.

Ray Jimenez: Net Worth?

A top-tier professional in Miami makes between $55,000 and $60,000 a year, even though an interior designer’s pay is based on the amount of work they can finish in a year.

Eilyn and Ray’s annual earnings might also be in the range of $70,000 because they occasionally work with well-known customers and take on a lot of projects at once.

Eilyn and Ray Jimenez, according to sources, have a combined net worth of almost $2 million due to their yearly salary, ownership of their individual agencies, the Miami Shores estate, and their current status as reality TV stars.

Furthermore, Ray quit his job in May 2010 to launch RS3 Designs alongside Shannon Scott. The reality star was employed there as an interior designer, but he had always desired to start his own business.

Ray Nicolas, an interior designer, started his business in May 2021, however, he left RS3 Designs in June 2022 to take on the duties of a Creative Director at his own business.

The husband and wife also own a house in Miami Shores that is estimated to be worth roughly $500,000, which the reader should be aware of in addition to their own enterprises.

Ray Jimenez’s Career And Job

Raymond Jimenez was clear about his career options; he was interested in art and focused on it; he was drawn to fashion but maintained it as a hobby; strangely, he received his first job in the high-end fashion industry.

There, he worked as a Sales Associate for the famous brand “Guess” for two years, growing sales and exceeding goals; he was rapidly promoted to Visual Designer. But he knew his attention and affection were elsewhere, and he was unhappy with his behavior.

At 23, Jimenez formed and became co-owner of RS3, an interdisciplinary interior design, and architectural studio. Here, he mastered and cultivated his passion for high-end private residential and commercial design; this was what he had been waiting for all those years.

He was driven and inspired to do better, therefore after 12 years, he started his own company, Raymond Nicol.

This may be the first organization to combine architectural, interior design, and fashion services under one roof; Raymond has united all of his loves into one enormous company; his clients can now live, use, and wear his brand.

The family of Miami host Ray Jimenez and his wife Eilyn

Raymond Jimenez

Raymond Jimenez

They met at an Art Basel and became friends over their common love of fashion, design, and style. Ray Jimenez is married to the stunning Eilyn Jimenez, who runs Sire Design and is also an interior designer.

Despite having quite different personalities, they still manage to complement one another and have been there to support each other in all of their endeavors. The couple was married on October 17, 2019.
Additionally, you can see them together in the show “Designing Miami,” where they are fortunate to be cast together because they get along well and are a pleasure to work with.

Ray Jimenez’s Family History

Born on November 17, 1982, to his mother Paula Caraballo in Maimi, Florida, Raymond Nicolas Jimenez, as Raymond Jimenez, has always been involved in painting. He can recall doing it as a child.

His interest in fashion changed as he got older, and he started ripping up pants and tagging book bags. He started making cartoon sketches when he was in primary school, as well as photos of his family.
He never, however, wanted to work in an obsolete field. This hobby was inspired by Raymond’s mother, who immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic and made a fortune by selling used clothing overseas by the pound. Raymond grew up watching his mother work until 2 or 3 a.m. shipping and packaging clothing to make enough money to feed the family.

Also, He thanks his mum for inspiring him to grow into the guy he is now. Ray developed an interest in architecture as he started high school since it gave him a career path where he could combine his passion of fashion and design.

Background Education of Ray Jimenez

After graduating from high school, Ray Jimenez enrolled at Miami International University of Art & Design, where he took a variety of classes before discovering interior design. He later majored in Bachelor of Fine Art, Interior Design at The Art Institutes, where he started his long and successful journey to becoming one of the top interior designers in Miami.

Ray accepted a job offer from Domus Design Studio while he was still a student. He started out as a drafter for kitchen cabinet designs; the work wasn’t much, but he was happy with the experience, and his first boss, who is now a regular client, taught him everything he needed to know about the business.

Along with learning how to design a beautiful and efficient kitchen, Raymond eventually expanded his knowledge to include bathrooms and business offices. However, Ray Jimenez first developed his interest into a career by earning two Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Interior Design from Miami Dade College and The Art Institutes.

It’s interesting to note that before interning at TSAO Design Group, he worked as a project manager and designer at Domus Design Studio while still at the former. Soon after graduating, Ray started working for Avant Design Group as a project manager and interior designer. However, he soon realized that there weren’t many prospects for promotion at the company.

Educational Background of Ray Jimenez’s Wife, Eilyn

Ray Jimenez

Ray Jimenez

Eilyn Jimenez, who wanted to be a lawyer, graduated from high school and enrolled in a business course at the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. However, she started studying architecture in her second year and quickly realized that it was more her strength.

Nevertheless, Eilyn focused more on the interior than external design after switching her major to architecture. Soon after she learned she had a knack for interior design, she knew she had found her true calling.

Because of this, in January 2007 Eilyn Sire, a Miami-based interior designer opened Sire Designs after receiving her degree from the university. Since Sire Designs was founded, it has been committed to accuracy and quality, which has aided in the rapid expansion of Eilyn’s brand.

In addition, at the time this article was written, Sire Designs was one of Miami’s most in-demand interior design companies. Along with starting her own business, Eilyn also worked as an interior designer at Kid Sanctuary Campus.

Some FAQs

What Is Ray Jimenez’s Net Worth?

Ray’s net worth is around $2 million USD.

Who is Ray Jimenez married to?

He is married to his beautiful wife Eilyn.

What is Ray’s career and job?

Ray is an interior designer and a successful entrepreneur and CEO.

How Old Is Ray Jimenez?

He is currently 39 years old.