Noah Settles is a rapper from D.C. who is now the main suspect in the Tyson County Mall incident and is being looked for. Find out more about why he did what he did.

The attack on Tysons Corner Mall was done by Noah Settles, whose stage name is “No Savage.” He is now facing three counts of firing a dangerous weapon in an occupied building, one count of using a gun to commit a crime, and one count of trying to hurt someone on purpose.

The Fairfax County Police Department put out a notice asking people to help find and catch the criminal. The police have put up a picture of the criminal and a list of his crimes in a snippet notice, and they have asked the public for some anonymous tips to catch him.

Rapper Noah Settles

Rapper Noah Settles

Who Is Rapper Noah Settles?

After a shooting in Tyson Country, the Fairfax police are looking for and trying to catch DC rapper Noah Settles.

The rapper from Washington, DC, fired his gun inside the mall and caused chaos. Scared people ran out of the mall to get away from the gunfire. The original musician broke away from his usual style and attacked innocent people in a way that couldn’t have been more wrong.

Noah got into a short fight with a different group inside the mall, so he quickly got his gun, made sure it was loaded, and opened fire. During this fight, he fired at least three big shots and put people in danger. Noah drove his black Cadillac away from the scene of the crime after he had made a state of terror. Both the GK-0174 indexed vehicle and felon rapper Noah are seen as dangerous to get close to.

Most people have learned not to go near him or chase him with the goal of catching him. Noah is still armed, which makes him more dangerous.

DC Musical Artist Noah Settles Wanted in Mall Shooting Incident?

On June 18, 2022, someone shot with a gun at Macy’s mall, a store on the second floor of Tyson County Mall. Noah Settles, a rapper or artist, was approached by a small group or mob. After an argument, Noah pulled out his gun and fired it at least three times.

The Fairfax police were the first to get to the scene of the crime. They shut down the mall right away to look for possible victims, clues from the scene, and other people who might have been caught. They have been going through the footage from CCTV cameras and other video recordings to look for new clues in the case.

The victims and The Aftermath of The Mail Shooting?

No one is known to have been hurt in the shooting at the Tyson County mall. Noah tried to scare the other member of the clan by firing his gun more than once.

After the shooting, the Fairfax PD put out a picture of the rapper who was going to DC and asked for the public’s help or anonymous tips to help catch that person. The Saturday afternoon shooting had a big effect on how calm the trappings were before. Now, police are looking at all video evidence and eyewitness accounts to find the rapper who was going to Washington, DC.

Noah was wearing a black hoodie. He fired three shots inside the mall and then drove away in his black Cadillac. The public is welcome to help solve the case by giving clues and leads, and the police have given them a number they can call to give tips without being caught.