The Fraud Charges Will Be Followed By R. Jai Gillum, Andrew Gillum’s Wife Details

In college, Andrew Gillum, a former mayor of Tallahassee and a prior Democratic candidate for governor of Florida, began dating R. Jai Howard.

Due to accusations of fraud involving the transfer of funds from a campaign to a firm, he has recently been in the news.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious about R. Jai Gillum, her family, and the fraud charges they are convicted of. Read on as we can point you in the direction of the solutions.

R. Jai Gillum, Andrew Gillum

R. Jai Gillum, Andrew Gillum

Who is Andrew Gillum’s wife R. Jai?

The happy pair, who have been together since college, is Andrew Gillum and R. Jai Gillum. After being a member of Florida A&M’s student government, Andrew first met her in college. Since then, they have started sharing their chemistry.

She is originally from Montgomery, Alabama, though she has lived in Tallahassee for the last 20 years. She also holds a biology degree and has experience working in banking in Dallas, Texas. reports that after initially deciding to enrol in dental school, she changed her mind and decided to pursue a career in public health or public policy instead.

She has supported her husband Andrew by organising a Women for Andrew Gillum event and working on his campaign.

According to Tallahassee Magazine, R. Jai Gillum is the executive director of The BEST Project for United Way of the Big Bend, which is committed to assisting people in achieving long-term financial stability and a high level of life by offering services like tax preparation support.

Family of R. Jai Gillum
Three kids were born to Andrew and R. Jai together. The couple welcomed twins Jackson and Caroline in 2014. After that, in May 2017, they made a birth announcement for their son, Davis Allen Gillum.

Andrew Gillum announced that he is bisexual in a television interview from September 2020. His wife is not hiding from the facts, as R. Jai admitted that her spouse was honest with her before their 11-year wedding.

Instead, she spoke in favour of bisexuality and expressed worry for individuals who are ignorant of it.

What fraud-related charges is R.Jai Gillum facing?
For allegedly moving cash from the campaign to a business managed by Sharon Lettman-Hicks, one of his top campaign aides, who then used the funds to pay Gillum, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Florida arrested Gillum on 21 criminal offences on June 22, 2022. In response, Gillum said in a statement that the claim was inherently “political” and that he was innocent.

The Florida Commission on Ethics found reasonable cause that Gillum had violated state ethics laws in late January 2019 and assessed him a $5,000 payment. Gillum received gifts while travelling outside of the city with lobbyists and vendors without disclosing them.

After designating private equity entrepreneur Adam Corey as the treasurer of his mayoral campaign in 2014, Gillum was charged with wrongdoing.

In February 2017, the Tallahassee Democrat reported that Gillum’s government office had used web-based software purchased from NGP VAN, a company that provides technology to Democratic and progressive campaigns. Following this report, Gillum apologised.