Quiana Welch lived in Detroit for a while. By the age of 9, her mother moved to a small town in Georgia for a fantastic project and new life in the deep South. Welch unexpectedly lived in a nice dwelling, rollerbladed with friends, drove crawfish out of the trenches, continued to apply gymnastics, sometimes engaged in extensive fiberglass work behind a modular trailer mill, her mother worked in.

Quiana Welch

Quiana Welch

For some time, life has been dreamy. She was in junior high when she finished first from the state championships in several competitions. But soon, Welch’s family overcame the social boundaries of a city, increasingly denying her mother’s mixed-race relationship with a white man. Therefore, Welch’s mother sent him to a boarding academy in Jacksonville, Florida called The Bowles School, whose sports programs were known by Sports Illustrated.

But as she had overcome the prejudices of this insular Georgia Bridge, she had now physically overcome her fantasy of being a gymnast – too long for the sport. Okay, he found volleyball as an option.

Later, while attending Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida, Welch attempted to capitalize athletically on his height and volleyball abilities, but was mentally vacant by the rigors of his schedule. She ran under faculty pressure, drifted around, passed New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, then stopped playing for a season from the Lingerie Football League (rebranded as the Legends Football League), Beautiful, real girls handling each other in high underwear. Welch played Running Back and Safety for Orlando Fantasy.

“Lingerie was a gimmick,” she says. “We were wearing a full face of make-up and fake lashes, but we killed asses. The skin would disappear from our bodies by AstroTurf.” After a pause, he diplomatically rejoined, “It was too aggressive.”

When she moved from Orlando to New York in a whisper, no one who knew her was surprised. Welch’s life movement was surrounding life in the flow from city to city.

She packed a military duffel and what she calls her “Southern Staples” Vera Bradley Purse, then boarded a plane, trying to find something bigger, however, not yet identifiable in her life.

He opened a gymnasium in Manhattan and got a job to pay the rent. A few weeks, even dedicating his metro pass, was a piece. Poverty was not heavy. Nevertheless, he had started lifting weights. She says, “The protagonist was not tough, but his figure was becoming tougher.

Quiana Welch (CrossFit) Biography/Wiki

Born in the center of New York, Brooklyn (USA), Kiana enjoyed sports from an early age; She enrolled in a volleyball course and wept until she was 11 years old. However, she decided to support the sport by following other sports in the faculty such as volleyball and athletics. At this point, he started watching football, deciding to try his hand at the game. After graduating from college, Kiana decided to combine a professional women’s lingerie football team representing the ‘Orlando Fantasy’ in the 2010–2011 season. Running back, Quiana was one of the fastest football players in the league. However, he lacked the size and strength, which was often tempered by larger teams. The athlete became unhappy with his slim frame; The physicality of women’s lingerie football inspired her to start weightlifting in the gym and improve her figure.

Quiana Welch Crossfit

Quiana Welch Crossfit

Quiana Welch (CrossFit) in Bodybuilding

A year after starting her fitness journey, Kiana began to see progress within her body; He had toned-up, and added muscle. It did not take long for her to be inspired by female bodybuilders and she set her sights on stepping on stage as a contestant.



By the end of 2011, Kiana had faced a tough preparation and was ready for the first competition – the 2011 Amateur NYC Championship.

After fighting to earn a spot in her first series, Kiana knew that more work was needed on her body. She traveled back to the drawing board, determined to return to improve her own performance.

Quiana Welch (CrossFit) Changed Sports

During this period, Kiana decided to work as a receptionist at her local cross-fit gym in Tribeca (Manhattan, USA). This was her first performance for the sport, and she was immediately pleased with the athleticism of those contestants.

Quiana Welch crossfit

Quiana Welch crossfit

At this point, the former female lingerie footballer began to practice cross fit, and soon fell in love with the new training routine.

With her heart of being a competitive cross fit athlete, Quiana failed to make much effort from the 2012 Amateur NYC Championship; She had already entered, she had to honor her obligations on the show.

“I was just watching with the members and thinking to myself, ‘I have to try this when this is a stupid [bodybuilding] show'”

Over the next 4 decades, Quiana collaborated in 3 cross-fit sports – 2014, 2015, and 2016 Northeast Region.

Impressively, he set the 22nd and 31st big apples in 2015 and 2014 respectively.

Quiana Welch (CrossFit) Diet Plan

Unlike other athletes, Quiana does not comply with a collection diet plan, or discontinue himself eating certain foods. However, she does keep an eye on nutrition labels and attempts to consume mostly wash all-year-round.

Her preferred cheat meal is really a pizza with additional meat and cheese, but she lets herself a couple treats whenever she wants them:

“I will finish a whole pound cake eat 2-3 cupcakes if you put them in my face.”

Here Is a list of these foods she generally consumes:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Essential Olive Oil
  • Redmeat
  • Potato Chips
  • Leafy Greens
  • Grapefruit Perrier
  • Jerk Chicken
  • Kosher Dill Pickles
  • Garlic
  • Lemon-juice

Supplements Stack

Concerning nutritional supplements, Quiana requires:

  • Fishoil
  • VitaminD

Quiana Welch in CrossFit Training

In recent years thereafter, Welch again became concerned. She left nyc for a while, served a stint in Santa Cruz, California, worked at the Cross Fit headquarters, and even worked and worked with an organic farm in Kilauea, Hawaii. She eventually returned to Manhattan, where she joined the CrossFit 212 team in 2014 and accompanied them to regionals.

Through their cross-fit journey, in 2015 Welch briefly became a Bar Bell specialist for the Boston-based GRID crew.

Cross-fit and GRID were cool, though they were certainly stepping towards the greatness she had found in pure Olympic weightlifting.

In 2016, Welch, inspired by Juggernaut lessons, left New York again to support his friend Chrissy Cogni of Black Iron Gym in Nevada, at which Welch now serves as the head coach at the Sparks-based facility . Occasionally, she arrives in Laguna Niguel, California, to meet her Juggernaut coach, Max Eta, for lengthy training teams.

Welch’s childhood in Detroit, which had only the Matt gym, was his start in the possibilities of your system. Since Detroit was restless, Welch finds sanctuary in black iron. Jim’s motto, “Well Rotted, Hard Fight,” is appropriate for his journey, which ultimately sounds like an asset.

Quiana Welch (CrossFit) Early Life

The black iron gym may be just a stripped-down box, surrounded by a power stand and filled with bumper and cast-steel plates. Galvanized brads, heavy and thick, hang from walls such as navy anchor sockets.



And inside this particular box, Welch continues to honor its Olympic lifts. Recently, her maximum clean and jerk is 262 pounds. Her maximum snatch is 238 pounds, a USA weightlifting American record for Welch’s 165-pound weight class. In December of last year, he made his home in Anaheim, California. Record was taken.

Black Iron, the founder of Donuts and Dead-Lifts, may be your favorite project of Cogni, a clothing business that bills itself to start as a hash-tag, then becomes a movement. Motto of Donuts and Dead Lifts – “Eat. Lift. Live.” – The real box testifies to the shifting platform of Fighters Global.

This is a phase that is more inclusive, more flexible. And, along with Cogni, Welch, many others like him, it is a multi-branded platform, with podcasts, apparel and nutritional weapons, as well as guerrilla entrepreneurship as its vitality.

In line with the donuts and dead-lifts motto, Welch has no problem with the intake of a zebra cake or chickfilla. The theory is that she eats what she wants, as long as it fits into her macros. Welch has 170 pounds of heavy muscle.

“My nutrition is balanced for my own game,” she tells me, “although there are some mornings when I feel nauseous. I’m no longer 20, so I’m taking more supplements.”

Her workouts are often 3 hours long, consisting mainly of clean deadlift, grab deadlift, clean pull, snatch bridge, jerk, block operate, and cross fit.

Detroit has been a long time for Welch. Now, she is surrounded by a tattooed bohemian whose physicality is comparable to our military elite. Within the coal-tinted day-light, the refracted walls painted maglite black are about to repeat life for Welch: one space, two locations, three collections, four sets, five places, six places.

Life is about meditation, the way it is forged.

At her gym, under a program called Reps for Recovery, Cogni gives additional members a free membership in hopes of staying away from the jar – and the items that come after the bottle.

When I am talking about this with Welch, there is a vibration in her voice when she informs me, “I have found some of my beloved athletes”

I would be in a conference room using only my own, my mobile phone on the table, and a digital recorder near it. With my phone on the speaker, I could hear Welch crying.

During a few minutes of silence on my part, I consider where I am from – Detroit, like Welch. I believe how a place comes under your skin. When it is in a place like Detroit, you remember those who wake up from within you, even if they are externally.

Welch caught her breath and I asked, “Are you really cool too?”

She tells me, “No,” saying that she does not deal with dependency issues. “I play with the rules,” she finishes, but her voice has a tone that is without judgment. She learns that she has been lucky in this case. I believe her little girl, driving and about halfway through a naked fitness center, her singlet glows as a red licorice, while the city around her burns to ashes.

And by what rules is she talking, I wonder, and how can she play with them?

“If you’re a good person and you work hard too,” Welch says, “that’s really all.”

Her fitness family in Black Iron includes outliers, who only converge to the ideology of approval. They have actually been wayfarers, or former enthusiasts, or LGBTQIA, as well as they have not been. Every new man can act as every woman. No body cares, and everyone is accountable for real.

Clean dead lift, Grab dead lift, Clean bridge, Snatch bridge. On Welch, that’s exactly what these things are. Over and above, such as switching from ore. Moving outward, leading to inner peace. The action may be, because the only real silence is understood by him.

Story of Quiana Welch (CrossFit) in Her Own Words

“I need visitors to think outside this box. Stop being afraid to get out there and do things like Ollie lifting and doing something new. I understand that people want to represent themselves. If I am that person And to show others that I can do such a thing, I am that. You never see men and women like me walking [in this distance] well. Because of that, people start thinking that That they have not been welcomed or are not allowed to consider something ”

Society, networking, and perhaps even our own friends and family, want us to travel less physical distance to make ourselves feel more comfortable. Taking the place where it matters most, especially in a under-served stadium, can fill the void for long-time people wondering if they should always feel small.

This is the story of Kiana Welch.

The precise trajectory of events that guided Kiana Welch to lift all the loads was not only indirect, but deflected. Quianawent to her boyfriend in Louisiana just before Hurricane Katrina was essentially stuck with her.

Earlier, Kiana was messing with the idea of ​​dropping out of school. She had been a pre-med and bio major and dreamed of becoming an ob gine, but at home she faced her mother’s diagnosis of the school’s financial burden.

She was unable to do her job due to her mother’s illness. Both of these situations make it clear to Kiyana that the time was not right for her financially or emotionally.

Kiana is back home in Florida after a sour relationship. She spent a lot of time working as a nanny in Dallas but eventually wanted housing support and connection.

“Florida has been my homebase. I had friends and family there. I came home and got a job at Starbucks. The director was one of my friends. I was just trying to understand life at the age of 20”

“When I left school I really only needed to leave. My mother calls me her gypsy child. If I want to go somewhere and go, I’m just leaving.”

Quiana had not yet set foot in the fitness center. “That’s when I started visiting the fitness center. I moved forward for 2 weeks to run on the treadmill so that I didn’t feel gasped. I didn’t lift any weight at all – I just ran because I suck at running , “She laments.

Q played one season, which was probably a total of five matches. He played two places. Safety and running back. “You could say that we paid for it, it wasn’t much. Yes, we were wearing lingerie while playing, but once people were able to see it that way we were athletes”

Quiana comes from an athletic background. Growing up, she was a competitive gymnast. She stopped competing at the age of 12, so she could be considered just a “normal child”. In middle school, she started playing almost exclusively until she went to college.

It was no surprise at all that he turned to the universe of sports and games.

“I went from going to college to become an OBGYN to a wild lifestyle. At the conclusion of my session with the LFL I knew I needed to draw some conclusions [about what to do with her life]. I had no Doubt knew that I loved athletics and sports and I knew I needed to travel because I was little. ”

Back in 2010 Kiana decided to uproot her entire life and move to NYC because she felt that the momentum was more in her personality.

“They have everything I wanted in 1st place in NYC. However, the first few years of living there were very difficult”

Within a week or two of his arrival on the island, he attained a live-in mentor position and a lover. The lover continued, while Nani was not in position. The relationship progressed rapidly and they started living together after just one or two dates.

Quiana spent some time wondering what she needed to do once it was a little more organized.

“I started working at Starbucks again and hadn’t stepped into the gym [since LFL]. All of my friends in senior high school constantly said the way I was jacked up. Since I really I could not figure out what I should do. That I thought, why not take it to [a guessing contest]. I knew I was very disciplined and because of that I had a very good foundation. ”

Quiana began training for his first class of human bodybuilding in NY in the first few years. Back in 2013, she decided that she wanted to have a coach because she had no idea what she was doing with nutrition or training.

“I was watching stuff all around Bodybuilding.com all the time, but it was so heavy – I finally decided I had to get a coach. With a bikini, they said I was overly retarded after my first series. I was the original. Roop did not train for a year and a half thereafter. ”

The bikini competition has a strong focus on a toned “edged human body”, while the figure is suitable for women who are more muscular.

Kiana started looking for a new project at a fitness center so that she had access to dumbbells for training and wound up in a Cross Fit ® 212. Here, she can take advantage of the free membership while working at the front desk.

“I used to sit there and believe in what exactly it is [CrossFit®]? I thought it would be really cool to test, though I wasn’t about to. I knew when I was taking over the business What I was doing was because some of my LFL teammates did it. I was one with a gymnastics background, and so I thought it would be more fun to try as a result of that. ”

Q held his first figure competition soon after starting in the gym.

She went on to dub in Cross Fit® a little more.

Jim then began discussing Greg Glassman’s arrival at the gym. The owners and coaches informed Q by telling her husband that he was about to ask her how long she had been doing CrossFit®, simply because of the way she looked. Let us call this situation serendipity. Quiana was looking for a completely new project in a gym, actually some fitness centers. She ends up in a CrossFit® gym. Quiana is made just as she does CrossFit®, although she will not do so. She is working when the trainer herself wakes up and turns to her and asks, “How long have you been doing Cross Fit ® for now?” To which she replies, “I really don’t.”

Glassman’s answer: You want to do this.

“After Greg Glassman arrived with his crew,” I knew who he was. It was he and Castro and confirmed that they came to me in person, as everyone said they would. ”

Soon after this conversation Q decided to take classes more often and then get to his level one to familiarize himself more with the game. She completed her certificate at Reebok Cross Fit® 5th Avenue and was in close contact with her coaches that weekend.

It ignited a passion for the game in a way that astonished him.

Shortly thereafter, Q was offered work at headquarters for one of his initiative programs. Back in September of 2014 she relocated to Santa Cruz and began working full-time for Cross Fit®.

“On the first day when I got there I met Dan Bailey and lost him. He was great. Everyone used to workout at the fitness center under the offices, although I was still very green and super new, I was so afraid of the alliance Was .. I’ll just sit in the office and watch everyone workout while out. ”

Q was just for three months until he realized how much they were despised with his money – because he really had nothing to do. I was kind of annoyed because I had traveled all over the country and 90 days after the program ended. “” I had a terrible severance package from headquarters, so I decided I’d just calm down, “she laughs. She says.

Among Quiana’s friends was a plantation on Kuai, HI. He decided to take some time to overcome himself and later decided to stay there which was in turmoil for a few weeks.

It was not really such a bad place to think about life for some time.

“I worked for home, lived on the beach, ate all organic vegetables. I was 28 and just living the island life”

“Awesome because there came a point where I realized I had to start adult ing. I needed something solid that I could really do. I wanted stability. I couldn’t live as beautiful on the island, it’s a groundhog there. Is. As the day was, daily. I knew it would always be [the island], and I could always come back if I needed to. ”

Kiana returned to NYC again, an area that felt like a homebase and went straight back to the Cross Fit ®212. The stability she had longed for was taking shape in the life she had been curating in recent years. When she returned, the owners began harassing her for training. Although she had not been doing Cross-Fit® for a very long time, she felt that she was fine with everyone.

Quiana comes with an innate ability to engage and cultivate relationships. She studied to learn about sports and spent a lot of time watching movies. His field wanted to help people and learn, never left. It was just manifesting as something else.

“That I really like teaching. I love it. Group or face-to-face – that they all have their own special charm. As long as I can see men and women developing, I don’t care if it’s really What an environment. In. ”

2014 has been Kiana’s first Open. She traveled to the team and earned herself a spot for regionals.

About the regional people of that year

“We failed to do awesome. This is where it was achieved for me personally. I wasn’t bad at ‘Cross Fit®’ and there weren’t many people who looked like me. I made a following because of that.” Started. ”

“People just started following me [on Instagram] because I was just picking up on me, goofy and heavy stuff”

Back in 2015 Quiana joined the Boston Iron Group for their grid league. She has been a Barbell supporter.

She later met Chad of JuggernautHQ who began pressuring her to focus only on Ollie.

“If I asked me this, I had never really paid much attention to it. When I could lift weights with just a little conditioning that would be nice. No heavy breaths.”

Chad spends time with Kiana and improves on her antics and she quickly realizes that she is all about it. This was when she legally decided that she was only going to complete ‘a small CrossFit®’, enough to maintain just one base.

“Based on the expansion of these weight classes I might possibly want to lose a whole bunch of weights,” Quiana is not excited about the reality, which in the end may involve more conditioning to which she is now familiar.

On the professional front, Kiana is now undergoing training in Olympic weightlifting and training courses at the Black Iron Gym in Reno, NV.

“I think these are my” jobs “, although they don’t really feel like vocations. I coach and I pick up with a handful of naps thrown in there. This can really be the place where I always get Should have ended. I think this, I am very authentic. ”

We live in a composition that spends a lot of time here and today. We are very impulsive. We make it an ideal time as opposed to waiting for the right time. We have been far less practical, more accurate than the roads we have chosen. Unlike our grandparents and perhaps our parents, couple individuals wait until retirement to pursue their own passions. We all do it today.

To me, Kiana is the epitome of a quiet and almost charming life. Her hope in itself gave you time to realize that she was the one who led her to all the great ideas she was supposed to be.

I will speak only for myself personally and also for the women I love and know. We are career driven. Always think, ‘If I try this, I will get it’. Time lines. Check the lists.

Just think about living? Just let life grow? But at this point, she was open to the experience – she had to go astray (would work with Sharan: in Hawaii). This attracted her to the exact place she was supposed to be, exactly as she was destined to be.

Kiana is open minded. “That’s how I grew up. How my mother and her partner raised me. I grew up in GA and FL, which we call a quilt family, they instructed me to accept each one more. All of us I have similarities and gaps but it is important for me to love and love other people. ”

Although Kiana grew up in an attractive area in the house, she quickly realized that the planet around her was probably not like summoning her early in her youth. Quiana says that she never considered that someone turned her down for her lifestyle. The weather was the complete opposite, she always felt that she could connect in some way.

“He’s one of my best friends and we hang around all the time. He basically grew up in the city of Norcal in a bubble. Super conservative. Basically, the whole upside of ME. Despite our extreme hiatus, we have The main similarities are. We butt heads all the time, but could have walked with him as easily as I possibly can with anyone. ”

As well as being a rogue weightlifter, Q’s message is loud and clear to me before I even start a conversation with him. She wants people to get ahead in the market and not be afraid to work on their own.

“I need visitors to think outside the box. Stop being afraid to get out there and do things like Ollie lifting and want to do something new. I know people want to represent themselves. When I do that I can be a person and others that they can do the same thing, I will be. You don’t see many people like me walking [in this distance]. Because of this, people start thinking that their Has not been welcomed or they are not allowed to do certain things ”

“I am doing exactly what I am doing, being able to understand other people of color as well as other black women – hey you can lift weights too” Not only can you lift weights. You can decide to try Cross Fit ®, go backpacking, go to the mountains, the list goes on. You do not have to become a particular color to accomplish one or more of these things. You can do anything you need. ”

“So it’s basically my own thing. Representing different people of color. I didn’t have that big”

Q is silent for a moment at the opposite end of the line. I could tell that she is getting emotional about this and I really don’t want to push, but I can’t help but say that I don’t feel like I had it.
Originating from an educated, middle class, white family. I do not feel that for me as a teenager there was strong female representation in race and ethnicity.

The Q results in the generation of women towards something that neither of us had. This is his job.

“My body has changed a lot in the last few years. I want to show women that you can do these things and still be a woman. Also, I am fed up with people who are constantly negative about me. Commenting the way I am. It stops people from wanting to get things done, which I think is stupid. I like to lift weights, I love my body, I’m comfortable. ‘

Q is strong that she always wants her message to love herself and keep doing what you do. If you want to make adjustments, go ahead make changes. But don’t be overly harsh on yourself.

While there will often be lullabies who leave unwanted opinions on her stage, she says it is now much lower than before. “People say things like this: ‘Ohthat looks like a friend’, and almost the entire time it’s these little bean pole friends who have never worked every day in their lives.”

Once I asked Quiana about any of her bad habits, her answer was surprising.

“I really don’t sleep. I wish I could sleep! I want to sleep so badly but I’m waking up from working at Starbucks and now traveling to the metro early. I’m up, even That though I don’t need to be. Obviously, this effect retrieval is a lot. At the moment, I’m working closely with a PT on relaxation and breathing techniques. I want to sleep an awful lot but I just can’t sleep ”

Q also tells me that she used to be very late. But now, she has so much, she stays on a fairly tight schedule.

“I really don’t really survive that much today. I’m a household person because I’m in the gym, always socializing with people or going to events. I’m just going to lock myself in my house and be on television Moving on. Sometimes I just crave that silence. ”

Speaking of the gym, and I wanted to know what Town was like at the Black Iron Gym. The fitness center is similar to a church without a church. He lives and dies with his own people, he has athletes, he has coaches. Without anything, it’s just a bunch of chalk and metal. The people inside earn a sound of heart. The soul of all this.

“One day Chrissy [Mae Cagney] saw me on IG and I was pulling a sled and eating a donut. She was like, I want to meet this special girl,” Q laughs and you’ll be able to tell her the image. Is visiting because she is uttering these words. After we met she moved outside of Reno to open up her health and then quickly cleaned the house afterwards. Some of the coaches he had were quite damaging. ”

Kiana wanted a big change of scenery, so it was a smart choice. He has been there for a few decades.

“Our health is truly receptive. We have many different types of people. With Chrissy being a former enthusiast, fitness was a big chapter in her recovery. She produced a ‘representative for recovery’, a means of restraint.” Is suitable for people using fitness. There is also a large LGBT community, which is one of the reasons I really like it. It is such a different place and we are all really very tight. ”

Donnie & Deadlifts creator Chrissy May Cogni teamed up with Nicole of her own The Chesty to include strong women. Career-driven, no nonsense women, we can all leave behind. We see the things we want to be and will definitely become in these women.

“Whether or not to get married, be in a romantic partnership, or maybe not. It’s okay to be in the 30s and do all your crap. Watching Chrissie juggle in 5 different professions and see what she actually does Strong. At exactly the same time, she is also bringing all these men and women who are some of her best friends. She has truly given up on her lifestyle and moved here to support herself and her businesses “How wonderful she is.” She has that good energy. You can feel it through the phone and in his words from the air. She is different women on market building. Our conversation is over and I feel a little jealous of the athletes who get to rally behind them every day. I feel a little jealous of her clan closest to her. Great vibrations only. That gift is rare.

Quiana Welch (CrossFit) broke US record by hitting 108kg snatch

Over the weekend, the 2017 Nike American Open final concluded in Anaheim, California. The competition took place from December 7 to December 10, and served as the championship for the year-long American Open Series. To compete, athletes either had to finish in the top three in one of the American Open Series competitions or complete the qualifying total.

Some American records were broken during the competition, and one of them came from Quiana Welch. She competed in the women’s 75kg weight class, and broke Jenny Arthur’s previous 107kg record by hitting 108kg snatch in the third attempt.

Yesterday USA Weightlifting shared this record-breaking snatch on its Instagram page. Possibly what is the most interesting part of this video – and what we have seen it many times – is how Welch slides his hands about three inches on / during the turnout, all the while keeping his arms closed. See Welch’s snatch below.

Welch also hit 113 kg clean and jerk (she missed the third attempt at 116 kg) and finished first in the 75 kg women’s weight category with a total of 221 kg. During the past year, Welch has made significant improvements to all of its lifts and totals.

For reference, Arthur recently competed for the USA at the 2017 IWF Weightlifting World Championships, and finished with 104 kg snatch, 130 kg clean and jerk, finishing fifth with a total of 234 kg. While Welch still has good ground to cover in Clean and Jerk, his snatch has proved to be quite competitive with world-class athletes. The 108 kg would have placed her in second place in the World Championships.

A few days ago, she shared a stunning video on her Instagram page showing some of her weightlifting progress over the years, along with some of her peers.

Welch began his powerful sports career as a functional fitness athlete a few years ago. She did not switch to becoming a competitive weightlifter until she became familiar with the weightlifting movements.