Patrick is an American who posts vlogs and movies about Minecraft on YouTube. Online, he is known as PopularMMOs most of the time. He has already done Roblox and Fortnite on his channel. Read on to find out who his girlfriend is and more about his love life.

In almost all of Pat’s movies, he and his ex-wife GamingWithJen play video games with each other. He was born in Connecticut, but he now lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with his cat, Cloud.

Along with Kris Madas, 32 other YouTubers are shown in his YouTuber Intro Challenge. He could be one of the YouTubers who are promoted.



Popularmmos Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating Now?

popularmmos and Jennifer Flagg are married, according to the website idolwiki. But he tries to stay out of the spotlight and is pretty private when it comes to talking about his personal life.

Patrick won’t be seeing anyone in public, but he may be seeing someone when no one else is around. So it’s not good to make decisions too quickly.

We can’t say for sure because the stories about PopularMMOss’s girlfriends and past relationships are all different.

We use online sources like and other publicly available information to make sure that our statistics and facts about dating are correct.

Learn About Popularmmos Net Worth

His best-known works are the Adventure Games and Epic Proportions from the PopularMMOs Minecraft series.

He plays challenges, roleplays, and makes funny comments on Roblox with Jen, who mostly posts Roblox videos. Pat also released a video on May 2, 2020, called Minecraft: BEDWARS WITH ELENI & EX-WIFE JEN VS ME!

People talked a lot about the name of the video and the fact that it was Jen and Eleni’s first time working together.

Pat made a video about this and said he didn’t think this could happen. In a later video, he denied this. Pat made two films before putting Jen in the fourth film to tell everyone not to attack Eleni.

Do Popularmmos Have Any Siblings?

Bill is Pat’s older brother, but Bill has said that he and Pat don’t always get along well.

On October 29, Pat released a video called “Update on My Covid Sickness.” In the video, he said that he didn’t have Covid 19 and shared some new information about his health.

He also talked about Jen’s boyfriend Andy and how he would like to make a video with him. On May 18, 2021, Jen liked a post that said Pat liked to treat women badly.

After that, some pictures of Pat that he was supposedly in and that called for his arrest got out. Later, Jen said that Pat had never touched her in the ten years they had been together and that the tweet had been sent by accident. Eleni also sent him a lot of tweets.