Erika Jayne’s exit from the Clubhouse following her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” has gone viral.

Someone took a photo of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star from a different angle, and her hair appeared to be bunched up due to a hair extension mishap. Erika could have been seen leaving the filming location in her pastel-colored ensemble. Her long, blond hair was parted at the back, and what appeared to be tape-ins were visible.

RHOBH had a field day ripping Erika apart when the photo was released on social media.

Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne

What you need to know is:

Several People Took to Reddit to Comment on the Unfortunate Photo

It didn’t take long for the shot to make its way to Reddit, where it sparked a thread with over 200 comments.

“Isn’t she attempting to become a hair extension mogul?” one person requested it

“It’s referred to as Pretty Mess Hair.” Another person said, “The identity matches.”

A third person wrote, “Well, this can be a ringing recommendation for her extended empire.”

Many females who wear extensions realize how humiliating it can be to have them visible, especially if your hair is up in a ponytail or the wind is blowing in the wrong direction. Britney Spears is a frequent wearer of this style.

“Lmao! One Redditor compared the experience to “being caught with tp caught to ur sneaker popping out of the restroom.”

Another remark is, “Or your skirt tucked into your pantyhose.”

Several additional people were perplexed by Erika’s hair

“Is she wearing a wig underneath which we can see her real hair pinned up?” Or do you mean extensions? “Either way, that’s a potentially deadly hairstyle,” one observer observes.

Another individual said, “I’m honestly baffled about this case.”

Erika is well-known for her ‘Glam Squad.’

Erika rarely appears in public without getting fully dolled up, and she has been open about her employment of a glam squad — hair and make-up artists who travel with her and prepare her for her appearances. Erika always has her hair and make-up done, whether she’s on stage for a live act or doing an interview with RHOBH.

Erika previously acknowledged to The Sun that she had been spending $40,000 each thirty days on her glam crew.

“Her squad is all true friends with her; they don’t appear to be fair-weather friends who abandoned her when things were difficult. “They are her confidants regardless of whether or not they are on her salary,” a source told the site. “They continued to work with her throughout the drama of this season of Housewives, but not in the usual way.” They’ve also finished her off-camera since then. “They’re standing at her side,” the source continued.

Erika credited a number of people for her look on WWHL by tagging them in one of her Instagram images. Her make-up was done by Charlie Riddle, but it appears she trusted Mitchell Ramazon with her blonding. Who could have finished her extensions is unknown.