CBS’s “48 Hours” has been shining a light on every facet of the human experience ever since the show’s debut in 1988, when it began diving deep into one horrifying true-crime story after another. It should come as no surprise that the third episode of the show’s 36th season, titled “Death Hits Home: The Hargan Killings,” which chronicles the convoluted double homicide that occurred in 2017 and involves Pamela Hargan and her young daughter Helen, is not an exception. Now, if you are interested in learning more about the same thing — with a particular focus on everything that took place, its subsequent investigations, as well as the person who committed the act — we have the facts for you to look over.

Pamela and Helen Hargan Murders

Pamela and Helen Hargan Murders

How Did Pamela and Helen Hargan Die?

Anyone who had the opportunity to interact with Pamela Denise Hansen Hargan or her daughter Helen Lorena Hargan, one of three, could not help but describe either of them as loving, caring, and contributing members of their communities. After all, although the former was a well-known executive in the field of human resources at the age of 63, her daughter, who had recently graduated from Southern Methodist University, was just beginning to make a name for herself. They were therefore living a joyful life in the inner suburban McLean home that they shared, which was valued at about $1.3 million, until the 14th of July, 2017, when things turned for the worst in every way that could possibly be imagined.

It was in the afternoon of that day that officers from the Fairfax County Police Department arrived at their home. The 911 call had been placed by Helen’s concerned boyfriend, who had gotten strange rings from her that indicated a gunshot had taken place. Unfortunately, it was already too late – both ladies were discovered dead with gunshot wounds directly to their skulls, and the child allegedly even received some additional head trauma on top of what the other two had already sustained. Pamela was found lying on her back in the mud room, covered in a bloody blanket. Helen, meantime, could be found in the ensuite bathroom of her bedroom, sitting on the toilet while wearing all of her clothes and holding a gun between her knees.

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Who Killed Pamela and Helen Hargan?

The initial idea, due to the unquestionably incriminating aspect of the crime scene, was that Helen was responsible for carrying out the murder-suicide, but the subsequent investigations quickly uncovered a different story. Megan, her older sister, had supported this theory during an interview with the police by stating that “something [had] changed in her over the last couple of months,” but the reality was that she was the one who was to blame. In point of fact, even her furious assertion that there was a split between them because their mother canceled the plans to build Helen a home because she wanted to live there with her boyfriend was completely false. In fact, she was lying about the whole thing.

Megan’s greed and jealousy led her to act in this manner, and she believed that Pamela favored her sister since she would not provide financial assistance to Megan in order for her to acquire a property on her own. This led Megan to act in this manner. As a result, she was in need of money and made an unauthorized attempt to transfer $420,000 from her mother’s account to her title firm. When Pamela was informed by the bank, she asked that the transfer be stopped and the bank complied with her request. Reportedly, this had place just one day prior to the tragic event that took place on July 14, which is what drove her to take the lives of both her sister and their mother in the hopes of ultimately employing their mother’s gadgets for the capital.

Legal documents indicate that previous to Pamela transferring the money, Megan first barged into the laundry room brandishing a weapon with a caliber of.22, and then immediately opened fire on her. Megan didn’t even wait to shoot Pamela. She then shot her sister at around one in the afternoon after discovering her hiding in the restroom. She was unaware that her sister had already expressed her concern about what was going to happen to her to her Texan lover Carlos Gutierrez. “[Helen] told me her sister had killed her mother,” Carlos told the court in 2022, precisely as he’d told officials in 2017: “[Helen] told me her sister was responsible for the murder.” “She appeared to be in a state of extreme fear. I could hear her sobbing, and her mouth was trembling the whole time.

Because of this, Megan was placed under arrest in November of 2018, since there was gunshot residue found on her hands, her DNA was found on the rifle bag, and Helen’s wounds did not match up with those that could have been self-inflicted. After that, the daughter or sister was indicted on two counts of first-degree murder as well as two counts of using a firearm in the commission of a murder; nonetheless, following her 2022 jury trial, she was found guilty of the charges against her exactly as they were stated.

Who was Pamela Hargan? HR Executive and single mom killed by eldest daughter

Prior to joining the defense contractor SAIC, Pamela Hargan was a top HR Executive at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, where she worked for many years. The single mother of three had a prosperous profession, which enabled her to purchase a home in McLean, Virginia, an upscale area in Washington, D.C., for the price of $1.3 million. She had previously been divorced.

Up until the summer of 2017, it appeared as though Pamela Hargan, her daughters Megan and Helen, and Pamela’s other daughter, Helen, were leading what appeared to be the ideal existence. On July 14, 2017, Megan, who was 37 years old at the time, allegedly shot and killed both her mother Pamela and her younger sister Helen, who was 23. Anger, envy, and money were the driving forces behind the murder.

But that wasn’t all; Megan Harlan also tried to place the blame for the death of their mother on Helen, the sister who had predeceased her.

In March of 2022, Megan Hargan, the suspect in the Hargan killings, was found guilty of the crimes. A number of weeks and months later, in an upcoming episode of CBS 48 Hours, which is planned to run on Saturday, October 1, 2022, the grisly double homicide will be discussed once more. At ten o’clock p.m. Eastern Time, there will be a broadcast of the episode titled Death Hits Home: The Hargan Killings.

In preparation for the airing of the episode, here is everything you need to know about Pamela Hargan and her seemingly ideal family (at least until 2017).

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Pamela Hargan and her daughters had “troubled” bonds irrespective of a perfect facade

After the murders, it was determined that the Hargan women, although having the appearance of a picture-perfect family, had been having problems for a considerable amount of time prior to the murders.

Someone in their family even used the word “troubled” to characterize their connection. Megan apparently harbored feelings of envy toward her younger sister Helen and frequently had the perception that their mother preferred her more than Helen.

According to the information gathered from several sources, Pamela Hargan, who was 63 years old at the time, was eagerly anticipating her retirement. Her eldest daughter, Megan Hargan, who had just gotten married to a man from West Virginia, had been residing with them in their home in McLena for a number of years along with her daughter, who was seven years old at the time.

While everything was going on, Pamela’s youngest daughter Helen graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, in the spring of 2017, and then moved back home to be with the rest of her family. It was rumored that she was waiting for the work to begin on a new house that her mother had purchased for her before Helen went off to graduate school. According to the rumors, this was something that caused Megan a great deal of feelings of envy.

Tamara North, sister of Pamela Hargan, asserted that Megan had developed a hostile attitude toward Helen, Pamela’s sister, over the course of their relationship. She went on to say that the animosity only became worse over time, despite the fact that Megan and their other sister, Ashley, had assisted in rearing Helen when their mother was away for work. Ashley is the middle sister.

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