One Piece 1042 Spoilers Leaked On Reddit and Twitter

One Piece is, as we all know, one of the most well-known manga series, as well as one of the most popular. Currently, all manga lovers are eager to read One Piece 1042 spoilers and raw to learn more about the manga’s plot. Everyone is aware of the One Piece manga mania. Fans are constantly enthusiastic for the upcoming instalment and eagerly await it. Fans are also looking for spoilers for the upcoming film these days. We’d like to inform you that spoilers for One Piece 1042 have been circulating on Reddit. We have included some spoilers in this article, so stay tuned.

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One Piece 1042 Spoilers Leaked Reddit and Twitter

Fans of the One Piece manga are eagerly anticipating the chapter 1042 spoilers as well as the raw to learn what Luffy’s desperate gear four fares did against Kaido in his final push. We appear to be approaching the arc’s conclusion. The Wano arc is a long one with a lot of things to do. Aside from that, there are a number of upcoming events. Even after the primary battle’s outcome, we should expect further issues to arise.

There was even speculation that the conflict may move on to Kaido, a private island. According to a YouTuber’s theory, Kaido keeps his most valuable belongings on some remote island. That’s most likely where the ponelygh is. Kidd, according to the belief, will play a key role in defeating the Yonko. However, the theory no longer appears to be entirely plausible. The next chapter will once again raise suspicions about the series’ genuine lore. The value of Joyboy is once again highlighted in the manga “One Piece.”

Momonosuke is said to play a role in the manga series’ endgame, and Wano is not the last of him. One Piece 1042 will premiere on March 6, 2022, and will include an original narrative. It will feature Yamato and Ace’s encounters. The anime is getting closer to the manga, which is why the creators decided to widen the gap a little. The Ace narrative is expected to be entertaining. With the completion of Luffy’s storey and Kaido’s duel, the Wano arc’s third act will come to a close. We will provide you with more information on the One Piece 1042 in the near future; in the meantime, stay tuned with us for more information.

One Piece 1042

One Piece 1042

Brief Summary

Kaidou and Luffy engage in a fierce battle, with Luffy just having a few more attacks before his Gear 4 runs out. However, as Luffy is preparing his final strike, the head of the CP0 convoy finally makes it to the dome roof after a brief skirmish with X Drake, who launched a desperate attack. When Kaidou strikes Luffy with a fatal blow as a result of being distracted by Luffy, he is reminded of Kurozumi Higurashi’s meddling in his fight with Kozuki Oden 20 years earlier.

Extended Summary

X The CP0 agent was stabbed by Drake from behind. The agent asks Drake why he’s meddling with him as he coughs up blood, and Drake responds that it’s because he upholds his own sense of justice. Before putting Shigan on his throat to release himself, the agent confesses to Drake that he envies him.

On the roof of Onigashima, Kaidou is being battered by Luffy’s attack and when he blocks one punch, he is hit in three more places. In the Flower Capital, people are writing wishes and sending them flying in their sky lanterns. He acknowledges that his strikes are injuring him as he becomes aware of Luffy’s arbitrary punch trajectory changes. As he enters Amae Jogo, he reminds him once more that his attacks hurt, which infuriates Luffy because he is still intoxicated. To ultimately escape Luffy’s assault, Kaidou enters Nusubito Jogo mode and changes into his full dragon form, where he eats and consumes Luffy. In addition to letting Luffy fall, Kaidou fires Bolo Breath at him as he soars into the air, penetrating the island in one swift motion and blowing Luffy through the gap it creates.

However, Luffy manages to avoid the blast and transforms into Boundman in order to fly back up to him. He swears that this will be his final Gear 4 and that he has no more time to lose to him. Just as he is about to utilise the move Gomu Gomu no: Over Kong Gun, he yells at Kaidou that as long as he stays, the people of Wano will continue to starve and thirst. The samurai are referred to as “losers” who would willfully die for the sake of “honour” by Kaidou, who states to Luffy that while it is his prerogative as to who he hooks up with, he personally views the Wano residents as being weak and used to losing. As Kaidou prepares another Bolo Breath, Luffy launches his attack, forcing Kaidou to misfire in his mouth and fall to the ground. Kaidou disputes Luffy’s claim that the samurai are strong.

Kaidou instantly rises to his feet and strikes Luffy with Horai Hakke, causing Luffy to crash as Luffy charges at him once more. Luffy tries to force steam into his mouth as it begins to erupt from his mouth, but Kaidou enters his Satsuriku Jogo form. They both re-charge their Gomu Gomu no Over Kong Guns and Horai Hakke attacks before the CP0 agent eventually shows up and grabs Luffy’s arm while simultaneously utilising Tekkai to hold him back. While the agent moves back, Kaidou, who also sees him, is unable to control himself and strikes Luffy, which causes Kaidou to have a flashback of the time when Oden was sidelined by Kurozumi Higurashi during their fight and has a horrified expression on his face.

One Piece 1042

One Piece 1042

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Plot of One Piece Chapter 1042

The focus of One Piece Chapter 1042 is on X Drake against CP0’s boss. Drake had impaled the boss while remaining in hybrid form after cutting him with his sword from behind when the chapter opens.

X Drake is asked by the CP0 boss why he is betraying the World Government, and he says that it is his right to do so. Strangely, the CP0 boss replies, “I envy him,” as he releases his grip on the sword and uses a Finger Pistol to impale Drake’s throat. The former Tobi Roppo appears to be beyond help at this point.

The focus then changes to the Fire Festival, where Otoko and other people can be seen throwing their lanterns in One Piece Chapter 1042. Hope that her wish reaches the sky, she is heard saying. Following this, the chapter’s focus changes to Luffy vs Kaido for the remainder of the passage.

Fans are then thrust back into the battle of Luffy versus Kaido in One Piece Chapter 1042. The former is striking his opponent with many quick blows. With his kanabo, Kaido was able to stop one punch, but three more hit him and he was unable to stop them.

Kaido makes an intriguing observation about how Luffy’s attack trajectories are curved. He claims that given the nature of Gum, his opponent’s attacks ought to be impractical. Fans speculate that this may be a hint that Luffy’s awakening has already occurred subliminally and that these curving attacks are the result.

As the narrative goes on, Kaido can be seen looking at Luffy with assurance. Then, while receiving a hit to the face, he switches into his “Craving Love” Drunk Mode, winking and stroking his lips in a seductive manner. Naturally, this enrages Luffy, who loudly grumbles that his opponent is still intoxicated.

Kaido suddenly moves extremely quickly and avoids all of the attacks heading his way, letting his opponent know that he isn’t the only one with the ability to predict the future. He assumes his dragon form and declares that he will copy his adversary by flinging his body in a way that is comparable to Luffy’s torrent of blows.

After that, Kaido switches into his “Stealing” drunken mode, which perhaps alludes to the way he imitates his rival. Luffy is then taken in his mouth, and they are then flown above Onigashima. Luffy tries to escape from being trapped in his mouth by punching the inside of it, but to no avail.

Kaido abruptly stops flying and turns to face Onigashima, who is getting ready to unleash a Blast Breath while holding Luffy in his mouth. The Onigashima island and castle are both destroyed by the point-blank bombardment, which successfully hits its target and then some. It appears that a picture of the assault between Momonosuke and Yamato is visible.

When the Blast Breath completely penetrates Onigashima during the onslaught, Luffy is likewise sent through the entire island and manages to flee. Then he transforms into Bounceman, which enables him to fly back up to the rooftop to carry on the battle with Kaido.

One Piece Chapter 1042: The Closing Moments of Gear Fourth

When Luffy returns to the rooftop, he curses Kaido, who simply responds with laughter. Then, as he prepares to win right now no matter what, he considers how much time is remaining in his final Gear Fourth.

Kaido tries to bite Luffy again, but the boy manages to escape thanks to Bounceman’s ability to fly. The former remarks that the state of the latter is worse than anticipated, probably alluding to how little time is left in Gear Fourth. Luffy replies that the people of Wano cannot even drink pure water while his opponent is present.

Kaido answers by declaring that he doesn’t care who Luffy is fighting for in a speech that is incredibly revealing for his character. He goes on to add that Wano is full of “peace-loving weaklings” and “honourable deaths,” both of which imply that the people there are content to lose. He labels them as losers who are only looking for justifications for their failure.

Samurai are strong, Luffy retorts fiercely. In response, Kaido questions if they are indeed powerful or are only acting so, saying that “‘winners’ need no excuses,” which is the subject of this chapter. The former is getting ready to launch the “Over Kong Gun,” which is also known as the Supreme Monkey King Gun, while the latter is preparing another Blast Breath.

He unleashes the brand-new attack, striking Kaido in the jaw and setting off an explosion within his mouth with his Blast Breath. As a result, he briefly loses consciousness, and Luffy rushes to save him while preparing a fresh strike and declaring his intention to keep fighting until Gear Fourth runs out.

Unexpectedly rising again, Kaido charges Luffy with his Hourai Hakke, an improved version of his Raimei Hakke. Steam immediately starts to emerge from his mouth as he falls to the ground, indicating that Gear Fourth is about to come to an end. Interestingly, he covers his lips to prevent this, seemingly forcing Gear Fourth to lengthen as a result.

As Kaido turns to face his opponent, readers can see that his eyes have changed shape to a quick spiral. Although the raw scans aren’t of the highest quality, his eyes almost resemble Zunesha’s, Im- sama’s, and Mihawk’s eye patterns.

Chapter 1042 of One Piece: Unlucky Interference

In One Piece Chapter 1042, Kaido reaches his final drunken condition, which the narrator refers to as the “Killing Spree” Drunk Mode. While Luffy declares he has one more attack and that if it doesn’t knock Kaido out, he’ll undoubtedly lose, the other prepares attacks for him.

This week, Raizostans are eating. I appreciate you revealing that he repeatedly avoided a user of future vision, Oda.

Perspective abruptly changes to the CP0 boss as the two start to rush each other while yelling their attack names. He is now close to their fight and a short distance from his intended target. He walks up to Luffy and grips his shoulder, deflecting Kaido’s blow and halting Luffy’s assault in the process.

In horror, Kaido screams out CP0’s name as he remembers his struggle with Oden 20 years before. Fans can see that when he interferes, he and Luffy both have the identical expression on their faces as his kanabo hurtles toward its intended victim. A Conqueror’s Haki-infused kanabo strikes Luffy straight, flattening him like a hammer because he is powerless to launch an assault of his own.

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