As you may be aware, season 20 of American Idol was the talk of the internet. Because the American Idol winner has been declared. Many individuals have been anticipating this moment. Every social media site was covering the story and anticipating the winner. Noah Thompson was the winner of American Idol season 20. He is a songwriter, vocalist, and musician. He has been dating Angel Dixon for a long time. They’ve been together for a long time and spend valuable time together.

Who Is Noah Thompson’s Son Walker Lee Thompson?

He was a top 20 contender before competing on American Idol, which was a positive. Several media were waiting to interview him after he won the game. However, they rarely have time for an interview. They need to share this significant success with their loved ones. And he is unable to go at this time.

His early life?

He grew up in a typical home, spending his time with his parents and his piano. Yes, you read that correctly. He devoted his time to music. He began playing guitar and piano at the age of thirteen, which naturally captivated him, and he practised day and night. Music has always been his love, according to an insider, and he cannot live without it.

Noah Thompson Son?

Walker Lee Thompson is Noah Thompson’s son. He enjoys spending time with his son, and you can see some of their photos on his official Instagram profile. He documented everything on his social media accounts. Pictures of his wife, son, and family are available.

Who is His Baby Mama?

Angel Dixon, Noah Thompson’s girlfriend, has been with him since 2018. He also refers to her as a “baby mother.” Thompson is the only one who knows why. He didn’t tell anyone about it. Since high school, the charming couple has been together. Both go on dates and spend quality time with one other. She is fortunate to have a caring spouse who looks after her, is never disrespectful to her, and cannot be away from her for more than two minutes.

Are they married?

Noah and Angle are dating, but they haven’t planned their wedding yet. They had been living together for a long time, but their marriage was not planned. If such information becomes available on the internet, we will certainly notify you. Follow this website until then.