Although Nicola Mendelson is currently cancer-free, there is a chance that it will come back. The former Facebook executive is still afflicted with the fatal condition known as follicular lymphoma.

The Vice President of Meta’s Global Business Group is the British advertising executive Nicola Mendelson.

With more than three decades of professional expertise, Nicola has worked for a number of organizations. She is co-President of Norwood, the chair of the Follicular Lymphoma Foundation, and a non-executive director of Diageo as of 2022.

Nicola is a fighter in her personal life in addition to her professional career. She beat cancer after years of fighting it, but she still has a terrible disease that will be covered in the paragraphs to follow.

Nicola Mendelsohn

Nicola Mendelsohn

Nicola Mendelson Illness Explained: What Is Follicular Lymphoma?

Nicola Mendelson, an English advertising executive, suffers from follicular lymphoma, a condition that is terminal.

Nicola was given the diagnosis in 2016 and will still be dealing with it in 2022. A type of blood cancer known as follicular lymphoma targets the white blood cells known as lymphocytes. Immunity is built up and infections are fought off by lymphocytes. The victim’s immune system becomes compromised because the sickness affects lymphocytes.

In 2018, Nicola’s immunotherapy and chemotherapies rendered her cancer-free. She is still battling follicular lymphoma, though.

The former Facebook executive resumed treatment even after becoming cancer-free because of the possibility of the disease returning. But the covid emia forced her to halt the medication.

Additionally, Nicola’s initial inability to get the covid vaccine was a result of her cancer-related compromised immune system. She had to work from home for two years after her antibody test came back negative.

In February 2022, she finally produced enough antibodies to receive the COVID vaccine. Mendelsohn’s health has considerably improved over the past few years, but she still has follicular lymphoma and is at risk of the illness coming back.

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Meet Nicola Mendelsohn Husband Jonathan Mendelsohn: Married Life And Family

Jonathan Mendelsohn, Baron Mendelsohn, and Nicola Mendelson are blessed with a child.

After dating for over two decades, the couple was married in 1994.

The infant boy of Nicola and her husband, Zac Mendelsohn, is the result of their union. Zac is Nicola’s sole child; however, her spouse has three additional children from previous relationships.

Speaking of Jonathan Mendelsohn’s occupation, he works as a labor party organizer and political lobbyist. Along with Ben Lucas and Neil Lawson, he co-founded the lobbying firm LLM in 1997. After LLM was founded, Jonathan developed a close relationship with the Labour Party.

Since the “lobbying scandal,” Mendelson has been charged with utilizing his position of power improperly over the years. He was recorded bragging about his connections within the Labour Party and his ability to provide his friends tax benefits. Jonathan, though, rejects the allegations and has not yet been put on trial for any crime.

What Is Nicola Mendelson Net Worth?

The approximate value of Nicola’s net worth is £17.5 million.

Nicola Mendelson has a career spanning more than three decades and has held managerial positions with a number of businesses.

Nicola received about £82k from Diageo in 2021, according to reports. Her current pay details are not known with any certainty. Her hubby is also valued somewhere around £1 million.

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Nicola Mendelsohn Bio

Nicola Mendelsohn CBE, often known as Clyne, is a British advertising executive. She was born on August 29, 1971. She has been working in the advertising industry since 1992, and in June of 2013, Facebook appointed her to the position of vice president for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Nicola was promoted to the position of Vice President of Meta’s Global Business Group the following year, 2021. In addition to that, she serves as a non-executive director for Diageo. According to an article published by the Daily Telegraph, she is “the most powerful woman in the British software industry.” She was recognised as one of the top marketers in the world by Campaign magazine and included on their Power 100 2020 list.

Nicola Sharon Clyne

29 August 1971 (age 51)

Manchester, England
Nationality British
Education B.A. English and Theatre Studies, University of Leeds, Manchester High School for Girls
Occupation Vice President Global Business Group
Years active 2013–present
Employer Meta
Predecessor Joanna, Baroness Shields
Spouse Jonathan, Lord Mendelsohn
Children 4
Parent(s) Barry and Celia Clyne
Awards Commander of the Order of the British Empire (2015)

Early life and education

Nicola Sharon Clyne came into the world in Manchester, which is located in England. Her father, Barry Clyne, is the Chairman of Celia Clyne Banqueting, and her brother Mark also works in the family business. Her mother, Celia Clyne, is a kosher caterer.

Between the years 1982 and 1987, she was a student at Manchester High School for Girls, during which time she was also an active member of the Jewish youth organisation BBYO (formerly known as the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization). She attended the University of Leeds from 1989 through 1992, earning a bachelor’s degree in English and Theatre Studies upon completion of her studies there in 1992. During her senior year, she was a part of a team that raised £20,000 for Jewish organisations.

Nicola Mendelson, an English advertising executive

Nicola Mendelson, an English advertising executive


Mendelsohn had always intended to enrol in theatre school and pursue a career as an actor. However, after receiving advice from a close friend, she changed her mind and decided to look into advertising instead. She was given the opportunity to participate in a graduate training programme at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, where she was employed from September 1992 until January 2004, eventually rising to the position of Business Development Director. She was appointed to the position of Deputy Chairman of Grey London in April 2004, and she remained in that role until December 2007. Additionally, between the years 2004 and 2008, she served as the European Business Development Director for the Grey Communications Group. Karmarama, a London-based advertising agency, welcomed her as a partner in April 2008 and appointed her executive chairman.

The half-year search that Facebook had been doing to find a replacement for the departing Vice President Joanna Shields was finally successful in 2013 when she was selected for the position of Vice President for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at the firm. This is the most senior position the corporation has outside of the United States, and she brings a wealth of relationships in advertising as well as politics to the post.

Mendelsohn is a staunch supporter of a healthy balance between work and personal life, as well as flextime for working mothers. Since the beginning of the second year of her first child’s life, which coincided with her employment at BBH, she has only worked four days a week. Even at Facebook, she only puts in work between Monday and Thursday each week.


Mendelsohn serves as the director of the Bailey’s Prize for Women’s Fiction in addition to her role as co-chair of the Creative Industries Council [15].

She was elected as the first female president of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising in April 2011, and she is currently serving a term that lasts for two years.

She joined Diageo’s board of directors as a non-executive director in September of 2014. Previously, she served as the president of the Women’s Advertising Club of London, a board director for Bartle Bogle Hegarty and the Fragrance Foundation, the chairman of the corporate board of Women’s Aid, a trustee for The White Ribbon Alliance, and a board director for the Fragrance Foundation.

In addition to that, she is a member of the Digital Economy Council of the government of the United Kingdom, the Business Advisory Board of the Mayor of London, and the Norwood Charity’s co-president.

Honours and recognition

As part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2015, she was presented with the title of Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in recognition of her contributions to the creative industries.

Also in 2015, Computer Weekly ranked Mendelsohn number 34 on its list of the “50 Most Influential Women in UK IT 2015,” she was named one of the Most Inspiring Women in European Tech by the Inspiring Fifty organization,[20] and Debrett’s included her on their list of the “People of Influence” in the 2015 edition of the Debrett’s 500 list.

In 2014, she was placed number 85 on The Jewish Chronicle’s Power 100 list and was named one of GQ’s 100 Most Connected Women in Britain. In addition, GQ featured her on their list.

She achieved a position of number 69 on The Guardian’s “MediaGuardian 100 2013” in the year 2013. She was recognised as one of Advertising Age’s “Women to Watch” in that same year (2011). Her inclusion on the list of the top 35 young businesswomen under the age of 35 that was published by Management Today in 2005.

In 2017, the University of Salford bestowed upon her an honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

In 2019, Mendelsohn was ranked number 34 on the shortlist of the “50 Most Influential Women in UK Tech” that was compiled by Computer Weekly.


She revealed to the world on World Cancer Day (February 4, 2018) that she had been given a diagnosis of follicular lymphoma, a kind of blood cancer that is now incurable. Mendelsohn explained that she made the revelation in order to bring more attention to the cancer, which she described as not being very uncommon but rather unknown.

In 2019, Nicola established The Follicular Lymphoma Foundation, a charitable organisation whose mission is to support patients and fund research into the disease of the same name. The mission of the organisation is to assist those who are affected by the condition to “live well.” In its first three years, it will work toward the goal of raising $20 million (£15.5 million), and it anticipates discovering a treatment for the disease within the following ten years.

Nicola is the administrator of a Facebook community called Living with Follicular Lymphoma, which currently has close to 8,000 members. She is active on the group on a daily basis. During an interview with the Sunday Times, she expressed her desire to one day find a treatment for the disease so that the foundation will no longer be necessary.


In 1994, she wed Jonathan Mendelsohn, a British lobbyist and Labour political organiser. Jonathan Mendelsohn was also a Labour political organiser. In 2013, he was given the title of life peer and given the title of Baron Mendelsohn of Finchley in the London Borough of Barnet. Both she and her husband are Jewish, and they are both quite involved in their local synagogue as well as the larger Jewish community. They were elected as the new president and vice president of the Norwood Anglo-Jewish family services charity in November of 2015. They have three sons and one daughter, and all four of them live together in Finchley. Danny, Sam, Zac and Gabi.

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