A South Brunswick police video of a New Jersey lady became viral online on Wednesday, August 3, 2022. In the footage, a bloodied woman can be seen being thrown into a truck in broad daylight while screaming, and the truck then speeds off. To raise awareness of the missing woman, the video was tweeted numerous times.

The South Brunswick Township Police Department’s Public Information Office pleaded with the public to provide them any information that would aid in finding the kidnapped woman.

Law enforcement officials discovered the missing woman safe after a laborious and thorough 26-hour search. On August 5, about 5:10 p.m., South Brunswick police located the New Jersey woman and the trailer after using the footage from the security camera. The South Brunswick Police Department issued the following statement:

The declaration included information about the detectives’ efforts to solve the case.

Along with the FBI and the Middlesex County Prosecutors’ Office, the South Brunswick Police Department is looking into the kidnapping that happened on Wednesday afternoon. Raymond Hayducka, chief of police, said:

woman found safe after video goes viral

woman found safe after video goes viral

Police look for answers as kidnapped New Jersey woman was rescued after 26 hours

On Wednesday at around 2:00 pm, authorities were alerted to a woman who was begging for assistance from inside a truck next to a New Jersey roadway and was bleeding from her face.

Soon after, the injured woman and the truck both left the scene. Thereafter, a thorough inquiry that lasted 26 hours was primarily reliant on public knowledge and tips. The New Jersey woman was described as “white/Hispanic,” in her 20s, and had long, brown hair by police.

In the end, Woodbridge is where the victim and the suspect were discovered. Instead of the initial theory that the occurrence was a kidnapping of a stranger, both of them have admitted to knowing one another, albeit their precise relationship is yet unknown.

According to police, there might be a domestic argument, News12 reported. Sgt. Hoover, a deputy, stated to WABC:

The most important tip was provided by Gabrielli Truck Sales, which is a business located close to the scene of the event on Route 130. Chief Raymond Hayducka expressed gratitude to the public for helping with the inquiry in a press release:

The case’s participants have been brought to the police station. To determine precisely what occurred on Wednesday in the New Jersey instance, investigations are still ongoing.