On Wednesday’s episode of the show, Marilyn Thornhill detonated the cave. During the time that Marilyn was transforming Tyler into Hyde monster, she had Tyler locked up in the cave.

In the beginning of the eighth episode, Wednesday tells Tyler that she knows he is a hyde, but he refuses to believe her. The conclusion of the series reveals who the antagonist is and sets the stage for a possible second season, but many unanswered mysteries remain.

Wednesday had to deal with the repercussions of her newfound knowledge from the previous episode during the remaining episodes. It becomes clear that Tyler, who served as her romantic interest for the majority of the season, is in fact the evil entity that she has been pursuing.

Netflix Show Wednesday

Netflix Show Wednesday

Eugene Witnessed A Person With Brown Boots Blew The Cave

On Wednesday, Eugene divulges that he witnessed a someone wearing red boots detonate an explosive inside the Hyde cave. That individual is Marilyn Thornhill, also known by her alias, Laurel gates.

Wednesday pays Eugene a farewell visit during the series’ final episode, which takes place after he has emerged from his coma. Wednesday comes to the conclusion that Marilyn is the main character during their visit.

Xavier had created a painting in the past depicting Hyde in the cave while he was there. Soon after, Eugene was able to identify the cave, and he brought Wednesday there. After that, they came to the conclusion that it was the lair of the Hyde Monster due to the presence of the bones of other creatures in the area.

It was the cave that Marilyn Thornhill had locked Tyler in at the beginning of the transformation process when he was going through the process. There, he was restrained with handcuffs and given injections of drugs so that he might serve as Marilyn’s slave.

Wednesday and Eugene decided not to go to the Rave’N, so they came to an agreement to investigate the cave and see what kind of creature it was. On the other hand, since Thing intended for Wednesday and Tyler to attend the Rave’N, he skillfully arranged things so that they could do so.

Eugene became aware, as he was finishing up his preparations, that Wednesday will be spent at the Rave’N. She cautioned him against venturing into the woods on his own, but he disregarded her advice. After that, he ventured closer to the cave, where he was ambushed by the Hyde monster.

During the assault, he noticed a person inside the monster’s lair wearing red boots that matched Ms. Thornhill’s. Wednesday swiftly finds out that Thornhill was the one responsible for what happened after hearing from Eugene.

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Why Did Marilyn Thornhill Destroy The Cave?

While Eugene was resting in the hospital, he recalled seeing a person in the Hyde cave who was wearing red boots just before the cave caught fire.

Marilyn Thornhill was the one who decided to destroy the cave in which she had been keeping Tyler while he went through the metamorphosis process. Soon after, Wednesday understands that Marilyn was the one responsible for it, and that she was truly Laurel Gates.

She confronts Marilyn with Principal Weems dressed as Tyler. Marilyn is surprised by this. The two succeed in convincing Marilyn to reveal her true identity, which is Laurel Gates. Despite this, she is successful in killing Weems and kidnapping Wednesday.

Marilyn admits that in the past she injected chemicals into Tyler in order to maintain control over him, and that she has been utilising him in order to collect body parts in order to resurrect Joseph Crackstone. She acted in this manner in order to make Tyler her slave.

Thornhill revives Crackstone through the utilisation of Wednesday’s blood. After that, he stabs her and decides to kill everyone who is considered an outcast. Wednesday’s ancestor Goody Addams’s spirit miraculously appears at the crucial moment to save her life.

Wednesday is successful in defeating Tyler in his monster form because her best friend, Enis, has finally completed her transformation into a werewolf. Wednesday, with assistance from Bianca, is ultimately successful in destroying Cracktone, and Eugene contributes to the victory over Gates.

In the conclusion, Tyler, also known as Hyde, is taken into custody, Xavier is granted his freedom, and Wednesday leaves Nevermore Academy in Jericho, Vermont, even though the school will remain closed for the rest of the semester.

Wednesday ending explains who was controlling the Hyde monster and who blew up the cave

Wednesday ending explains who was controlling the Hyde monster and who blew up the cave

Wednesday (TV series) Bio

The character of Wednesday Addams, who appeared in The Addams Family, served as the inspiration for a new television series called Wednesday, which is a coming-of-age supernatural comedic horror show in the United States. In it, Jenna Ortega plays the main role, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, Isaac Ordonez, Gwendoline Christie, Riki Lindhome, Jamie McShane, Fred Armisen, and Christina Ricci appear in supporting parts. The show was developed by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Tim Burton, who also serves in the capacity of executive producer, is in charge of directing four out of the eight episodes. The protagonist, whose name gives the show its name, is tasked with unravelling a mystery involving a monster at her school.

Burton had been attached to two different Addams Family-related projects in the past, including the 1991 picture (which he ultimately decided not to direct) and a stop-motion animated film that was ultimately scrapped. It was rumoured in October 2020 that he would be directing a television series, and Netflix would go on to give the show a series order shortly after. The production was shot in Romania between the months of September 2021 and March 2022. Wednesday debuted on November 16, 2022, and it was made available on Netflix on November 23, 2022, to generally positive reviews from critics. Critics appreciated Ortega’s performance, although they critiqued the show for being similar other CW dramas.

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Who Is the Monster in ‘Wednesday’? The Real Villain Has a Surprising ‘Addams Family’ Connection

Wednesday, a spinoff of The Addams Family on Netflix, is about a 16-year-old girl with psychic powers named Wednesday Addams. She moves to Jericho, Vermont, to attend Nevermore Academy, a school for monsters that her parents, Gomez and Morticia Addams, once went to. Tim Burton is the show’s executive producer and director. It is based on Charles Addams’ New Yorker cartoons about a strange, macabre family of goths called “The Addams Family,” which were turned into a TV show with the same name in 1964. In 1991, the cartoon was turned into a movie with the same name. In 1993, a second movie called Addams Family Values came out.

Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday on the show Wednesday, told STYLECASTER in June 2022 that she was cast in the title role while filming the horror movie X. “I was in New Zealand filming X, and we were shooting at night. I’d been awake for nearly 24 hours. I was told that I had to talk to Tim Burton on the phone at the end of the day,” she said at the time. “I was wearing prosthetics, and I had a long cut across my lip. I also had glycerin in my hair, which made it oily and peely. I was tired and crazy, but I made this phone call anyway. I was in two plays. I didn’t want to do another TV show because I’ve already done so many, and I’ve been making more movies. But Tim, it would have been an honour just to have met him.

She went on, “Also, Wednesday had never really been shown in a Latina light, even though she is Latina, and I think that’s really important. It would be cool to give girls who look like me or are part of my community that extra layer and level of representation. We read together. I didn’t feel very sure about what I was reading. I remember sending my mom tapes of me acting out the scenes and asking, “Do you think this would have been better?” I might have been better off going this way. It was really interesting to watch the show being made. We could have gone in so many different directions with this character. I know that’s a strange thing to say, but that’s how she is. But even while we were filming, we tried so many different lines and choices. I hope it is something that people like and agree with. We did try to do a little bit of something different. I just hope that it gets through and that I do her justice.”

Now, let’s talk about the Monster in Wednesday. So…who is Wednesday’s Monster? Find out who the Monster is in Wednesday and what happened at the end of the first season of the spinoff of The Addams Family.

Monster in Wednesday

Monster in Wednesday

Who is the Monster in Wednesday?

Who is Wednesday’s Monster? Tyler Galpin is the answer. In the seventh episode of Wednesday, Xavier, who Wednesday thinks is the Monster, is arrested by the Jericho police. After Xavier is arrested, Wednesday goes on a date with Tyler Galpin, who is the son of Sheriff Galpin. During their kiss, Wednesday sees Tyler as a Hyde, which makes her realise that he is the Monster. Wednesday and her friends trick Tyler into going to the forest, where they kidnap him and torture him to get him to tell them what they want to know. Tyler tells the police that he is the Monster at the police station. Wednesday’s classmates don’t like the way she does things, so they tell Nevermore’s principal, Larissa Weems, that Wednesday tortured Tyler. Wednesday is then arrested. But when Tyler admits to being a Hyde at the police station, he confirms that he is the Monster.

the inspiration for a new television series called Wednesday

the inspiration for a new television series called Wednesday

Who is the monster in Wednesday? Ending explained

Wednesday thinks that her fellow Nevermore student Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White), based on his paintings and sketches of the Hyde and the long scratches on his neck, must be the Hyde. She tells the authorities about her findings. In episode 7, the police arrest the accused teen, but things change when Wednesday meets her love interest, local barista Tyler Galpin, at the coffee shop and they share a passionate kiss.

Wednesday has a vision in which her therapist, Dr. Valerie Kinbott (Riki Lindhome), is being brutally killed by the monster because of the kiss. She jumps between seeing things from the creature’s point of view and from Kinbott’s. After a few seconds, the creature changes back into a shirtless, bloody Tyler, proving that he’s the killer. Wednesday runs away because what she sees shocks her.

A few nights later, in the woods, Tyler tells Wednesday’s back-up, Bianca, Ajax, and the rest of the Nightshade Society, that he is innocent. But when he and Wednesday are alone, he can’t help but try to get her to do something.

Eugene recalls seeing a figure at the monster's cave who wore red boots, matching Ms. Thornhill's.

Eugene recalls seeing a figure at the monster’s cave who wore red boots, matching Ms. Thornhill’s.

What happened to Laurel and Tyler?

When his and Laurel’s plan to intercept Wednesday at Jericho station doesn’t work out, Tyler makes his way to Nevermore, and helps his master bring Wednesday to Crackstone’s crypt. While Laurel sets her resurrection in routine, Tyler – in Hyde mode – slashes all of the local police car’s tires.

His way back to the tomb is intercepted by Wednesday and her lycanthrope bestie Enid, though, who finally “wolfs out” thanks to that blood moon and starts fighting Hyde-Tyler. Fortunately, for Enid, Tyler’s father shows up and incapacitates him with a shotgun before he can do any major damage. The sheriff then sends a heavily restrained Tyler off with a bunch of doctor-looking types in a van. He transforms into a Hyde in the last few seconds of the episode, however, so it’s likely we’ll see him again in a potential season 2.

Following the beast’s battle, Wednesday rushes to Nevermore to take on Crackstone. The pair fight in the fire-filled courtyard and it looks, for a moment, like Crackstone is going to kill Wednesday but Bianca (Joy Sunday) shows up just in the nick of time and plunges a sword through the bigoted pilgrim’s chest. Elsewhere, an escaped Xavier helps evacuate the students from the school. Remembering something Goody told her, Wednesday seizes her moment and stabs Crackstone in “his black heart”, which causes his reanimated body to disintegrate.

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