Brittany Smith, a woman from Alabama who shot and murdered a man she said had raped her, is the subject of a new documentary that was released on Netflix and is titled “State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith.” Let’s find out more specifics about her, shall we?

Brittany Smith, a woman from north Alabama who was convicted of murdering the man who she alleges attacked and raped her in her house, will be the subject of a new documentary that will premiere on Netflix in November.

The documentary titled “State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith” is scheduled to be released around the world on November 10, 2022. Ryan was in charge of directing the movie, and Jessica Hargrave was the one in charge of producing it.

Brittany, a native of Stevenson, Alabama, shot and killed Todd Smith, 38, on January 16, 2018, after he savagely battered and raped her in her own house. Brittany is not related to Todd Smith in any way. Smith was not her relative. However, she claimed that the only reason she killed him was to save her brother and herself from being murdered by Todd because he refused to leave the land.

Netflix releases State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith trailer

Netflix releases State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith trailer

Quick Facts on Brittany Smith

Full Name Brittany Smith
Age (2022) 38 years old
Known for criminal activities (shooting Todd Smith in 2018)
Residence Stevenson, Alabama
Parents Ramona McCallie (mother)
Siblings Chris McCallie
Children 4

Brittany Smith’s Family: Her Parents and Sisters

Brittany Smith’s primary residence was in Stevenson, Alabama, with her family at the time. When referring to her parents, Ramona McCallie, who lived in the area, is mentioned as being the mother; however, the identity of her father is not made entirely clear.

Smith also has four children, but she never mentioned her husband or talked about him in any depth. Despite the fact that she constantly discussed her children, she never mentioned her spouse. Aside from that, she has a brother whose name is Chris McCallie, and he was attacked in January 2018 when she committed a crime. The incident was related to her.

Brittany claimed at the Stand Your Ground hearing that Todd had raped and strangled her hours before the fatal shooting that occurred on January 16, 2018. Her incident attracted global attention, and Brittany testified about it.

During the assault examination that was performed on Brittany following the gunshot, more than thirty wounds were located on her neck, chest, breast, legs, arms, and feet, according to the testimony of a nurse. Brittany had bite marks on her neck in addition to the ones on her chin, and she also had fingerprint impressions on the inside of her legs. Her chin had also been bitten.

Following the conclusion of the trial, Brittany made a confession to the murder and was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Since she was being held in prison for the murder of a violent man who had placed her life in jeopardy, her family questioned the authorities about the situation.

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What is Alabama’s “Stand Your Ground” law?

In Alabama, a statute known as “Stand Your Ground” specifies the conditions under which it is legal for an individual to use lethal physical force in the context of either self-defense or the protection of another individual.

As a direct consequence of this, the law allows for the use of extreme force against anyone who is committing or attempting to commit a crime that involves murder, significant bodily harm, robbery, kidnapping, rape, or sodomy against a minor who is younger than twelve years old.

When certain conditions are met, the law authorises the use of deadly force against a person who is either in the process of unlawfully and violently entering a habitation, residence, commercial property, or inhabited vehicle, or who has already done so. This includes both people who are in the process of entering, as well as people who have already entered.

In addition, it specifies that a person has the right to use deadly force against another individual who is attempting to remove them from a building or inhabited vehicle against their will, or who has violently removed them from the location against their will, while the individual in question has the legal right to be there.

Brittany Smith is a mother of four children

Brittany Smith is a mother of four children

How Much Time did Brittany Smith Spend Behind Bars?

In order to refute the allegation that Brittany Smith committed murder, the legal team representing her contended that the only reason she shot her gun was out of a panicked attempt to protect both herself and her brother. They argued that the “stand your ground” law applied to him because Todd wouldn’t leave Brittany’s house and they were trying to protect Brittany.

Brittany had been standing between Todd and the door while she pulled the trigger, preventing him from escaping while she fired the trigger, according to the ruling made by Judge Jennifer Holt. Her argument was that the defendant did not have the right to a defence because the altercation had been begun by the defendant’s brother Chris, who had brought the gun with him.

After submitting a guilty plea to the charge of murder and arguing that it was “the least of two evils,” Brittany was given a sentence of twenty years in prison. She was released from jail 18 months later as part of a plea deal, but before that, she received credit for the time she had already spent in jail while awaiting trial. She was released after receiving credit for the time she had spent in detention awaiting the outcome of her trial.

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Where is Brittany Smith Now?

After her daring escape from prison, Brittany Smith expressed her happiness at being free and beginning a new life.

In an interview with, she stated, “This is going to be in my history very soon.” “I will have put it in the past.” It’s a pleasant experience all around. After the rough seas, everything is going swimmingly. On November 10, 2022, a planned Netflix documentary on her terrible case is scheduled to make its debut on the streaming service.

It is hoped that the case “State of Alabama v. Brittany Smith” would provide light on the controversial matter, which at the time captured the attention of people all over the world.

Some FAQs

Does Brittany Smith have supportive family?

Brittany Smith was originally from the town of Stevenson in Alabama, where she still resides with her family. They are on her side and even questioned the authorities after her imprisonment sentences because she was imprisoned for killing a violent man who placed her life in danger. They believe that she should not have been sentenced to jail for her actions.

How old is Brittany Smith?

In the year 2022, Brittany Smith has attained the age of 34 years old. She is a parent of four children.

When will the documentary “State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith” be released?

The documentary titled “State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith” will begin streaming on November 10, according to a trailer that was provided by Netflix.

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