Natalie Lisinska is a famous Canadian actress who married Matthew MacDadzean. People are interested in what her husband, Matthew, is like.

She is one of the main characters on the TV show The Lake. In eight episodes, she has played the role of Jayne. She has also worked with celebrities like Declan Whaley, Emily Roman, and Jordan Gavaris. The first episode of the TV show will air on June 17, 2022.

Lisinska won the Canadian Screen Award and is best known for playing the fan-favorite Ainsley Norris on Orphan Black in 2013. She went to the Ryerson University Theatre School to study acting.

Natalie Lisinska

Natalie Lisinska

Who Is Natalie Lisinska Husband Matthew MacDadzean? Know Their Married Life?

Matthew MacDadzean is married to Natalie Lisinska. He is an actor, writer, and producer for TV and theatre. According to, Matthew is an actor who has won several awards. He studied literature at McGill University in Montreal and acting at the National Theatre School of Canada.

The actor can also be found on Instagram under the name @matthewmacfadzean. With 366 posts, he has 800 people following him and 900 people following him back. On his Instagram account, he has posted pictures of himself with his wife and child.

They got married on May 25, 2013, so they have been married for nine years. The couple looks great together and seems to be having a good time.

Natalie uses the handle @nattysins on Instagram. With 672 posts, she has gained a thousand followers, and one hundred of them are following her back. Through her Instagram account, she has shown love and care.

Know The Lake Cast Natalie Lisinska Family?

Natalie Lisinska is loved and cared for by her wonderful family. She’s been following her dream with the help of her family, and they’ve always been proud of her. Her family is of Canadian background.

But she hasn’t looked up information about her parents and siblings on social media sites. She doesn’t want her work to get in the way of her family life. There isn’t a single photo of her loved family members that can be found right now.

@natalielisinska is the Twitter handle where you can find Natalie. She has a thousand people following her, and seven hundred people are following her back.

How Much Money Does Natalie Lisinska Earn? Her Net Worth

Natalie Lisinska has a good amount of money, and she makes most of it from being an actress. She has made money from her roles in Rebirth, Spring, The Translator, Snitch, and other movies. With the money she made, she has a good life.

Also, says that the average salary of a Canadian actress in 2022 will be $48,750 per year. We think her pay is about the same as ours. Even so, her net worth is not yet known.

Lisinska has attended St. Michaels University School and has studied drama at Ryerson University Theatre School. She is best known for her performance in Orphan Black 2013 as the fan-favorite Ainsley Norris and has won the Canadian Screen Award.

She has played the role of Jayne in eight episodes of the tv series, The Lake, and she has worked with stars Declan Whaley, Emily Roman, and Jordan Gavaris. The first episode of the TV show will air on June 17, 2022.