Mythpat (Mithilesh Patankar): Phone Number, Contact Number, House Address, Contact Address, Email Id And More

Mithilesh Patankar, also known as Mythpat, is a Youtube star known for his amazing commentary on popular video games such as GTA 5, PUBG, FORTNITE, etc. We will provide you with the answers to the most basic quests posed by Mythpat fans and enthusiasts, such as the Whatsapp number for Mythpat? What is the phone number for Mythpat? What is the best way to meet Mythpat? What is the address of Mythpat’s headquarters? Mythpat’s Girlfriend: Who Is She? Who is Mythpat’s better half, for example? You’ll also learn about Mythpat’s phone number, email address, salary, status, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, age, total assets, wiki, and more. So keep searching for Mythpat Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, and Contact Number.


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Mythpat Biography/Wiki | Phone Number

Mythpat was born in the Maharashtra state of India. He spent his childhood in Mumbai as well. Since he was a child, he had a passion for mimicry, and whenever he shared his latest mimicry voice with his loved ones, they always admired and encouraged him. He’d always been good at assessing and playing video games since he was a kid. Balmohan Vidyamandir School in Mumbai, India, provided Mythpat with his college education. He went to Vidyalankar Institute of Technology to pursue his engineering degree.

Mithilesh was born on January 15 1998, in Mumbai, making him 22 years old in 2020. Every year on January 15, he celebrates his birthday. His birthday also indicates that he is born under the Capricorn zodiac sign. He is very disciplined, loyal, and intelligent as a Capricorn. He had a lot of success at 22, which you can’t find at 35. Without a doubt, he gave up a significant number of nights to achieve his success. When compared to his hard work, his achievements are nothing. He will, of course, earn more victories in the future because he is still young.

He released a funny comic film about Doraemon animation in January 2019, and it went viral like crazy. On January 11, he reached 1000 subscribers, and on January 15, he passed the 5000 subscriber mark. In April 2019, he was able to get 100K readers in just fourteen days, thanks to the viral Doraemon video.

Later, he decided to enter the gaming market because he enjoys trying new games, so why not combine dubbing and gaming? He was inspired by Kwebbelkop, a Dutch youtube content creator with over 13 million subscribers. Mythpat is now one of the most influential Gamers in India, and his audiences are the most engaging, thanks to his distinct commentary style and gameplay. He’s now very likely to become a voice artist who collects data on the internet.

Mithilesh Patankar

Mithilesh Patankar

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Mythpat Career

Mythpat’s first YouTube video, titled ‘SACRED GAMES SEASON 2 SCENE LEAKED??’, was uploaded on July 30, 2018, and it currently has 4.7 lakh views and 28K likes. He has been relatively consistent with his video uploads since the beginning of his channel. To make his videos more engaging, he frequently imitates well-known Indian celebrities. He used to play PUBG, GTA V, and Granny when he was younger. However, as his following grew, he began to play various games, including Minecraft, Fortnite, Human Fall Flat, and others.

Following that, he posted various tips and tricks on the superhit game Granny, such as “How To Escape At 3 AM” and so on. There is a video titled “Mythpat Channel Trailer,” but it is not the actual channel trailer. PUBG Challenges, such as the “0 per cent Sensitivity Challenge” and various difficulties, were the next thing on his channel. He announced that he is Mythpat’s Face Reveal Poster and the owner of the channel Hindustan Gamer in a video titled “I Am Hindustan Gamer” on April 1, 2019. It turned out to be an April Fool’s prank.

He began playing Minecraft from that point forward. He analysed exceptional deceptions and used mods to make his ongoing interactions more interesting. He started building mystery houses and posting them on YouTube, with some of them even being solicited by Subscribers. As his audience grew, they demanded to see his face, which he had not yet revealed. In his first Q&A, he was on the verge of showing his face, but a remark against it persuaded him not to.

Mythpat is also a reactor; he makes response recordings while watching various YouTubers and recordings, much like he does on TikTok. Mythpat spruced up as a ludicrous looking young lady with a powder-brightened face and red lipstick at the start of a response video.

The image quickly became a web sensation, prompting comedic responses from YouTubers such as Saiman Says and Chapati Hindustani Gamer. On his Discord worker, he had a full conversation about the image, and the young lady was anecdotally named Mithila, a nearby name of Mithilesh.

Practical Jokes of Mythpat

Mythpat started off on YouTube by publishing instructional cameo videos with PUBG and GTA 5. He used “mods” when playing Grand Theft Auto 5. On PUBG, he played practical jokes on players by impersonating well-known Indian actors, with Hrithik Roshan being his most well-known portrayal. Later, he offered strategies for the wildly popular game Granny, including “How To Escape At 3AM” and other such advice. On the channel, there is a video titled “Mythpat Channel Trailer,” but it is not the genuine channel trailer. PUBG challenges, such the “0% Sensitivity Challenge” and others, were the next thing to appear on his channel. He made a video titled “I Am Hindustan Gamer” on April 1st, 2019, introducing himself as

Poster for Mythpat’s Face Reveal

the Hindustan Gamer channel’s owner. It turned out to be a practical prank for April 1.

He then started playing Minecraft after that. To make his gameplay more engaging, he used mods and tried out unique techniques. He started constructing covert homes and uploading them to YouTube, some of which were even requested by subscribers. They begged to see his face as his crowd swelled because he hadn’t yet shown it. He almost revealed his face during his first Q&A, but a response objecting to the face reveal persuaded him not to.

He delayed his plan to show his face until November 16th, 2019, by donning a horse mask. Saiman Says and he worked together to make the video entertaining. In a video that served as his second QNA, he finally showed his face. After that, on March 1, 2020, he reached one million subscribers, marking the occasion with a special giveaway. Due to the enormous numbers of views that Hindustan Gamer and BeastBoyShub receive on their Granny-videos, Mythpat occasionally satirically envies them. He played Granny with his grandmother over the phone to get views. In this video, his grandma may be seen playing Granny: Chapter 2.

Mythpat posted a spoof video on April 1st, 2020, in which he appears to be playing team deathmatch in PUBG alongside CarryMinati. Later, it is discovered that the incident was staged because another player had dressed as Carry, and Mythpat had to teach the other player to speak with Carry’s voice.

Memes of Mythpat

Mythpat is a reactor as well; he does skits on TikTok and makes reaction videos to other YouTubers’ videos and content. Mythpat dressed up as a ridiculous-looking girl with a powder-whitened face and red lipstick at the start of a reaction video. YouTubers like Saiman Says and Chapati Hindustani Gamer began making comical commentary on the meme as soon as it got viral. The girl’s fictitious name was Mithila, a close alias of Mithilesh, and a thorough conversation about the meme was had on his Discord channel.



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Mythpat YouTube Channel

10 BILLION DIRHAM SETUP TOUR Published Date on 2020-08-26 became the most viewed video from Mythpat’s channel with 11.82M views and 811.42K likes.
Mythpat’s YouTube channel currently has 105 total videos. The track currently has 5.32 million subscribers on YouTube, 510,000 added in the last 30 days, and 922.45 million TOTAL VIEWS. He has the 2,176th most subscribers on YouTube worldwide and the 284th most subscribers in India. His video views average 5.72 million. His estimated potential earnings (per video) are $ 23.83K, and his estimated monthly partner earnings range from $ 16.07K to $ 42.85K.

Mythpat Family

Mithilesh Patankar, a YouTuber, comes from a middle-class family in Mumbai, where he currently lives with his parents and older sister. Although there isn’t much information about his parents on social media, they have supported Mythpat throughout his journey.

Prachi Pisat, Mithilesh Patankar’s elder sister, is Mithilesh Patankar’s younger sister. He is currently single and concentrating on his YouTube career.

Mythpat Net Worth

Mythpat estimated potential earnings (per video) are $ 23.83K, and his estimated monthly partner earnings range from $ 16.07K to $ 42.85K.

Mythpat Net Worth is approximately 30 Crores.