WATCH: Mundia Goes Viral On Twitter And Reddit In Zambia Explained: A video has gone viral on social media, particularly in Zambia. A video is currently circulating on the internet, and it has been linked to the loss of the education minister’s authority. Yes, you read it correctly: Zambia’s Education Minister has been sacked with immediate effect owing to the ongoing viral video. David Mabumba is the man who recently lost his position as Zambia’s Minister of Education. But what is the basis for his dismissal from his position with immediate effect? There are several questions that may arise in your mind in response to this news. However, we will inform you that the cause of this is a viral video of Education Minister David Mabumba. There is a lot to learn about the ongoing video, and you should be familiar with all of the key components of this viral story. To learn more about it, take a peek at the parts below.



WATCH: Mundia Viral Video Zambia Twitter And Reddit Explained

Zambian President Edgar Lungu fired David Mabumba after a viral video of a man who looked like him went viral. But what was in the video, and why is it capturing so much attention? According to accounts, a video was leaked and quickly became viral on social media. The footage was also known to have been leaked from WhatsApp and is now making the rounds on every major social media platform. According to reports, a male is seen in the video naked with a woman. Furthermore, the claimed man is seen in the video engaging in private actions with the woman. The individual in the video is reported to be a carbon copy of the education minister.

Mundia Viral Video Zambia

“I did not give a reason for my firing of Mabemba,” stated President Lungu’s spokesperson, Issac Chipampe. In addition, DiPrecido tweeted that “he will effectively remove Oga Mabemba immediately.” Oga Mabemba was appointed to the cabinet in 2016. Oga Mabumba is currently 48 years old.

Due to a continuing viral video leak, dark clouds have gathered around the education minister. The Zambian police, on the other hand, stated that they are not required to investigate this situation and that they will not encourage citizens to cease distributing the video. We’re continually working on it, and we’ll keep you updated as soon as something new comes up. For more information, keep an eye on this webpage.