Although YouTuber Mumbo Jumbo is currently trending across all social media platforms, his fans are concerned for him.

Mumbo Jumbo is a well-known online celebrity who is best recognized for his gaming-related videos. Through YouTube, where he first gained notoriety, he amassed millions of devoted followers.

He is well known for playing Minecraft, teaching others how to play, and showing off his Redstone creations while advising his fans. The YouTuber is well-known for belonging to the Hermicraft SMP server in Minecraft.

His fans, who like watching his gaming videos, have recently expressed concern for him, though. Let’s find out what he is doing right now and why they are frightened.

Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo

Where Is Youtuber Mumbo Jumbo Now?

Mumbo Jumbo, a gaming YouTuber, is currently relishing his time as a director of photography. He is concentrating his time on a number of initiatives including movies.

He just published stunning images of ocean blues taken in the Philippines on his Instagram account. He also expressed his delight for his short narrative project’s presentation.

When he spoke, “A brief proof of concept sequence from @aramatkinson’s 70-page screenplay, “Sunrise meets Sunset,” is seen here. It was a pleasure for me to direct my first serious narrative production.”

Mumbo, who is well-known for spending years creating original videos for his YouTube channel, currently seems to be putting all of his attention toward cinematography.

He nevertheless continues to share updates with his followers on his social media platforms. Jumbo also discussed his entertaining endeavor, a brief commercial for Razer Blade 17 and NVIDIA Studio.

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Did Mumbo Jumbo Hermitcraft Quit Or Not?

Mumbo Jumbo has not yet left Hermitcraft or made any mention of doing so. He did, however, mention taking a sabbatical and concentrating on filmmaking.

But the fact that he took a sabbatical for a month and hadn’t returned for more than a month troubled his fans more.

On the YouTube community, he posted the following message: “I’m going to take a month break. I might work on some filming projects or share interesting content on social media during my downtime, or I might not. I’m not really sure.”

“All of my adult life, I’ve been considering creating stuff on YouTube. I might become bored, I guess.”

Hopefully, he will inform his followers of the wonderful news as soon as his project work is complete.

What Happened To Mumbo Jumbo? His Wife Details

Mumbo Jumbo is dating Vicky even though he doesn’t have a wife. The couple frequently posts photos of themselves on social media and cohabitates.

Vicky is working on his cinematography while also spending time with his beloved. But he hasn’t returned to Hermitcraft, so what may have happened?

When the Hermitcraft season began, he said, “I know it’s awful timing, and I genuinely believed I would be alright once it all kicked off, but it simply ramped up my internal pressure.”

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Meaning Behind Mumbo Jumbo

According to Urban Dictionary, the meaning of mumbo jumbo is gibberish, gibberish, and makes no sense. It can also be called a lie.

The YouTuber, however, simply used that phrase as his stage name.

Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo Bio

Oliver “Oli” Brotherhood, better known online as Mumbo Jumbo (or simply Mumbo), is an English Minecraft YouTuber. He is known for showcasing his redstone builds, sometimes including details on how to build them, as well as testing new features. Oliver “Oli” Brotherhood was born on December 1, 1995, which makes him 26 years old. Since the beginning of Season 2, he has been actively participating on the Hermitcraft SMP server in Minecraft as a member of the community. He calls Waterlooville in Hampshire his home at the moment.

Early Life & Call of Duty

Oli was born on December 1st, 1995 in Farnham, and during the time when he was into BMXing, he got together with his buddies to start making movies about the sport. Tom, the guy who would later become his business partner and co-founder of Mumbo Jumbo, entered his life at some time during the course of his life. Oli was going to get an Xbox 360 because Tom already had one. Together with his pal Tom, he launched a series of Call of Duty gameplay videos on gaming channels such as AspectDz and DatsikGaming. Additionally, around that time, he was the owner of a personal channel on YouTube known as MrOliBrotherhood. On this channel, he merely uploaded videos and subscribed to those whose content he found enjoyable. Everything changed for him once he watched a video about Minecraft and decided that he loved it a lot; as a result, he started playing the game and producing material for it.

Starting out on Mumbo Jumbo

On March 30, 2012, Oli launched his own YouTube channel under the name ThatMumboJumbo. A day later, he uploaded his debut video to the channel, which has since been removed from public view. His first video to be made available to the public was titled “ServerCraft Survival: Episode 5: To The Nether!.” In this video, he referred to himself by the name ‘Viva,’ which was his Call of Duty (Gamer) name. Additionally, he had a friend working on the channel whose name was Tom and who went by the alias ‘DaCube,’ even though his YouTube name was Jumbo. After reaching 200 subscribers, he quit the channel, and now Mumbo is the one in charge of it.

Early Videos & Series

After Mumbo finished his series on ServerCraft, he began producing redstone-themed movies and, later, lessons on how to make advantage of this feature. During this time, he was the star of a popular series known as “60 Second Minecraft,” in which he was challenged to construct a redstone mechanism in less than one minute. As a direct result of this, he now has a thousand subscribers on his channel. After completing Geomine in the early part of 2013, Mumbo began a new series that he called “Mumbo’s World,” in which he navigated the challenges of surviving on his own world. He had 50,000 subscribers halfway through the series when he decided to terminate the series on Episode 15, which was five months into it. This is the point in time when he joined the Hermitcraft SMP.

Survival SMPs & Hermitcraft

Since the year 2012, Jumbo had been experimenting with several Survival Multiplayer Communities. The first server he used was named Geomine, and it was managed by Xisumavoid. It was a server that brought together a number of players and a few YouTubers. The community invited him to post his movies there, and he ended up playing there for some time. This is one of the reasons why he was invited to be a part of Hermitcraft Season 2, as Xisuma and other members of that community were already familiar with his films. Unfortunately, after a few months everyone stopped playing after the server was hacked, so Mumbo decided to start a new series.

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