Once again, some very bad news is coming out of Singapore. This time, everyone was shocked because no one had even thought that a day would bring bad news. People who knew and loved “Mrs. Bridget Tan,” the founder of the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (Home), have lost touch with her now that she died on Monday, when she was 73 years old. When people learn about the news, their huge reactions start to come out. Almost everyone is paying her a lot of attention.

Mrs. Bridget Tan

Mrs. Bridget Tan

Exclusive reports or sources say that the person who died had been having a lot of problems with her health for a long time, which made her health worse and affected important parts of her body. So, the medical staff took care of her for a long time, so they could give her more breaths. But her health didn’t work well with the cure, which was the main reason she died. It’s what the reports say, but no one from her family has said anything about it yet. As long as something real comes out of those reports, we aren’t going to say anything.

Who Was Bridget Tan?

Mrs. Bridget Tan is said to be 73 years old. She was a Singaporean migrant worker’s rights advocate, and she is known as the founder of the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME). Who has done a lot of good work for people, so when the news came out on social media, it got a lot of attention. She was born on September 29th, 1948. She finished her studies in the same place where she was born, so she lived there her whole life. Even though she was interested in advocacy, she also reached new heights. This led to her great success, but she is no longer close to her.

As soon as her fans learn about the news, their shocked reactions come to the surface because losing a gem is more painful than anything, so everyone can understand them. All these people are paying tribute to her and wishing the family well in the wake of their loss, so that they can keep their strength up to deal with the pain. When someone dies, a lot of people send their condolences on Twitter. We will also pray that her soul rests in peace (RIP Bridget Tan)