Monika Bickert was crucial for the discussion about online media and guidelines.

She expressed concern about unofficial law, which can create explicit administrative norms that all organisations should infer.

A few well-known speakers were on the board to share their views and thoughts about managing these emerging issues.

Monika Bickert is the Head of Counterterrorism and the Worldwide Arrangement for the Facebook executives.

Since 2012, she has been in a relationship with Facebook. She began her journey as Lead Security Counsel.

Her primary job during her first days at Facebook was to educate the organization about youngster safety and information security.

Her worldwide group works together to identify the types of content that can be shared on Facebook. Monika Bickert is not yet on Wikipedia, but we can still hope to find her there soon.

Before joining Facebook, she worked as an inhabitant legal counselor in Bangkok, Thailand for the U.S. Government, aiming to improve friendly relations.

Additionally, she has been a United States partner lawyer in Washington DC and Chicago for more than 11 years.

She has worked successfully at Facebook with her group to facilitate how sponsors and designers can interface more productively with the site.

Monika Bickert

Monika Bickert

Monika Bickert’s exact age is unknown at the moment, but we can assume she is between 30-35 years old.

Despite the fact that there is no information about her introduction to the world, she was born in Houston Texas and currently resides in California, United States.

She is also a recipient of a Rice University four-year college education in Economics, English and Journalism and a J.D. Harvard Law School

She is a strong advocate for common liberties and has been working in this area to improve it.

Monika Bickert is a prudent person when it comes to identifying her partner and their conjugal status.

According to IrishExaminer, she is currently single because they were concerned about her using the title miss before her name.

We are unable to locate her online as she does not appear to need any public impedance in her life.

She should also continue living a happy life with her family, as she is an exceptional person who is kind and generous.

Monika Bickert Biography/Wiki

Monika Bickert, head of product policy at Facebook, is responsible for counter-terrorism and product policy. Continue reading to learn more about Monika Bickert.

Monika joined Facebook as a member on the lead security council in 2012. She advised the company on data security and child safety issues.

Before joining Facebook, Monika was a Resident Legal advisor at the US Embassy in Bangkok.

For 11 years, she was also an assistant United States Attorney in Washington, DC, Chicago.

Monika Bickert Husband

Monica is a successful person and might be looking for a partner. Monica is probably married with children, given her age.

However, everything has been kept secret. Perhaps it is to protect their security and safety.

Monika Bickert Nationality and Ethnicity

Bickert was born in America. Bickert is American by nationality, but her ethnicity remains a mystery.

Monika is a Facebook essential team member, but her childhood and early career are not known.

Monica Bickert Twitter

Monica isn’t a Twitter user. She does have a Facebook account, however.

She is very active on Facebook and almost all her posts are about her profession or society. This is because she prefers to keep her private life private.

Monika Bickert’s Salary and Net Worth

Her role as head of Facebook’s product policies is likely to be well-paid.

She earns an average annual salary of $148,350, and a bonus of $17,889, according to credible sources.

She will be the most valuable employee in the company and she will likely get a raise in the coming years.

We can safely conclude that Bickert is well-off due to his high salary.

The exact amount of her net worth is not yet known.

Monica Bickert Height And Weight

Monica has not publicly stated her height and weight. Based on Monica’s appearance, she stands at 5’9” and weighs between 50-60 kilos.

We are still trying to find out her height and weight, so we can inform our readers as soon possible.