Monica Cannon Grant is a Boston activist who was recently indicted on fraud charges. She is the subject of this article. Here are all of the specifics on the most recent commotion: 1.

A local non-profit, Violence in Boston, was founded by Monica Cannon Grant and her husband Clark Grant in their hometown of Boston.

Violence in Boston was founded in 2017 with the goal of reducing violence, raising social awareness, and assisting community-based causes in Boston.

In contrast, the nonprofit’s founders have been arrested and accused with cheating the organisation and its supporters, as well as the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance and a mortgage lending firm primarily based in Chicago, according to court documents.

The public is outraged by the news because they believe they have been betrayed by the Grant couple in the name of serving the group.

Monica Cannon Grant

Monica Cannon Grant

Who Is Monica Cannon Grant? Meet The Boston Activist Charged With Fraud Allegation

Monica Cannon Grant is a Boston-based activist who has been charged with fraud in connection with a bribery scheme.

She and her husband were charged with an 18-count indictment, which included two counts of wire fraud conspiracy, one count of relying on a conspiracy, 13 counts of wire fraud, and one count of making false representations to a mortgage lending organisation, among other things.

First it was Jussie, and now it’s Monica…. Is she still the “Bostonian of the Year” according to the Boston Globe?

Additionally, Cannon-Grant is charged with one other count of mail fraud, according to the indictment. She was taken into custody on Tuesday morning; in the interim, her attorney, Robert Goldstein, has stated in a letter that she is fully cooperating with authorities.

Prosecutors claim that the Grants misappropriated donations intended for their organisation to pay for expenses such as hotel reservations, groceries, gasoline, car rentals, auto repairs, Uber rides, eating establishments, nail salons, and personal travel.

On Tuesday afternoon, the pair appeared on the docket of the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts in Boston. Following the temporary listening to, Cannon-Grant was let to leave, and an arraignment is due for the following week.

Meanwhile, no date has been set for her husband’s arraignment yet.

Monique Cannon Grant’s Husband and Married Life

Monica Cannon Grant and her husband Clark Grant live together as a couple, and they had enjoyed a happy marriage up until their indictment.

Violence in Boston is led by Cannon-Grant, who is also the organization’s CEO, and by Clark, who was the group’s founding director.

Monica is 41 years old, whilst Clark is 38 years old at the time of writing. They are all from Taunton, and as a result, they have known each other for a significant portion of their lives.

Whether they are father and mother to any children is still up in the air for the pair to confirm. Violence was founded in Boston in 2017, and they garnered notoriety during the “Black Lives Matter” movement at the time.

Monica’s involvement has earned her a number of honours, including the Bostonian of the Year award from The Boston Globe Magazine and the Boston Celtics Heroes Among Us award, both of which will be presented to her in 2020.