The American ballet dancer Misty Copeland credits her dancer mother, Sylvia DelaCerna, as a major influence on her career. She was a member of the Kansas City Chiefs cheerleading squad.

Sylvia, a trained dancer, was a cheerleader for The Kansas City Chiefs, an American football team that competes in the National Football League and is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri.

Misty Copeland, a classical ballet dancer from the United States, is a member of the American Ballet Theatre (ABT), which is regarded as one of the top three classical ballet companies in the country.

The former ballerina has tied the knot more than once during the course of her lifetime. The union between Sylvia and Doug Copeland, Misty’s father, was the second of Sylvia’s many marriages. However, ever since Misty Copeland was a child, her relationship with her mother, Sylvia DelaCerna, has been a tumultuous one.

Misty Copeland's mother is former Kansas Chiefs Cheerleader

Misty Copeland’s mother is former Kansas Chiefs Cheerleader

Misty Copeland Is Inspired By Her Dancer Mother Sylvia DelaCerna

The character of Sylvia DelaCerna, who is played by Misty Copeland, is also a dancer, just like her daughter. Sylvia was the one who sparked her sister’s interest in pursuing a career as a ballet dancer.

The woman who used to cheer for the Kansas Chiefs is now a trained medical subordinate. Despite this, she spent the majority of her time back then working in sales.

Sylvia was adopted by a black couple in the United States, thus she has ancestry from both Italy and the United States.

Her daughter Misty has quite a diverse set of genealogy thanks to the fact that her mother is of Italian and African American descent and that her father, Doug Copeland, has German as well as African American roots.

Slyvia has been married many times, and as a result, she is the mother of six children, including Misty. During the course of her several brief marriages, she has called a variety of locations across the state of California home.

Misty Copeland and her siblings Douglas Copeland Jr., Erica Stephanie Copeland, and Christopher Ryan Copeland are Sylvia’s children from her second marriage. Christopher Ryan Copeland is the youngest of the four.

Both Lindsey Monique Brown and Cameron Koa Delacerna, who are Misty Copeland’s half-siblings, are her children from her third and fourth marriages, respectively. Her third marriage produced Lindsey, and her fourth marriage produced Cameron.

Misty, who was raised by her mother, did not have any contact with her father from the time she was two years old until she was twenty-two years old.

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Sylvia DelaCerna Has Been Married Multiple Times

Sylvia DelaCerna has been married to a number of different men and women at various times throughout her life.

Sylvia has been married three times in her lifetime. However, information about her previous marriage and her ex-husband is unknown at this time.

Sylvia’s former spouse from her second marriage is Doug Copeland, who also happens to be Misty Copeland’s father. She gave birth to ballerina Misty Copeland, as well as four other children named Doug, Douglas Copeland Jr., Erica Stephanie Copeland, and Christopher Ryan Copeland.

When Misty was three years old, her mother Sylvia had already divorced her biological father Doug and was married to her third husband, Harold Brown.

In Bellflower, California, she resided with Harold, a sales executive for Santa Fe Railroad, and Misty. Misty was also her roommate. Their marriage did not last long, only four years, but during that time they were blessed with a daughter who they called Lindsey Monique Brown.

Her fourth marriage was to a radiologist from San Pedro named Robert DelaCerna, whom she met after Sylvia’s family moved to the same town. This was Sylvia’s fifth and final marriage. Misty is a San Pedro native who had her elementary education at Point Fermin School.

However, by the time Sylvia gave birth to her sixth child Cameron Koa Delacerna with the radiologist, the couple had already divorced.

Her children were exposed to an unstable home environment as a result of her several marriages and relocations, particularly Misty, whose ballet career suffered the most as a result of her mother’s choices.

Sylvia DelaCerna with her children.

Sylvia DelaCerna with her children.

Misty Copeland and other Sylvia DelaCerna’s relationship was problematic

As a result of the public nature of Misty and her mother’s custody dispute, the public became aware of the difficulties in Misty’s relationship with her mother.

As a result of Sylvia’s lack of support for Misty’s decision to continue taking ballet classes with Bradley, Misty had petitioned to be granted her freedom from her mother’s control and become an independent adult.

Bradleys are Cynthia Bradley, together with her family and homemates Sylvia and Copeland, signed a life-story contract. When Misty’s mother urged her to give up ballet, the Bradleys took her in to assist her continue her career in the art form.

Misty’s godmother, Lisa Cantine, was the one who brought Misty into contact with Cynthia Bradley for the first time. Lisa wanted Misty to take ballet classes at the Boys and Girls Club in their town. After that, Cynthia extended an invitation to Misty to enrol at the San Pedro Dance Center, a little ballet school that she runs.

While Misty was residing with the Bradleys, she enjoyed tremendous success in her ballet career. At the age of fifteen, she was awarded the top prize at the Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Awards.

After completing the summer workshop at the Ballet School in California in 1998, Misty decided to return home to be with her mother rather than accept a scholarship that covered her complete tuition and expenses at the San Francisco Ballet in the state of California.

She was terrified that her career as a ballerina would suffer as a result, so she enlisted Bradley’s assistance in order to retain the services of an attorney, Steven Bartell, who would handle the preparation of the necessary paperwork for the emancipation petition procedure. During the process, she absconded from her house and went to stay with a friend for a total of three days.

When Sylvia began looking into her daughter’s disappearance, that’s when she learned about the petition. The authorities eventually gave her back to her mother. She proceeded to pursue restraining orders against the Bradleys as well as their son, who was five years old at the time.

When Sylvia indicated that she would see to it that Misty may dance however she pleased, the emancipation papers and the restraining orders were thrown out.

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