Speaking into the Kiss Kiss microphones, a Gazzetta dello Sport Mimmo Malfitano reporter talked on the potential of the Luciano Spalletti-led team and how well Napoli has done this season.

He broadcasts on the Kiss Kiss Napoli Radio station, in contrast.

Mimmo Malfitano

Mimmo Malfitano

Quick Facts:

Name Mimmo Malfitano
Birth Place Naples, Campania, Italy
Occupation Sports Journalist
Children Son (28 years old)
Working For La Gazzetta Dello Sport

Wikipedia: Mimmo Malfitano Is A Sports Journalist Of La Gazzetta Dello Sport

La Gazzetta dello Sports has employed Mimmo Malfitano, a native of Naples in Campania, Italy, as a sports commentator for many years.

He is a legendary sports journalist who has spent decades chronicling the most beautiful game in the world in the pages of “La Gazzetta dello Sport.”

It is essentially an Italian daily newspaper with a sports-focused focus. According to its biography, it was founded in 1896 and is the most read daily publication in Italy.

La Gazzetta dello Sport has been a part of the RCS MediaGroup since 1976. Before switching to a tabloid format in 2008, the newspaper was published in broadsheet format.

Additionally, the pink-papered newspaper has a readership of over three million and sells more than 400,000 copies daily (more copies are sold on Mondays when readers want to catch up on the weekend’s events).

Mimmo Malfitano’s Wife And Family- His Son Celebrated His 28th Birthday In June

Mimmo Malfitano is a married father of two who works as a sports analyst. He is thought to have a son named Toto even though his partner’s name hasn’t been mentioned in the online sources.

Based on a post he made on his Facebook page, the information above was compiled. On June 24, Mimmo posted a picture to celebrate his son’s 28th birthday.

The picture depicts his child blowing out the candle that stands in for figure 28. In addition, it is assumed that his mother, Mimmo’s wife, is the woman seated next to him.

Only one of the photographs he provided is of his personal life; all of the others show him hosting ITV.

The Sports Journalist Mimmo Malfitano’s Age Is Around 60-65 Years

Malfitano currently resides in Naples, Campania, Italy, according to his LinkedIn profile. The Italian journalist is in his or her mid-60s.

His birth date and other crucial biographical details are still unknown, thus estimating his age from his photographs is only a guess.

Additionally, the only magazine that mentions his work on his Facebook page is La Gazzetta dello Sport. Additionally, he has a lot of buddies from work on his account, most of them are sports writers who work for the same news organization.

Update On Italian Sports Commentator’s Net Worth In 2022

Mimmo Malfitano’s net worth may be significantly more than $100,000 as a result of his decades-long profession as a sports journalist.

Based on the typical salaries in his field and the length of his career, the sports commentator’s estimated worth is determined. Depending on his other income, it can be higher or lower.

The average gross pay for sports journalists in Italy is 29.446 euros per year, or roughly 14 euros per hour. In addition, according to average estimates of earnings based on salary experts, they get a 592 euro bonus.

The starting compensation for a sports writer with fewer than three years of experience is 21.819 euros per year. On the other side, a senior-level sports reporter receives an average salary of 35.766 Euros, according to Salary Explorer.

Likely earning 3,530 EUR a month, or 34% more than someone with less than two years of experience, is someone with two to five years of experience.

In the future, a person with experience between five and ten years will earn 4,590 EUR a month, which is 30% more than a person with experience between two and five years.

Mimmo Malfitano in the studio of Offside aired in Luna TV

Mimmo Malfitano in the studio of Offside aired in Luna TV


Who Is Mimmo Malfitano?

La Gazzetta dello Sports employs Naples, Campania, Italy native and sports broadcaster Mimmo Malfitano.

Does Mimmo Malfitano Have Children?

Toto, the son of Mimmo, is currently 28 years old.

Do Mimmo Malfitano’s children live with him?

Toto, Mimmo’s son, is a 28-year-old man.

Nabil Fekir, the great player for Lyon who was on the verge of joining Liverpool last summer, has made a fresh disclosure about his future.

When Lyon claimed that he had attempted to negotiate a lower transfer fee after learning the results of the player’s medical, the deal for the France international’s £53 million transfer to Liverpool spectacularly collapsed in June.

The attacking midfielder remained with the French club as Lyon were adamant in their demands.

Fekir discussed his future ahead of Lyon’s vital second-leg match against Barcelona in the Champions League round of 16 tomorrow night. Fekir was still linked to Liverpool during the January transfer window.

“Rumors abound in the transfer window. He told the club’s official website, “It’s natural.”

“I’m comfortable here. With Lyon, I want to capture the championship. In any case, I’ll give it everything I’ve got.

Lorenzo Insigne, a winger for Napoli, has been linked to a summer transfer to Liverpool. His agent, Mino Raiola, might make an attempt.

The Merseyside giants will be aiming to strengthen their striking lineup as they presently trail Premier League leaders Manchester City by one point.

The Italian international has so been added to Liverpool’s list of potential summer acquisitions.

According to Italian journalist Mimmo Malfidano, Insignia is also appealing to Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain. If Napoli decides to sell the 27-year-old in the summer, he believes they might be open to doing so.

Malfidano stated that all of this has him thinking via Tutto Mercato Web, a French radio station. Malfidano asserted that if a football player pledges to give everything he has, he is likely considering some of the offers Raiola already holds.

“Insignia is attracting interest from Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, and Liverpool, but this is nothing new.

“Globe is among Ensign’s most ardent supporters, but at least one will always exist. President of Napoli De Laurentiis does not want to sell Lorenzo because he has three years left on his contract with the team.

Of course, the club can approach other clubs about completing a trade for him if the youngster informs his agent that he wants to go somewhere else.

Liverpool hopes to transfer to a more powerful La Liga team.

Top-tier European teams are interested in Matthijs de Ligt, an Ajax defender.

The Dutchman has been in excellent form this year, which has many elite European clubs interested in signing him.

In addition to Barcelona and Liverpool, De Ligt has drawn interest from Juventus and Bayern Munich.

However, the teenager is eager to join the Catalan giants at the end of the season after considering all the offers, according to Italian news outlet Calcio Mercado.

The deal hasn’t been finalized because Juventus, the Serie A champions, and De Ligt’s agent, Mino Raiola, get along well.

He has long been regarded as a legend in sports journalism, discussing the most exquisite sports in the world in the columns of “La Gazzetta dello Sport.”

It is, in essence, a daily Italian publication that emphasizes sports safety. It has been established since 1896 and is the most popular daily newspaper in Italy, according to its biography.

Since 1976, La Gazzetta del Sport has been a member of the RCS Media Group. The newspaper used to be shown as a spreadsheet until 2008. It then evolved into a tabloid.

Every day, 400,000 copies of the pink-papered newspaper are sold. More than three million people read it (extra copies are sold on Mondays when people want to make up for their bad behavior at the weekend).

Mimmo Malfidano, a sports analyst, is married and has a wife and kids. He is thought to have a son named Toto even though none of the internet sources disclose the name of his girlfriend.

The information mentioned above was taken from a post he made on his Facebook page. On June 24, Maimmo posted a picture to commemorate her son’s 28th birthday.