Brett Blommee, who used to be a judge in Milwaukee and was said to be in charge of the Drag Queen Story Hour, could spend 9 years in federal prison.

After being elected, Brett Blommee could be the judge in Milwaukee for a few months. In March, he was arrested for making pornographic videos for children.

At the time, he worked as a judge for branch 5 of the Circuit Court. He has been working for many years and had a good name for himself until he was arrested recently.

He went from being a well-liked public figure to being a paedophile, and now he is facing several charges.

Milwaukee Judge

Milwaukee Judge

Is Brett Blomme Drag Queen?

There are rumours that Brett Blomme is in charge of a Drag Queen Story Hour. But it doesn’t look like the former judge has anything to do with the event itself.

But he used to be the CEO and president of the LGBTQ+ group Cream City Foundation, which runs the programme and pays for it. He is openly gay and has been a judge since August 2020, when he was first appointed to represent the community.

Blomme was arrested for sexting with children, so he quit his job with the LGBTQ+ group. At the time, he allegedly shared about 27 pictures and videos of young boys being abused in a sexual way.

He also said that the trouble he had as a gay teen in rural Iowa might have made him want such things. But US District Judge James Peterson said that there was no proof that being gay was linked to having an interest in paedophilia.

Milwaukee Judge Brett Blomme Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison

Brett Blomme, who used to be a judge in Milwaukee, has been given a nine-year prison sentence. He was charged with several crimes, and each one got him five years in prison.

After that, the federal prosecutors asked for more than 12 years to life. But the plea deal called for the state charges to be dropped.

With the 2015 Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, he now faces nine years in prison, 20 more years of supervision after he gets out, and a $5,000 fine.

Who Is Brett Blomme’s Wife? Meet His Family

39-years-old Brett Blomme doesn’t have a wife, but he married a man with two adopted children. His relatives and friends came to court to show their support for him.

He feels lucky to have a husband who stood by him and said, “All I can do is work to be a better Brett in the future.”

What are Brett Blomme’s charges? His Mugshots On Twitter

Brett Blomme faces seven counts of child pornography with the charge of sharing around 27 images and videos of the children getting abused sexually with a messaging app Kik.

His mugshot pictures are over the Twitter platform, along with the news of his arrest.