Mike Holmes Jr And Wife Lisa Grant: Are They Still Together? HGTV Holmes Family Rescue Host Find Out His Son and Daughter

The couple, Mike Holmes Jr. and Lisa Grant, have been wed for four years.

The films Holmes Inspection (2009), Holmes on Homes (2001), and Holmes & Holmes are where Holmes is best known for his performances (2016). In addition, he was born on July 25, 1989, in Toronto, Canada. Most people remember Mike Jr. as the son of Michael James Holmes, aka Mike Sr.

Michael James Holmes, his father, is a builder, contractor, businessman, investor, philanthropist, and media personality from Canada. In his first TV show, Holmes on Homes, he protects homeowners from poorly executed renovations.

Mike Holmes Jr

Mike Holmes Jr

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Is Mike Holmes Jr Still Married To Wife Lisa Grant?

Lisa Grant, Mike Holmes Jr.’s devoted wife, and they are still together. As of 2022, the couple has been married for four years. On August 13, 2017, he wed Lisa Grant, the love of his life, in a breathtaking fairytale ceremony that saw the union of the herbalist and holistic health coach.

Lisa, Mike’s wife, is a certified herbalist, as was already mentioned. She also owns The Botanical Apothecary, a holistic medical facility that provides non-conventional medical care. On social media, the couple also frequently shares glimpses into their daily lives. It’s interesting to note that the couple first dated in high school. I think you’re going to be the father of my children one day, I told him when I was 18,” Lisa recalled. They recently got married.

Mike Holmes Jr With His Wife Lisa Grant: Relationship In Detail

The marriage between Mike Holmes Jr. and his wife Lisa Grant is wonderful. If you haven’t already, I hope you find love like I have because I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to wake up every day to receive a text from her and have butterflies in my stomach whenever I hear from her, Holmes said on the day of their wedding. Oh, I don’t know how to put it, but I married this woman and it’s wonderful, folks.”

His wife Lisa, on the other hand, stated that she believes she can be the most honest version of herself with him without worrying about being judged and that he accepts her for who she is. They both consider each other to be fortunate to be in their lives. They are deeply in love.

Intriguingly, Mike responded a few years later, claiming that he would love Lisa for the rest of his life simply because she was Lisa. She holds a special place in his heart. He had always thought that getting married wouldn’t affect their bond, but it did. He believes that, like the ring, their marriage brought something special to the relationship that it had not had before. They are better friends now, they are closer, and it may sound strange, but they love one other more.

Mike Holmes Jr And Wife Lisa Grant

Mike Holmes Jr And Wife Lisa Grant

Children of Mike Holmes Jr. and Lisa Grant

Mike Holmes Jr. is best known for his work on the television shows Holmes Inspection (2009), Holmes on Homes (2001), and Holmes & Holmes (2016). He and Lisa Grant have been married since August 13, 2017.

Mike Holmes Jr. and his wife don’t yet had any children, though. His sister Sherry Holmes, who has been married for three years, also has two children. His oldest sister Amanda also has two adorable kids.

She is the mother of a boy and a girl who are both beautiful. Her first child, Wyatt, who is now nine years old, was born on October 1st, 2010. A few years later, she was blessed with a baby daughter named Emily.

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HGTV Holmes Family Rescue Host Mike Holmes

Mike Sr., the host of HGTV Holmes Family Rescue, works together with his kids to save clients who are in desperate need of assistance after suffering the consequences of disastrous building projects. In addition, the Handyman Superstar Challenge judge for all seasons was the host of the HGTV Holmes family rescue. He additionally participated in All American Handyman as a judge. On Canada’s Handyman Challenge’s inaugural season, he acted as one of the judges.

The newest entry in the HGTV “Holmes Franchise,” Holmes Family Rescue, debuts on December 8. In the new series, Sherry and Michael, the children of Mike, carry on their father’s mission of helping struggling homeowners overcome the challenging challenges of home restoration.

Mike Holmes jr

Mike Holmes jr

Mike Holmes Jr.’s Family

His mother is Alexandria Lorex, and as was previously stated, his father is Mike Holmes. Sherry Holmes and Amanda Holmes are among his siblings. Moreover, he and his siblings developed strong bonds as a result of growing up in a loving and close-knit family. Additionally, Mike Holmes, his father, acquired his talent from his father, who began training him construction work when he was just 6 years old.

Holmes owned his own contracting company with 13 employees by the time he was 19 years old. At age 21, Holmes founded his own restoration business. He’s had a 20-year contractual career and has run two companies. All three of his children—Amanda, Sherry, and Mike Jr.—have appeared and contributed to his programs.

Mike Holmes Jr Age: How Old Is He?

Mike Holmes Jr., who turns 32 in 2022, was born on July 25, 1989, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Mike Holmes Jr. enrolled in prominent universities and underwent the necessary training to become an actor since he had always desired to be one. His parents supported him all through his professional life.

Approximately 5′ 9″ tall, or 175 cm and 1.75 m in height, Mike Holmes Jr. is brown with brown eyes and blue hair. In pounds, Mike Holmes weighs about 75 kg (165 pounds). The young Mike Jr., the son of Alexandria Lorex and Mike Holmes, grew up in Canada.

Mike Holmes Jr Net Worth

Mike Holmes Jr.’s net worth in 2022 is anticipated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Mike Holmes Jr., a TV host, professional builder, and carpenter, is most known for his work on the popular series “Holmes on Homes.” If not for his few appearances on the reality TV show alongside his father, we wouldn’t have known anything about his professional life.

His professional career thus serves as his main source of income. He has also been a frequent on the program for a long time. In fact, Mike has continued his father’s work in the construction sector. But he had always wanted to work as a firefighter. When Mike was 14 years old, he started working in construction alongside his father, Mike Holmes Sr. When I was 14 years old, the cameras were really intimidating, he recalled.

Mike Holmes Jr Career Detail

After the summer, Mike said to the Toronto Sun, “I truly fell in love with the trades and I’ve been working with him ever since.” Before getting married and falling in love with the television industry, I spent years working for him. “Holmes on Homes,” a TV show that first appeared on House & Garden Television in Canada and followed his father as he visited houses in need of repair, featured Mike in 29 of its episodes.

Additionally, he worked with Strauss Water Canada in 2016 to promote their ground-breaking drinking water filtration systems. Now, he wants to concentrate more on the big picture and how various factors may effect one’s overall health, from the right products to use in the basement to prevent mold to the appropriate water systems in your home, according to Holmes. At the 2017 Conestoga College Trades and Apprenticeship Awards Presentation, he served as the keynote speaker. In 2018, Mike appeared in Holmes: The Next Generation.

Early Life: Mike Holmes Jr.

Mike Holmes Jr. was born in Toronto, Canada, on July 25, 1989. Mike lived with his sisters Sherry Holmes and Amanda Holmes for most of his childhood. Mike Holmes is the only child of Michael Holmes and Alexandra Lorex. He didn’t always want to work with his father. He started out by selling flowers on the side of a road in Uxbridge. He did appear on Holmes on Homes when he was 14, but the cameras scared him. Mike is now a well-known actor, but he used to want to make a name for himself as a firefighter. Instead, he was drawn to his father’s work.

Professional Life: Mike Holmes Jr.

After trying out a few odd jobs, Mike joined his father’s crew and started making regular appearances on Holmes on Homes. Mike has worked on several other projects during his time on the show. He helps young people learn skilled trades by working with the Holmes Foundation, Skills Canada, and World Skills. Mike has also been in the reality show for HGTV Canada, and both he and his father have been in Holmes: Next Generation for the DIY network in the United States.

Mike Jr. Net Worth

IMDB says that Mike Jr. was in 29 episodes of “Holmes on Home” between 2005 and 2009. His TV career has gone from good to better. He also played a part in the TV show’s spin-off, and he is set to play a role in the upcoming “Holmes Family Rescue.” Mike, who is a total camera whiz, seems to be doing well. Even though we don’t know how much he is worth, we can only guess that it is in the millions of USD.

Quick Facts

Name Mike Holmes Jr.
Age 30 years
Birthdate July 25, 1989
Birthplace Toronto, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Parents Michael Holmes (father), Alexandra Lorex (mother)
Siblings 3
Career Professional contractor, TV Personality
Net worth N/A
Wife Lisa Grant

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