Mike Beatty, who was known as DJ Batman, died, and many people started to remember this legend of Ocean City nightlife.

Mike Beatty, who was also known as DJ Batman, said that he lived in Ocean City all the time. As he died today, many people from the town came to pay their respects.

Mike Beatty, aka DJ Batman

Mike Beatty, aka DJ Batman

What Happened To Mike Beatty, aka DJ Batman?

Mike Beatty, aka DJ Batman, has died. His wife, Cindy, and many other people have sent condolences to his family. He had been making people in Ocean City happy for many years.

His death has made many people sad and broken their hearts. He was also an actor who was known for the 2014 movie Ping Pong Summer. He also used to be a Host at American Forces Radio Network – Ching Chuan Kang Air Base, Taichung.

He was also a host at DJ Batman’s “Hair of the Dog Shoe” on Ocean 98. He always said he was on vacation and having a good time in Ocean City.

During an interview, he said that the town stays the same, but society changes. He said that when he first came here about fifty years ago, there was nothing north of 40th Street, and that some of the places he used to hang out had changed.

He was a happy person who made a lot of people in Ocean City laugh, love, and have fun.

People Share An Obituary For DJ Batman From Ocean City, MD?

A death notice for DJ Batman from Ocean City, Maryland, is going around the internet. The beach resort where he worked as an ambassador told everyone about his death.

The statement was a tribute to him for all he’s done for the people of Ocean City over the past forty years. He’s kept them entertained for more than forty years with his money and shows.

He was also known as the Night Time Mayor of Ocean City because he was often seen hosting special events, cutting ribbons in the evening, and performing in many bars and nightclubs at the end of the night.

What Is DJ Batman Death Cause?

Cancer is said to be the reason why DJ Batman died in Facebook posts. Even though it wasn’t clear what kind of cancer it was, the post said that he died after a brave fight against it.