The Man Who Talked To Dogs, the most recent episode of Unforgettable, including the Mark Stover story. Michael Oakes, his killer, is currently where?

When famous dog trainer Mark Stover was fatally shot in 2009, there was a great deal of unanswered questions. The fact that his body wasn’t discovered until recently is one of them.

The mystery appears to be centered on the fragmented love affair between Mark Stover and Linda Opdycke, as it was highlighted on NBC Dateline: Unforgettable in the second season of the program. Death threats, a troubled divorce, and a failed marriage all contributed to the tragedy that claimed Stover’s life.

Michael Oakes

Michael Oakes

Dateline: Where Is Michael Oakes Now? Mark Stover’s Killer Still In Jail

Mark Stover, a well-known dog trainer, was killed in the first degree by Michael Oakes, who admitted culpability.

The incident began in 2009 when the police discovered Mark Stover’s dog with a gunshot wound to the face. While searching, they discovered Stover’s body. Michael Oakes is in possession of firearms and 22 caliber bullets.

When the case went to trial, Oakes admitted that he was the murderer in his testimony. The 42-year-old claimed to have acted in self-defense after being shot by Stover.

He said that because he was protected by a kevlar vest, the gunfire did not result in his death. Additionally, he believed Stover was also donning the vest, but it turned out he was mistaken.

There were numerous flaws in his story that prevented the jurors from believing him. Therefore, they still judged him guilty. A 26.5-year prison term was imposed on him.

Michael Oakes is currently doing his time in Walla Walla’s Washington State Penitentiary. But according to various sources, he might go early.

Michael Oakes and Linda Opdycke: Behind The Murder of Mark Stover

Both the judge and the jury believed that Mark Stover was the victim of a pre-planned murder.

People have come to assume that Linda Opdycke, Stover’s ex-wife, was involved over time. Linda, a multimillionaire businessman’s daughter, and Mark went through a contentious divorce. The former grumbled that her spouse had been mistreating her.

Mark continued to stalk his former wife even after their divorce. A one-year restraining order was also issued against him. His family, though, asserted that he had moved on.

Mark was once engaged to another woman, although it was in the later years of his life. When his life was threatened in 2009, he frequently claimed that his ex-wife was planning to kill him.

Linda wasn’t charged with the murder, but Michael Oakes was, and he was found guilty. However, a lot of people think that because Linda and Michael were dating, she planned the murder.

Was Mark Stover’s Body Ever Found?

The fact that Stover’s body was never discovered adds to the case’s mystique. Even after being found guilty, Oakes remained silent regarding Stover’s body. People began to think that they had done something incredibly horrible to his physique as a result of this.

Despite some rumors claiming otherwise, Mark’s body has not been located. According to Dateline, Mark Stover’s body is still missing and there is no evidence to support what actually happened to him.

He was probably killed by Michael Oakes. But there are many aspects of this case that don’t make sense.