Megan Thornton: Was There An Accident? Exeter Coreus Group Twitter Tribute

Twitter has been used to spread allegations that Megan Thornton may have been involved in an accident.

She lost her life at the age of 23 on Sunday, July 31, in a sad accident at the Coreus Group, where she had previously worked as an assistant marketing manager.

She completed her master’s degree at the University of Exeter and received accolades in Exeter, Bristol, and London for her efforts. She worked so hard all the time.

Megan Thornton

Megan Thornton

Although the police report has not yet been released, there are rumors that she passed away at the scene of the accident despite being rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. The accident scene appears to be under investigation by the authorities, and the cause of the accident and the inquiry’s conclusion are yet unknown.

Megan adored her role with Coreus and took great personal satisfaction in her and the Company’s accomplishments. She appreciates everyone for their love and support. Her family member Paul Thornton stated that they are in excruciating pain.

Megan was such a bright spot, and we will miss her dearly. Ellie Bird, another one of her coworkers, expressed her sympathy to everyone and specifically to her family at this sad moment. She was generous, witty, attractive, smart, and committed to her inspiring work, consistently going above and beyond the call of duty.

The whole Coreus team was surprised, according to Managing Director Andrew Clancy, who also expressed his wish that Megan knew how much we valued and adored her. We are sorry for the loss of Paul, Jacqueline, and Sophie’s devoted daughter and sister. We appreciate your patience and tolerance while we process this awful incident since we are devastated. Meg was Coreus from the inside out.

One of her coworkers stated, “We hope we can carry on the legacy you created here, which has positively touched our lives with Megan.”

We are in pain. This will be a trying period for everyone of our staff. As stated in the LinkedIn page of the Company she used to work for, “Please be patient with us as we come to terms with life in Coreus without Megan.”